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FFT0 Clash in the Caverns

Rem during the Clash in the Caverns.

The Clash in the Caverns (鍾乳洞の戦い, Shōnyūdō no Tatakai?) is the final Expert Trial of Chapter 3 in Final Fantasy Type-0. It takes place on Gla. XXIII, its initial mission level is 37 and is limited to four participants. During the mission, Class Zero infiltrates the Rokol Caverns located in the north of Iscah Region, which are only accessible during this mission.

Briefing Edit

Rubrum received word that an imperial unit is returning to Milies with classified dominion documents. Central Command immediately sends troops to capture the enemy unit, which has fled into the Rokol Caverns. Class Zero must send a squad of four to the caverns to retrieve the documents.

Mission Briefing

The mission Edit

S-rank requirements Edit

Time: 05:00
Phantoma: 30
Casualties: 0

Rewards Edit

  • Completing this mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the spell Blizzard MIS.
  • Completing this mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Torrent Armlet at the Armory shop.
  • Completing this mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Shambhala at the Armory shop.

Special Orders Edit

Here is a list of unique special orders for this mission:

Area Objective Time Limit Effect Reward
Rokol Caverns Defeat Supersoldier with leader 2:00 Invincible 0:30 Mythril Gloves
Rokol Caverns Destroy Autoturret with leader 1:00 Endure 0:30 Gold Bangle
Rokol Caverns Defeat commander quickly 1:00 Aura 0:30 Mythril Ring
Rokol Caverns Exploit the enemy's weakness 3:00 Endure 0:30 Phoenix Pinion

Strategy Edit

Rokol Caverns

The caverns are full of soldiers.

The first area is empty, but when moving further into the cave the cadets are met with Imperial Troopers and a Supersoldier with an SO to fell the Supersoldier with the leader for a Mythril Gloves. The player should go after him first to avoid the allies downing him.

The next area has more Imperial Troopers and a single Supersoldier.

The third area has a few Militesi Coeurls alongside the Troopers and a Supersoldier.

The fourth area has more Imperial Troopers will and an Autoturret behind a barrier on the left side. The area's SO requires destroying the Autoturret with the party leader for a Gold Bangle.


Second Lieutenant Lewis

From the fourth area the player has the option of heading down the optional eastern path to another area with more Imperial Troopers. There's a treasure chest here that contains an item (First Aid Kit/Support Serum).

Continuing on the intended path following the yellow marker, the sixth area has more Imperial Troopers and Militesi Coeurls, and a Supersoldier Commanding Officer (Second Lieutenant Lewis) with an the SO to defeat him within a minute for a Mythril Ring.

Cavern Depths

This area has no enemies but the cadets must examine the briefcase on the ground before being ordered to exit the caverns. On the way back out LV52 Flame Flan will spawn in all areas.

Rokol Caverns

A frozen Flame Flan.

Blizzard spells work well against Flame Flan, and it is generally easy to get Killsights on flan anyway. However, the cadets can simply bypass the flan to go to the next area with more Flame Flan. There is an SO here to "exploit the enemies' weakness": ice. Using an ice attack on them yields a Phoenix Pinion.

The rest of the trek back out has nothing but more Flame Flan, so the cadets can run past them to the entrance to finish the mission.

Rubicus Edit

Gla. XXIII – The Clash in the Caverns

After losing the Iscah Region, imperial officials disbanded the army that had suffered such heavy losses against the dominion and reorganized their forces at Renown Base in Meroë. Their strategy was to combine the troops who retreated with reinforcements from the capital in order to oppose the dominion legions.

Meanwhile, the imperial army managed to obtain a briefcase containing classified dominion military information during their occupation of Rubrum, and that case was now en route to Milites. However, the dominion legions discovered the team responsible for transporting the case and immediately gave chase. A pursuit and subsequent battle ensued, and the legionaries chased the imperial squad deep into the Rokol Caverns. Utterly frustrated, the commandant ordered a cadet task force to storm the caverns and reobtain all the stolen documents. The cadets completed their mission and prevented the classified information from falling into imperial hands.

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