Eight and Sice during the United Front.

United Front (蒼龍との共同戦線, Sōryū to no Kyōdō Sensen?, lit. A United Front with Soryu) is the second Expert Trial of Chapter 3 in Final Fantasy Type-0. It takes place on Pyr. XXVII, its initial mission level is 36 and the pool of participants is not limited, allowing all 14 Class Zero cadets to join. However, Triad Maneuvers, summoning Eidolons or using magic in general is prohibited.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Rubrum accepts Concordia's proposal for a joint campaign to retake North Togoreth. However, lest its new friend turn foe, the dominion must avoid revealing the full extent of its arsenal to the royal military. Class Zero must assist in the operation by reclaiming the town of Mi-Go, but they are forbidden from using any magic or special equipment.

Mission Briefing

The mission[edit | edit source]

S-rank on Officer Difficulty Requirements[edit | edit source]

Time: 12:00
Phantoma: 108
Casualties: 0

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Completing this mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the Eidolon Firebrand.
  • Completing this mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Gaia Armlet at the Armory shop.
  • Completing this mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Assassin's Daggers at the Armory shop.

Special Orders[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of unique special orders for this mission:

Area Objective Time Limit Effect Reward
Mi-Go Midtown Performance Evaluation: Use Datalink to neutralize the communication towers. 3:00 Protect 0:30 Thunderbolt Armlet
Mi-Go Midtown Combat Trial: Eliminate all shock troopers. 1:00 Haste 0:30 Sentinel Emblem
Plaza Performance Evaluation: Have your allies defeat an enemy 5:00 Endure 0:30 Blaze Armlet
Town Square Defeat commander with your leader 3:00 Aura 0:30 Platinum Deck

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Town Square.

The player should bring a ranged cadet because magic is not available and there are enemies on higher elevation.

Town Square

The mission starts at the empty Mi-Go Midtown area. Progressing to the Town Square the cadets are faced with three Imperial Troopers with one more spawning on the higher elevation. There are three paths available and the objectives on this mission can be taken in any order.

Mi-Go Midtown


Taking the west exit from Town Square, the cadets arrive at a labyrinthine area but the yellow marker on the compass should be enough help to navigate it. There is an Autoturret straight ahead and Imperial Troopers that spawn singularly. There is an item on the ground (Ferrum Medica/Aes Medica) in a southern dead end.

Going through the optional south exit finds more Troopers and an enemy commanding officer (Second Lieutenant Allen) and a recovery portal, but to continue with the mission, the cadets must follow the yellow marker north into the next area, and into the large clearing with an antenna in the middle.

An imperial antenna.

The cadets should clear out the enemies here, including the ones the balconies. Some more will emerge and the cadets should keep taking them out until no more spawn before interacting with the antenna that creates a circle around itself. The cadet must stay within the circle while it changes color and then disappears. It is possible to complete the datalink while there are still enemies in the area, but if the cadet is knocked out of the circle by an attack, they must start the link over. Playing as ranged cadet, the player can stay within the circle and fire at the enemies before they get too close. Friendly Bombs spawn in this area after the antenna has been neutralized.

There is an SO for neutralizing the first antenna (in any of the three areas) that nets a Thunderbolt Armlet.

Taking the north exit finds another maze-like area with some Imperial Troopers and Shock Troopers. The SO here is to eliminate the Shock Troopers that yields a Sentinel Emblem. There is an item (Aes Medica) in the dead end when going forward (toward north) from where the cadets came in.

The cadets fighting Imperial Troopers.

The cadets should follow the yellow marker to the next area that has another antenna. The Imperial Troopers here are on the ground level, and it's best to defeat them before activating the datalink. Again friendly Bombs appear when the cadets clear the area of enemies. The last antenna is to the east.


There are Imperial Troopers here but nothing else. When killed more will spawn but eventually they can be cleared.

Mi-Go Midtown

The next area is another labyrinthine place with two Autoturrets and more Imperial Troopers. Going up the slope opposite from where the yellow marker guides the player to go, finds an item at the dead end behind an Autoturret (Ferrum Medica).

Second Lieutenant Harold.

Going through the marked exit to south leads to an area with a commanding officer (Second Lieutenant Harold) and two Imperial Troopers on balconies. Taking out the Troopers spawns more on the ground level. After defeating the CO the cadets can move on to east to the area with the last antenna.

There are two Heavy Gunners in front of the antenna and a lone Imperial Trooper on the other side of the wall, whom the cadets have to hit with ranged attacks from their side. The cadets should defeat the enemies that emerge and activate the datalink. Activating the datalink again spawns friendly Bombs that will help the cadets if there are still enemies left.

After linking with all the towers, the cadets must eliminate the remaining imperial commanders, with three marked on the map that can be done in any order. Returning to the Plaza is the nearest one from here.


There are level 61 Prometheuses battling it out with dominion allies (the Bombs). One is a commanding officer (Lieutenant Wainwright). The best way to complete the area's SO is to get a regular enemy down to low health, then let the Bombs finish it off. If the player kills an enemy after accepting the SO, it will fail. Completing the SO yields a Blaze Armlet.

Next objective is straight south.

Mi-Go Midtown

Despite it not being marked on the map, there is another commanding officer (Warrant Officer Warren) here, who is hiding. To draw him out, the cadets must defeat his troops, many of who are on the balconies. After taking out the CO the cadets should go straight south (the southeastern of the two exits) to get back to the Town Square.

Town Square

Bombs fighting Prometheuses.

There are three more Prometheuses but the cadets only have to pursue the commanding officer (Lieutenant Tucker). Completing the SO here to kill the CO with the leader cadet yields a Platinum Deck, a weapon for Ace.

To get the last commanding officer, the cadets must head west one area and north one.

Mi-Go Midtown

The three Prometheuses are back again, and defeating the commanding officer (Lieutenant Mugford) completes the mission.

Rubicus[edit | edit source]

Pyr. XXVII – United Front

The dominion legions reclaimed Togoreth, then continued their advance northward in an attempt to recover North Togoreth as well. However, the empire still occupied the Iscah Region due west of Togoreth, and the dominion could not afford to send its main forces north.

By some fortuitous coincidence, however, the royal army proposed a joint offensive against the strategically located North Togoreth town of Mi-Go. Central Command was tempted by the offer, but the commandant was extremely reluctant to reveal the dominion's strategies to the kingdom—allies though they may have been.

After much deliberation, Rubrum decided to accept the proposition, but forbade all legionaries and cadets participating in the mission from using magic or performing special squad maneuvers. In spite of these harshly limiting conditions, a cadet task force set out for its destination, and the operation to take Mi-Go was underway. As anticipated, without access to their repertoire of spells, the dominion legions could not exercise the extent of their abilities. Nevertheless, thanks to the assistance of its Concordian allies, Rubrum crushed the Militesi forces and reclaimed Mi-Go.

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