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Class Zero cadets during the Capture of Togoreth Stronghold.

You've received orders to march on Togoreth Stronghold. May the Crystal guide you. Dismissed.


The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold (トゴレス要塞攻略戦, Togoresu Yōsai Kōryakusen?) is a mission in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is the third mission of Chapter 2, and takes place on Ven. XXII, 842. The Mission Level is 13.


Hoping to gain an advantage by retaking Togoreth, the legions manage to repel the imperial forces. As combat closes in on the stronghold, however, Milites shores up its defenses, making the siege difficult for Rubrum. Central Command decides to send Class Zero along with other cadets to infiltrate the fortress.


The mission[]

S-rank requirements[]

Time: 25:00
Phantoma: 90
Casualties: 0


  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Deflector in the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Master's Mail in the Armory shop.

Special Orders[]

Here is a list of unique special orders for this mission.

Area Objective Time Limit Effect Reward
Main Gate Defeat the imperial leader at the gate, using your active leader 3:00 1:30 Aura Elixir
Central Stairwell Defeat the imperial leader at the ramparts, using your active leader.*(Requires a ranged cadet) 3:00 0:30 Invincible Ignis Tertius, Vol. I
West Stairwell Endurance Test: Allow no casualties 1:00 0:15 Protect Magic: Fire ROK-II
North Gate Defeat three Imperial Troopers, using your active leader. 1:00 0:30 Invincible Feathered Cap
Materiel Storage Cover Practice: Protect the dominion legionary 1:00 0:30 Protect Lustrous Deck
Inner Corridor Score Killsight strikes on two Warriors, using your active leader 1:00 0:30 Protect Megalixir
Dynamo Access Take down the Golem, using your active leader 1:00 Invincible Mythril Gloves
Perimeter Gates Harvest five phantoma from imperial troopers, using your active leader 2:00 0:15 Protect Ballistic Armor
West Stairwell Score Killsight on three retreating troopers using your active leader 2:00 0:45 Aura
North Gate Score Killsight strikes on seven retreating troopers, using your active leader 2:00 Freecast Megalixir
West Stairwell Take down three Warriors, using your active leader 1:30 0:45 Invincible Firewyrm Armlet
East Stairwell Acquisition Challenge: Search surrendered troopers for an item that can be used in battle. 2:00 0:45 Invincible U1-Shock Damper
North Stairwell Take down three enemies, using your active leader 1:00 0:30 Invincible Metal Gloves


Main Gate

The cadets approach the gate.

The party enters the area at outside the Togoreth gates. On the slope there are Militesi Coeurls and Imperial Troopers. After taking them out the cadets can approach the structure ahead to engage more Militesi Coeurls. When the gates open more enemies emerge with a Commanding Officer (Second Lieutenant Norbert). It is best to focus on the Officer to take him out before dealing with the ranged Imperial Troopers in the windows. There is an item near some crates here (Fortified Ration/Combat Ration), and another one on the opposite side (Potion/Hi-Potion).

Central Stairwell

Once the cadets breach the fort they are faced with two Nymurod magitek armor and several Imperial Troopers. There are additional Imperial Troopers lining the walls above the gate to the north, with the Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Bancroft) patrolling the wall to the left of the gate. A ranged cadet is needed to defeat the troops on the wall. The cadets can prioritize taking down the Commanding Officer by heading over to the left wall and toggling through the targets until locking-on to the Officer. After finishing him off the cadets should clear out the remaining enemies and enter the western passage.

West Stairwell

Taking on the Channelgate.

In the middle of the next area the Channelgate device is blocking the path to the inside of the fort, locking the cadets into the area. A Golem spawns that has enough attack power to KO any party member with a single attack. For a risky strategy the cadets can attack the Channelgate to clear a path, but for a safe route, the cadets can move to the northern passage and wait for the Channelgate to lift. The Golem is slow so there is time to wait for the Channelgate to clear. When the path is clear, the cadets should head through the northern exit.

