Well, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to tear the wings off those Azure eyesores and make sure they never spoil the skies again. We'll teach those lizard lovers that the only thing allowed to fly freely through the skies is the Vermilion Bird!


The Kingdom's Final Hours (王国最後の日, Ōkoku Saigo no Hi?) is a regional dominance storyline mission of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0 which is directed against the Kingdom of Concordia. It takes place on Sil. XII, its initial mission level is 34 and there is no limitation to the number of participants.

In the HD version, this mission is optional and can be skipped.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

The dominion is mounting Operation Endgame, a large-scale campaign to annex the Kingdom of Concordia. Rubrum's bold plan is to invade Rilochy, then advance to capture the royal capital of Mahamayuri, crushing all remaining forces along the way. Class Zero must assist the legions and ensure the successful occupation of the Kingdom of Concordia.

Mission Briefing

The mission[edit | edit source]

S-rank requirements[edit | edit source]

Time: 35:00
Objectives: 9
Casualties: 0

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Completing the mission earns a Growth Egg.
  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks Hi-Potion at the Orderly shop.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty earn a Master's Mail

Strategy[edit | edit source]

To reach the mission area the cadets need to head east through Eibon Region and the Roshana Province to Rilochy Province where the mission will begin. The cadets can hitch an airship to Roshana from the Akademeia Landing Area to cut down travel time. The objective is to conquer Rilochy, but the Dominion of Rubrum can't direct troops there yet.

Capturing Shakara

The dominion mounts an assault on Domain 2.

The player will need more troops to bring down Shakara's energy barrier so they should first capture Domain 2. There is an elite unit Atmosvern who at first protects Shakara. After the dominion begins its attack on Domain 2, it will fly over. The player should dodge its attacks and attack the Armosvern until it retreats, then concentrate on Domain 2. A strong chocobo or charged shots from Trey work, but the Atmosvern is powerful so the player should remain cautious.

After taking Domain 2 the dominion can take down Shakara's energy barrier. The player should focus taking out the dragons emerging from Shakara, allowing the dominion legionaries to blast apart the energy barrier so the cadets can invade it.

Invading Shakara

The cadets face a Demonicorn and a Dualistag. After felling them the cadets are transported to another area with Dracoknights and the commanding officer Tonogiri. He acts like a regular Dracoknight, only buffed with Haste. Defeating Tonogiri allows the cadets to harvest his unique phantoma and invade Shakara.

Capturing Rilochy

Capturing Rilochy.

Now with an elite unit (Shijima Unit) at the player's disposal, the cadets should ready for the Atmosvern's return. The cadets should bring it down to rid of it, then take over Domains 3 and 4 and take down the energy barrier at Rilochy.

Invading Rilochy

The cadets face some Dracoknights and Crème Brûlées and Pyronades. The next area has Vilifeyes and Cryonades and deeper in the area the cadets find an Ironfist Giant.

Diepvern in Rilochy.

The last area, Town Square, has two Wingverns. Hitting a Breaksight on them can make them fall into oblivion, ridding of them instantly but missing out on their phantoma. There is also a Diepvern that goes phases depending on how much health it has left, with each one having different attacks. After felling it there are more Wingverns, after which the cadets must head for Mahamayuri.

Road to Mahamayuri.

There are three Flyverns along the way but the cadets don't need to bother with them as entering the city completes the mission. If the player doesn't want to fight the Flyverns they can ride a chocobo and speed past them. If the player wants to take them on, Trey's charged shot is good.

Rubicus[edit | edit source]

Sil. XII – The Kingdom's Final Hours

With all of Roshana Province under its control, Rubrum officially launched a campaign to conquer the entire Kingdom of Concordia. Operation Endgame was an ambitious undertaking: invade Rilochy, crush any remaining dracoknights, then continue onward and march directly on the royal capital of Mahamayuri. Realizing this would likely be its last stand, the royal army moved all its units from the capital to Rilochy and prepared to intercept its foe with all its strength.

While both sides were evenly matched first, the tide of battle gradually shifted in the favor of the more powerful Rubrum Army. Rilochy fell, and the dominion legions immediately began their march on Mahamayuri. The kingdom deployed dragons to defend the capital, but the wyverns posed little threat to the dominion forces. Unable to continue their counteroffensive, the kingdom forces accepted defeat, and the war between Rubrum and Concordia came to a close.

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