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Mithridates, the lone is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the mark of Cie'th Stone Mission 27 and is one of the Undying.

The Cie'th Stone for Mission 27 is located on the Cloven Spire of Taejin's Tower. Mithridates is found on the Ground Tier, but for it to come out of hiding the player must connect the main lift from the Cloven Spire down to the Ground Tier. Mithridates is lured by music, such as that played by the main lift as it moves.

A Menhirrim statue on the Cloven Spire will summon a lift leading to the Seventh Tier when the player examines it. On the Seventh Tier another Menhirrim will rotate the tower's walls to allow the main lift to travel beyond the seventh tier to the Cloven Spire. Finally, the player must return to the Cloven Spire, then take the main lift down to the Ground Tier and the battle with Mithridates begins when they reach the bottom.


27 - Mithridates, the LoneEdit

Mark: Mithridates
Locale: Taejin's Tower - Ground Tier
Class: B

The Undying—fearsome Cie'th who defy fal'Cie will, driven by an intense loathing of all that lives. Mithridates, the lone, is of their number, and his undoing is my burden.

It is said in life he once loved music. I can but hope the notes sounded by the elevator in Taejin's Tower descending from the apex might lure him out, and allow me to restore a touch of harmony to the discord of the tower's tainted song.

Stats Edit


Mithridates is a nimble flying enemy that uses Levinbolt to deal Lightning-elemental damage to the party and Miasma to inflict a target with various debuffs. It also uses a fairly weak physical attack against one person.


If the player wants a five star rating, they will need a magic-based party, so having Hope and Vanille with magic boosting equipment is a good idea.

When the battle starts, the player should keep using Ruin with a Commando and let a Synergist cast Haste on the party. Other useful buffs include Barthunder, Shell, Faith, Enfire and Vigilance.

Assuming the player is attempting this fight as soon as it is available, a Sentinel will be invaluable to give the party's Synergist time to buff before Mithridates's Levinbolt annihilates the team. Using Fang or Snow for a Sentinel, both Sazh and Hope can be brought along as Synergists. Using Libra or a Librascope early will help the Synergists quickly cast Barthunder, should a Levinbolt catch the player off guard.

After buffing the party the player should switch to Relentless Assault or Tri-disaster to Stagger Mithridates. If the debuffs are too much, the player can switch to Diversity and let the Medic heal, or use Dispelga. Once Mithridates is staggered, he'll be dead in no time. A Fortisol can be used before the battle to make it easier.


Mithridates was the name of many ancient kings. The most famous was Mithridates VI of Pontus, an enemy of Rome. Mithridates VI was a king who built up an immunity to poison, and referring to this, the Mithridates enemy in Final Fantasy XIII is one of the few enemies immune to status ailments.

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