The area's unique SO is to allow no casualties, and completing it yields the Fire ROK-II magic. The SO appears once the Golem has spawned. It is possible to kill the Golem but it won't yield any phantoma.

North Gate

In the center of the North Gate area there is a Warrior Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Oreck) and some Imperial Troopers. Defeating the Warrior opens the gate to the laboratory.

Second Laboratory

There are three fallen soldiers here with Knowing Tags, an item (Hi-Potion) and a relic terminal and a recovery portal.

Materiel Depository

Imperial soldiers and Militesi Coeurls attack the party as soon as the cadets enter, with a Commanding Officer (Second Lieutenant Radford) among them. Another fallen soldier has a Knowing Tag.

Inner Corridor

Three Imperial Troopers bar the path here, with more on the walls. After the three on the ground have been death with two Warriors attack the party, and defeating them clears the area.

Sample Depository

In the Sample Depository a female cadet named Koharu in the middle gives a Summoning Permit and and the Eidolon Ifrit. Demonicorns and Imperial Troopers will attack and after defeating them the party should head for the western passage to reach the Dynamo Access.

Dynamo Access

Battling the Golem.

On the north side there is another Channelgate blocking the path, with another patrolling Golem. The party can summon Ifrit since he won't die to a single attack, but the current party leader is lost unless they have a way of applying Reraise. It is best to summon Ifrit at the top of the stairs, then attack the Channelgate with his Meteor Strike. The party can also use a ranged cadet to do the same rather than summoning Ifrit. If using Ifrit, it is best to stop attacking once the Channelgate reaches one bar of health, then head down to the area below to finish it off with normal attacks. After the Channelgate is defeated the party must ignore the Golem and head through the door to the Central Dynamo.

If replaying the mission on a higher level and the player decides to take on the Golem, an SO eventually appears for felling it in under a minute. The player can forgo accepting it until they have reduced the Golem's health to one HP bar to ensure they can do it within the time limit. Fulfilling the request earns Mythril Gloves.

There are two items (Fortified Ration/Strength Serum) in this area both sides of the upper floors near the boxes. Instead of heading down to Central Dynamo where the yellow arrow points, the cadets can take the other exit to First Laboratory instead.

First Laboratory

There are some Knowing Tags on the floor and a cadet sitting on the floor who asks Class Zero about Koharu. If the class tells him she is fine, they get a Knowing Tag. If the Class Zero tells him she died, he gives them a Mega-Potion. There is nothing else to do here, so the cadets can follow the arrow to Central Dynamo. If the cadets return to this room later, the cadet will have died.

Central Dynamo

Central Dynamo.

Central Dynamo is a safe zone. The cadets need to shut it down, which also disables the base's security system preventing the Channelgates from spawning Golems. There is a relic terminal and a recovery portal.

Dynamo Access

Back in the Dynamo Access, a group of Militesi Coeurls and Imperial Troopers attack with a Warrior Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Hougoumont) near the southeast corner. To open the southern path the cadets need to defeat the Officer. Instead of going through the opened exit, however, the cadets can take the exit near to where the commanding officer spawned back to Sample Depository where a dominion legionary gives out either an Ether or Hi-Potion when spoken to. There is nothing else to do here, so the player can go back and follow the yellow arrow.

Stronghold Core to Central Stairwell

There are some Imperial Troopers and a Supersoldier at the Stronghold Core. There are two items (Strength Serum) lying on the sides of the upper floor.

Heading south reaches the Central Stairwell, back outside. If the cadets head back down to the Perimeter Gates where they started the mission from, they can do an SO.

Perimeter Gates

Back outside the stronghold an SO appears to harvest five phantoma from imperial troopers using the active leader. There are Imperial Troopers stationed at the edges of the path, and completing the SO yields a Ballistic Armor.

The party can go back and continue through the western passage to reach the West Stairwell again.

