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The cadets fighting in the foggy aqueducts.

Place this Magicite in the energy reactors and detonate it to take out the town's power supply. Alsp, equip a Protect spell before you deploy. Self-defense is the key to survival. Cast Protect when you are in danger--or take out the enemy before it reaches that point.


The Infiltration of Iscah (イスカ潜入作戦, Isuka Sennyū Sakusen?) is the first main scenario mission in Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy Type-0. It takes place on Pyr. XXIX, 842 and its mission level is 17. The mission is at Iscah on the Iscah Region, west from the crater where Togoreth used to be.


The dominion army is mounting a campaign to retake Iscah. A small task force will infiltrate Iscah's fog-laden underground aqueducts, create a diversion using explosive Magicite, and quickly occupy the area in he ensuing confusion. Visibility will be extremely limited, but Class Zero must navigate the waterways and position the Magicite.


The mission[]

S-rank requirements[]

Time - 15:00
Phantoma - 90
Casualties - 0


  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the Eidolon Golem.
  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks the spell Raise.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Kaiser Knuckles at the Armory shop.

Special Orders[]

Here is a list of unique special orders for this mission:

Area Special Order Time Limit Effect Reward
Iscah Aqueduct UG-96 Combat trial: Refrain from using magic so as not to alert the enemy to your presence. 01:00 Protect 00:30 Ignis Tertius, Vol. I
Iscah Aqueduct UG-26 Search the fallen for personal effects using your active leader 02:00 Protect 01:00 Elixir
Imperial Command Take out all Imperial Troopers on high ground using your active leader. 02:00 Freecast 00:30 Phoenix Pinion
Imperial Command Find the Colossus's weakness using your active leader. 05:00 Freecast 00:30 Megalixir



Drain valve.

The area is thick with fog. It means the player must be close to the enemy to target them, and that the power of Fire magic is suppressed. Having a ranged cadet is useful for the mission. Having Thunder magic on someone for the final area is good for a special order.

After heading north from the safe zone to UG-92 the area begins to flood. Turning the valve on the west side lowers the water level. Three Evil Eyes await on the other side. It is best to stay on the move while attacking them to avoid their Stop spell. After defeating the Evil Eyes, the cadets should continue to the northwest.

In Iscah Aqueduct UG-93 there are more Evil Eyes and Flame Flan. Flan take little damage from physical attacks, but are easily defeated with magic. Once the enemies are down the cadets should head to the eastern passage.

Eastern Dynamo

The place for the Magicite bomb.

The cadets must battle Ankhegs here. The cadets should take them out while approaching the dynamo on the top of the stairs to the left, and then place the Magicite charge on the gears up the stairs. Beyond the dynamo down the stairs finds an item (Potion/Hi-Potion).


The cadets should return to Iscah Aqueduct UG-93 and continue through the western passage to UG-94 where the water is rising, but there is no valve. The cadets should finish off the enemies ahead, then enter the southern passage to UG-95 and face off against more Ankhegs, Evil Eyes and Flame Flan. After activating the valve on the south side of the room the cadets should head west to the Southern Dynamo.

The Magicite charge placed.

Southern Dynamo

A lone Evil Eye guards the dynamo, but as soon it is taken down and the Magicite charge is planted, a horde of Evil Eyes will spawn. After finishing them off the cadets should return to Iscah Aqueduct UG-94.


The water level has been lowered but there are many enemies here. The northern passage that leads into the next area, UG-96. There are more enemies, and an SO to refrain from using magic for a minute that yields a Ignis Tertius, Vol I. The eastern path leads to Iscah Aqueduct UG-97 with a Flame Flan and Ankhegs. Northern Dynamo is the next area.

Northern Dynamo

Up the stairs there are three Flame Flan. The cadets must plant the Magicite charge on the dynamo and return to Iscah Aqueduct UG-96.


The northern doorway is now cleared, but slightly beyond that lies an item (Ether). The northern doorway leads to a safe zone with a relic terminal and a recovery portal. The north exit leads to Iscah Aqueduct UG-142 where there will be more monsters as well as Imperial Troopers and Shock Troopers. Central Command detonates the Magicite charges and a timer for 25 minutes counts down until the power will be restored, but completing the mission before it expires is not difficult.

