The Retreat from Roshana (ローシャナ撤退戦, Rōshana Tettaisen?) is the first Expert Trial of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0. The mission takes place on Tem. XXVII, its initial mission level is 45 and the number of participants is not limited.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Concordian forces intercept Rubrum's offensive at Roshana Province's captial city. The kingdom's fierce onslaught has the dominion army on the verge of annihilation. Central Command orders a general withdrawal from Roshana and sends reinforcements to assist the escape. Class Zero must now take on the most daunting of wartime tasks: providing rearguard support fot the retreating forces.

Mission Briefing

The mission[edit | edit source]

S-rank requirements[edit | edit source]

Time: 30:00
Phantoma: 110
Casualties: 0

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the spell Blizzard RF-II.
  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Sublimation Ring at the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Artemis' Bow at the Armory shop.

A Rubicus entry on Naraku is added after the trial.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Downtown Roshana

The cadets battle a Wingvern.

It appears the cadets start from a safe zone but heading for the exit spawns Wingverns and energy walls are erected. A special order shows up tasking the player to defeat the Wingverns to dispel the energy walls. Fulfilling it yields a Wildfire Mace for Cinque. A Dracoknight can also spawn here if the cadets don't move on fast enough after defeating the Wingverns.

The next area has Dracoknights. Going north finds an optional area with another SO whose objective is to deal over 5000 damage with the first attack. Fulfilling this yields a Ribbon. The area has two Behemashes and the area can get crowded because of their size as they can spin around. The best candidates for fulfilling the SO are probably Trey or King. Trey can charge his arrow to the max and King can use Point-Blank Shot. The player can also summon an Eidolon for the SO. After dealing with the Behemashes the player can return to the previous area and head south.

This area has four Wingverns. The cadets should take the southwest exit to an area with two Demonicorns and two Wingverns. After taking them down the cadets can enter the next area where dominion legionaries are retreating. Enemies will keep coming for three minutes starting with Dracoknights, but Petrifeyes and Demonicorns will show up later. The area has an SO to defeat 50 enemies in three minutes. Completing the SO earns a Blessed Armlet. The player must remember to harvest the phantoma from the felled enemies.

Snowsquatch lunging at the cadets.

The next area has a recovery portal and more Dracoknights and Blancmanges. There's also a named Dracoknight (Tokikage), but he is not stronger than a regular one. The next area has a Snowsquatches flanked by Dracoknights without much room to dodge the lunging Snowsquatches. There's also another named Dracoknight (Kabuto).

Central Plaza


A Diepvern attacks the party in this area alongside some Pyronades. Diepvern's attacks change as its health depletes (it will change the weather in accordance). The area's SO to deal at least 30,000 damage in a time limit and fulfilling it yields a Celestia Armlet. The quota includes damage done by the other party members. The player can unleash everyone's strongest attacks or go on a rampage with an Eidolon.

Downtown Roshana

Back in downtown has more Dracoknights (Hikari) and Wingverns. The cadets should take the exit to southwest (non-objective one) and inspect the body found there to summon Dracoknights and Wingverns. After defeating them the cadets can move onto the next area. There is a Knowing Tag by the body.

The next area has the final troops retreating. In the next area, after everyone else is gone, enemies will spawn for five minutes starting with Dracoknights with Wingverns joining later. The SO is to stall the enemy for three minutes, meaning the cadets must not let enemies pass. If a couple slip through the cadets can still complete it. Fulfilling the SO earns a Thundersnow Ring. Towards the end of the gauntlet there will be three Wingverns and one Dracoknight and the cadets get to a safe zone once they are finished.

Road to Outskirts


In this safe zone the cadets can find a Knowing Tag from one of the bodies. There is a recovery portal but no relic terminal. Tokito next to the recovery portal gives the cadets a Letter.

Cursemire of Naraku

Moving on from the safe zone the cadets can find an Elixir on the ground, and must fight off endless Flyverns with pestering Dracobaltians. The Flyverns have a lot of health but there is a Breaksight strike chance during their swooping attack. The easiest way to to take them down is to wait until they land and do their breath attack, and afterward there is be a Breaksight strike chance on the rider. It's also easier to hit them on the ground than in the air. While the area SO says to take out three Dragoniers, it doesn't matter whether the cadets defeat the Flyvern or not, as both count towards the SO completion. Fulfilling the SO earns a Regal Armor. The timer expiring completes the trial.

Rubicus[edit | edit source]

Tem. XXVII – The Retreat from Roshana

After their victory in the Battle of Judecca and their subsequent success in breaching the Vermeil-Azure Cloister, the dominion legions maintained their momentum and surged into Concordia. However, the kingdom's ground forces were more than prepared to handle the oncoming assault. Once the Rubrum Army had reached the provincial capital of Roshana, the dracoknights launched a full-scale counteroffensive. Their already-disorganized ranks now in complete disarray, the dominion legions found themselves on the brink of annihilation.

Dominion Central Command had clearly underestimated the opposition, and their hubris proved their undoing. Now, with no legionaries left in reserve, the commandant was left with no choice but to order a retreat from Roshana. The legions began to evacuate under the protection of a cadet task force. Thanks to the cadets' valiant effort, the dominion forces managed to escape unharmed, but the front line had fallen back to the Concordian border. All of Rubrum's progress was undone in a single day.

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