The Mithra Mercenaries are a mercenary organization in the Windurst military comprised chiefly of Mithra. There are four brigades in the Mithra Mercenaries, and, unlike other nations, they are not technically a permanent part of the Federation forces.

The free-spirited Mithra, despite being the central element of the Windurst army, did not wish to become a regimented force and chose the looser structural organization of a mercenary force.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Within the organization there are four brigades, each lead by a Mercenary Major.
The Mercenary Major has several Mercenary Companies under her command, but this number can rise or fall depending on the hunting season. Each Mercenary Company is led by a Mercenary Captain, with around one hundred mercenaries assigned to each company. These companies are often joined by an extra fifty or so Freeswords, inexperienced soldiers that come under the tutelage of the veteran mercenaries.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Mithran Mercenaries could originally be separated into two camps: the Anaconda and Crocodile units (former pirates), and the Wildcat and Tigress units (volunteers from the south). After the war, these separate camps were restructured into four equal mercenary units.

Companies[edit | edit source]

Cobra Unit[edit | edit source]

The Cobra Unit is a Windurst division of the Mithra Mercenaries, under command of Mercenary Major Romaa Mihgo. Players aligned with Windurst for campaigns are Freesword mercenaries of this unit.

Anaconda Unit[edit | edit source]

Once led by Perih Vashai this unit fought alongside the Cobra Unit during the Crystal War. Originally a pirate brigade, the Anaconda unit was originally known as the Python Mercenary squadron, led by Lhu Mhakaracca.

Crocadile Unit[edit | edit source]

Originally a pirate brigade, the Crocodile mercenaries, led by Vhino Delkahngo, were only deployed in the Sauromugue Champaign.

Tiger Unit[edit | edit source]

A volunteer force from "the motherland", the Cougar Volunteer squadron, led by Mikhe Aryohcha was only deployed to the Meriphataud Mountains.

Wildcat Unit[edit | edit source]

Originally a volunteer squadron known as the Cheetah Volunteers from "the motherland", the unit excelled as the most ferocious unit among the Mithra Mercenaries during the war and the unit's leader, Haja Zhwan, was granted a provisional seat on the Parliament of Patriarchs.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

To sign up with the Cobra Unit, unaligned players must bring a Green Recommendation Letter to Miah Riyuh in Windurst Waters(S) and complete her task. Those already signed up with Bastok or San d'Oria must speak with her to switch allegiance. After completing the quest Snake on the Plains, she will enlist the player as a Cobra Unit Mercenary.

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