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FFT0 Climactic Clash at Azurr

Izumo Unit attacks the imperial troops.

The Climactic Clash at Azurr (決戦の地【アズール】, Kessen no Chi "Azūru"?) is an Expert Trial of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0 which is simultaneously a regional dominance mission directed against the Militesi Empire. The mission takes place on Sil. XXII, its initial mission level is 48 and the number of participants is unlimited. The mission starts upon entering the Azurr District.

Briefing Edit

The dominion army is advancing on the empire's last line of defense. Central Command dispatches almost its entire force to the Azurr District, the stage for the final showdown. In retaliation, Milites also deploys all remaining troops to defend its capital city against this large-scale invasion. The two sides are evenly matched, but Rubrum has no reserves. If the dominion forces lose this battle, Rubrum is doomed. It is up to Class Zero to lead dominion to victory—no matter the cost.

Mission Briefing

The mission Edit

During this mission, Class Zero can call the help of the Izumo Unit by completing a special task.

S-rank requirements Edit

Time: 30:00
Objectives: 14
Casualties: 0

Rewards Edit

  • Completing this mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the Eidolon Dwarf Golem.
  • Completing this mission on Finis difficulty unlocks the Onion Armor

Strategy Edit


The cadets down a Mid Sized Carrier.

Capturing Morina

Morina is by Domain 1. When approaching the stronghold a Mid-Sized Carrier appears the cadets should down. Taking Domain 1 allows the deployment of troops from it. The player should bypass the Warriors being deployed from Morina and destroy the Autoturret nearby, then get the dominion troops to Morina, take down the energy barrier and invade it.

Invading Morina

Fighting a Colossus.

The cadets have a special mission to destroy the stronghold's fuel tanks before the allies arrive in five minutes. There won't be any in the first area, but the cadets will face Supersoldiers and infinite waves of Airborne Troopers. The player can just move to the next area, Central Square, that has Imperial Troopers, Supersoldiers, Shock Troopers and Autoturrets, with three fuel tanks. After destroying the tanks the cadets should move to the next area that has three more fuel tanks and some Colossi, Militesi Coeurls and a Supersoldier in a tower. The cadets should take the north exit after destroying the tanks.

The cadets must destroy all fuel tanks while keeping an eye out for Panjandrums posing as fuel tanks. There are six tanks to destroy with Colossi and Helldivers swarming the area. The Panjandrum in the area looks like a fuel tank from a distance. After destroying the tanks the cadets should return to the previous area, Central Square, and take the west exit.

There's another Panjandrum posing as a fuel tank and more Helldivers and some Martinets. The cadets should concentrate on destroying the four tanks and stopping the timer.


Fighting at the Main Gate.

Now the cadets must follow the marker to the first area, Main Gate, to find an enemy commanding officer (Major Oswald) who appears alongside Supersoldiers and Airborne Troopers. The officer bestows the Rage status on his allies whenever he goes into it himself. The cadets can either take out all other enemies and ignore their bodies, or concentrate on the commanding officer before damage piles up. Defeating him conquers the stronghold.

Capturing Arwen

The dominion advances on Arwen.

Back on the world map two Carriers must be tracked down and destroyed. Class Zero must protect the new stronghold while waiting for reinforcements. Arwen deploys Helldivers, while Domain 2 sends out regular troops and has an Autoturret nearby. The player should direct troops to claim Domain 2, and then concentrate on the Helldivers until the timer expires and the Izumo Unit, a dominion battleship, joins the fray. After bringing down the energy barrier around Arwen the cadets can start the invasion.

Invading Arwen

Facing Lieutenant Kurtz.

After destroying the three Striker transports Moglin orders the cadets to take down the enemy carrier taking off outside the area. They have a Killsight status and thus go down in one hit, but this is still difficult to accomplish. One of the objectives to earn S-Rank is to destroy three Carriers in Arwen. Trey and King have Hawkeye to use a first-person view to land well-timed shots, and Ace can also be a good character to use. Combining this with Invisible gives a better chance. It takes a while before the next Carrier shows up, so the cadets should wait for it.

An enemy commanding officer (Lieutenant Kurtz) arrives emerges a Colossus and will be on foot after destroying it. Defeating him captures the stronghold.

Capturing Azurr

The dominion must take over Domain 3, which is deploying Colossi, and Azurr, sending out Helldivers. Since attacks are coming from two directions towards Domain 3, the player should concentrate on stopping the Helldivers.

After capturing Domain 3 the player can place markers by pressing Triangle and Circle on the PlayStation 4 or Y and B on the Xbox One to position the Izumo Unit. It might be wise to set the Izumo Unit on the path of the Helldivers to ensure they won't recapture Domain 3.


Fighting Vigilante.

A large "scorpion type" MA named Vigilante emerges and sits atop a plateau, firing missiles. The player can hug the cliffside away from any of the dominion territories to avoid damage. Vigilante will jump down and go after one of the dominion territories. The player can now inflict damage to it, but it will retreat to the plateau when a full bar is gone. The player can't attack it when it's on top of the hill.

To take down the Vigilante a ranged cadet like Trey is good. Izumo Unit can't kill it. After destroying Vigilante the dominion can take on Azurr, which might still be spitting out Helldivers. After taking down its energy barrier, the cadets can invade Azurr.

Invading Azurr

Fighting General Reymond.

There are three Colossi standing in the cadets' way, and an enemy commanding officer in front of the doors behind them. The cadets must down the Colossi and attack the officer. Some Supersoldiers and a Warrior are waiting inside, as well as the officer who will retreat further inside. The cadets must keep pursuing him, fighting two more Supersoldiers and two Warriors in a pincer attack. On the roof a Helldiver assists the officer (General Reymond), but it's best to concentrate on the CO to complete the mission.

Rubicus Edit

Sil. XXII – The Climactic Clash at Azurr

Having forced the Kingdom of Concordia into an anticlimactic surrender, Rubrum was free to shirt its strategy and deploy its entire military force to Milites. Although superior to the imperial forces in terms of raw strength, the dominion army faced a stark numerical disadvantage. By dispatching their entire fleet and remobilizing troops stationed at the imperial capital, the Militesi Army mustered 800,000 men and women to obliterate Rubrum's 600,000.

Now that the dominion was devoid of reserve forces, all the empire needed to do was crush the legions at Azurr and force a retreat in order to turn the tide of the war. Unfortunately, however, the imperial troops were powerless against the dominion's Eidolons they met on the front lines. The empire's resistance ended in vain.

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