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I'm Mist... I'm the fayth of the primals.
—Mist introduces herself

Mist is a character from Final Fantasy Dimensions II. She is a young woman who serves as the fayth for the primals.



Mist is a young woman with long white hair and blue eyes. She wears a long flowing white gown with gold accents. She has gold barefoot jewelry in place of footwear and ring bracelets.


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Eureka: The World of PrimalsEdit

Mist appears in the unknown spacetime as a ball of light, descending onto the ground and transforming into her human appearance. She stops the Chronos Dragon from attacking Morrow and his friends. Morrow recognizes her voice as the one asking him to save her. She tells the group to leave while they still can but Morrow tells her she needs to come with them.

Upon boarding the phantom ship, Mist introduces herself as the fayth of the primals. She explains that the fayth was brought into existence to provide prayers to the primals.

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FFDII Mist Daily Prayer III Crystal

Mist appears as a signet for Morrow to equip. She is one Morrow's strongest neutral-elemental signets at the time it is obtained and teaches Morrow the Daily Prayer abilities.

Mist's signet can only be obtained as the reward for completing the finale of the Eureka Arc.



Mist is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air.

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