After taking out the enemies the cadets should proceed into Iscah Aqueduct UG-143. There are more soldiers and monsters here, and the monsters and imperial forces will also fight each other. The cadets must head to the northwest corner to find the water release valve. More monsters appear, and after finishing them off, the cadets should continue through the northwest passage to Iscah Aqueduct UG-144, which the exit without the yellow marker, and thus an optional area for the mission.

Three Flame Flan await in this narrow area. After finishing them the cadets should continue into Iscah Aqueduct UG-145.

There's a Knowing Tag in the southwest corner, and some Evil Eyes and Diceratops. A good strategy is to stay on the move and try to attack them from behind. Afterward the cadets should return to Iscah Aqueduct UG-143 and take the path to the southeast to UG-146. Before exiting UG-143 the cadets can find an item (Fortified Ration) from the northern corner of the area.

A Knowing Tag on a legionary.

The cadets are greeted by Flame Flan. The cadets need to head to the northeast passage that is blocked by an energy field, but taking down the Imperial Troopers deactivates it. As soon as the party goes beyond the passage two RPG-155 Gunners spawn alongside a Supersoldier. After taking out all the enemies the cadets can enter the northeastern passage to UG-147. There is a Knowing Tag right before exiting.

The next two passages are similar to Iscah Aqueduct UG-144: fairly narrow and inundated with enemies, this time Militesi Coeurls, and Martinets in the next area alongside more imperial soldiers. It is best to avoid engaging too many at once. Once in Iscah Aqueduct UG-149 there is a recovery portal and the cadets must take down the Imperial Troopers and the Commanding Officer (Second Lieutenant Leland) to remove the barrier that blocks the path into Iscah Aqueduct UG-151. It is best to concentrate on the commander. UG-151 is another narrow area filled with enemies, and there is a Heavy Gunner that can inflict considerable damage.

The Sullied Ring.

In the next room, Iscah Aqueduct UG-26, there are more Imperial Troopers. The next area is through the northwest passage. The area's SO has the cadets find the Sullied Ring located around the southeastern corner, yielding an Elixir.

Sergeant Major Meckel

Iscah Aqueduct UG-27 is another narrow room filled with enemies. It is best to use a ranged character to make quick work of the Martinets, but it is not necessary to clear the enemies before proceeding into Iscah Aqueduct UG-28. The area is won if the cadets kill the Shock Trooper Commanding Officer (Sergeant Major Meckel).

Iscah Aqueduct UG-28 has flying Panjandrums, Militesi Coeurls and Supersoldiers, so it is best to stick with the ranged cadet as it is advisable to keep a distance when the Panjandrums go down to avoid the explosion that follows. At the next area, Aqueduct Exit, there are more Imperial Troopers and an RPG-Gunner Commanding Officer (Corporal Helmutt). Defeating the Commanding Officer gains access to the safe zone ahead, Downtown Iscah, that has a recovery portal. The area after this safe area is the final area.

Imperial Command

Major Odilon.

A ranged attacker is good equipped with a Thunder spell to complete both special orders while clearing the town square. The leader should focus on the enemies lining the balcony until the Commanding Officer on the Colossus appears (Major Odilon). Using Thunder on the Colossus completes the special order, and defeating both enemies completes the mission. Doing the SOs yields a Phoenix Pinion and a Megalixir.


Pyr. XXIX – The Infiltration of Iscah

After careful consideration, Dominion Central Command produced a promising strategy: establish a base of operations at Iscah and use it as a foothold for reclaiming the region. The dominion chose Iscah not only because it occupied a key location, but because of the aqueducts beneath the town. According to the commandant, a special task force could infiltrate the waterways and detonate Magicite to destroy the subterranean dynamos. From there, the legions could swoop in and overtake the town while the imperial troops scrambled to get the power back on.

However, the legions were not properly trained nor equipped to carry out such a highly specialized mission. Thus, Central Command deployed a group of cadets to invade the underground aqueducts of Iscah. The entire operation went exactly according to plan: the cadets infiltrated the waterways without incident, placed and detonated the Magicite, and created the diversion necessary for the legions to move in and capture the town.