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Colonel Faith attacks Rubrum forces with his Magitek Armor.

Your mission orders are as follows. Review your objective, then head for the front lines. The upcoming operation will be a large-scale battle for regional dominance. I recommend yoi review records of past occupation campaigns before you match.


The Reclamation of Eibon (エイボン奪回作戦, Eibon Dakkai Sakusen?) is the first storyline mission of Chapter 5 in Final Fantasy Type-0 which is simultaneously a Regional Dominance mission. The mission takes place on Ter. XXIII, its initial mission level is 23 and 14 participants are allowed. In the HD version, however, this mission is optional.


Rubrum launches a campaign to crush the imperial army at Eibon and fortify its Concordian border before its enemies can combine their forces. Having also deployed troops along its Militesi border, however, the dominion has no reserve units to spare, which leads Central Command to order Class Zero to participate in the operation.


The mission[]

S-rank requirements[]

Time: 25:00
Objectives: 11
Casualties: 0


  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the spell Blizzard SHG.
  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks the Mythril Armor in SPP Post.


Defending the Main Camp

The cadets must first take on the infantry units until the units from the dominion Main Camp take Domain 1, at which point the Main Camp and Domain 1 will head for Domain 2, which the player should help with. Units from Domain 3 and 4 will head directly for the Main Camp and its up to Class Zero to defend it for 90 seconds. Halfway through a large force from Domain 4 in the north will approach the camp. The player should focus on these units leaving Domain 3 to the others.

Neutralizing the energy barrier at Toguagh

Battling Colonel Faith.

Before engaging the barrier around Toguagh, it is best to send the Main Camp forces to Domain 3 to capture it, then send the Main Camp troops to Toguagh and attack the city barrier. The player should focus on Colonel Faith and his flying MA. It can be difficult to prevent him from taking Domain 2, and it's not a disaster if that happens. If he takes Domain 2, Faith starts to approach Domain 1. Getting his health down to the yellow bar stops him and he flees to Toguagh.

Invading of Toguagh

Once the barrier is down the cadets can invade Toguagh. After the safe zone the cadets enter the Main Street with a Prometheus and Imperial Troopers waiting. After taking out the first wave it is best not to engage the reinforcements, but instead head into the Central Square where the cadets have three minutes to take out Colonel Faith. It is best to ignore the Imperial Troopers that flank him and focus on Faith, who flies around the arena in high speeds blasting the cadets with missiles. After he has fired opens up a Breaksight strike chance. A ranged cadet or someone with a longer reach, like Seven or Sice, is best for the job.

Once Faith is down, the cadets should return to the starting area and go through the southeast passage to the Back Alley find their allies being attacked by Shock Troopers and Supersoldiers. After defeating the enemy Imperial Officer (Major Arnim) in this area Toguagh is conquered and the cadets can head to the next area.

Neutralizing the energy barrier at Eibon

Neutralizing the barrier.

The player should order Domain 1 and the Main Camp to produce Spark Units sent to Domain 5, and then assist in first taking Domain 4, then Domain 5. Afterward the dominion troops will converge on Eibon and attack the energy barrier. Once the wall is down Colonel Faith appears. The cadets should attack him until he flees into Eibon, then begin the invasion.

Invasion of Eibon

Invading Eibon.

Battling the Shock Troopers and RPG-155 Gunners at the entrance, the cadets should head toward south. Colonel Faith appears and the cadets should take him on until his health depletes and he flees. Afterward there are more Shock Troopers. In the South Corridor the cadets must fight Imperial Troopers and then a Prometheus, then head to the East Corridor to engage a few Warriors and two more Prometheuses. Heading to the Main Stairs finds two more Warriors, and the next area is the Command Center.

Supersoldiers and Imperial Troopers attack as the cadets approach the conference room where they must eliminate Commanding Officer Berkeley to complete the mission.


Ter. XXIII – The Reclamation of Eibon

Since the onset of war, the Eibon Region east of Akademeia remained under imperial occupation. Fearing that Milites rendezvous at Eibon with its new Concordian allies, Dominion Central Command initiated Operation Sanssouci, a campaign to annihilate the imperial army and fortify its eastern border before the royal army could make its move.

However, the dominion had already deployed the majority of its forces to the western front. Central Command thus decided to compensate for the imbalance by dispatching cadet squads to both fronts, and the campaign was underway. With such a small main force, Rubrum began at a military disadvantage. However, thanks to the cadets, the legions succeeded in capturing Eibon, and the campaign ended in victory for the dominion. Now that Rubrum had reclaimed most of its territory, only one city still suffered under the imperial yoke: Meroë.