West Stairwell

On the way to the West Stairwell there will be Imperial Troopers and a Mid-sized Carrier. It is best to take down the Imperial Troopers and use a ranged character to defeat the Carrier, then go up the stairs to the other West Stairwell area that has more Imperial Troopers and several Warriors. Eventually the Warrior Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Roberts) appears. After taking him down the cadets can move on. If they head north, they can do an SO.

North Gate

The area's unique SO is to score Killsight strikes on seven retreating troopers using the active leader. The troopers don't have to actually flee to count; the troopers are found on ground level and a ranged cadet can strike at them from across the wall. Completing the SO yields a Megalixir. After doing the SO, the player should head back, following the yellow arrow.

South Concourse

In the South Concourse there are Militesi Coeurls, Imperial Troopers, Supersoldier on the elevated area and a Mid-Sized Carrier. A Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Eudemons) will appear after the cadets have defeated enough of the other troops. The cadets can focus on the Commanding Officer as soon as he appears as he's the only enemy that needs to be defeated to continue on. There is a recovery portal ahead.

East Stairwell

It is best to ignore the Imperial Soldiers and cross the room to engage the Warrior Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Morris). After taking him down the surrendered soldiers give an item (assuming the cadets completed the requirements for this special order). Afterward the party should go down the northwestern passage to hit the North Stairwell.

North Stairwell

A group of Imperial Troopers await in this room alongside a Nymurod magitek armor and Commander Schmitz. It is best to focus on the magitek armor to make the commander run away. Once the area is cleared out, the top of the stairs leads inside the fort.

Upper Corridor

This is a safe zone with a relic terminal and a recovery portal. The party should be assembled to have a ranged cadet with lightning magic. Trey is not the best choice because he is slow.

Imperial Command

There is an item in the corner right near where the party came in (Potion/Hi-Potion). Following the path toward the conference room a group of Imperial Troopers and Supersoldiers attacks the party. In the conference room there are more soldiers and a Commanding Officer (Commander Schmitz). The party can take cover behind the hallway that leads into the conference room. A ranged cadet is useful.

With the other enemies down, the cadets can engage the Officer. A good way is to use a melee fighter and move around. The commanding officer counterattacks, but has a pattern. With the pattern memorized the player can attack a few times, then dodge to avoid the counter. After the Commanding Officer is defeated a cutscene plays the party faces off against the boss.


The cadets fight Gabriel.

A ranged attacker (other than Trey) equipped with lightning magic is the most useful against General Qator Bashtar's Gabriel magitek armor. The boss is fast, and thus difficult to engage with a melee character. He moves around and when he does this he won't attack. When he stops moving he will attack.

The cadet should attack with ranged attacked until General Qator Bashtar stops moving, and then start dodging. When Bashtar lowers himself he will go for a shoulder-press attack followed by a Breaksight opportunity. Hitting Breaksight stuns the General briefly and the party can hit Breaksight many times in a row. It begins to rain and lightning attacks boost in power (fire attacks lose power). Defeating the General completes the mission and obtains Shiva.


Ven. XXII – The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold

After driving the imperial army out of the area around Akademeia, the dominion legions aimed to reclaim more of their lost territory. Their sights on the eponymous stronghold of the Togoreth Region, Dominion Central Command initiated Operation Mythril Axe. Predicting the dominion would attempt to seize the stronghold, the empire established a line of defense to intercept the invasion. Nevertheless, Rubrum's momentum gave them the advantage, and they gradually pushed Milites back until the focus of battle shifted to retaking the fortress itself.

Togoreth Stronghold originally belonged to the dominion, but imperial engineers completely rewired its defense system, preventing the dominion legions from entering the facility. Determined to reclaim the stronghold at all costs, the commandant dispatched the dominion's remaining reserve units--including a cadet task force--to Togoreth, and the legions succeeded in taking back the base.

Mere moments after the stronghold fell, however, the White Tiger l'Cie Nimbus arrived at Togoreth. The Vermilion Bird l'Cie Lord Zhuyu intercepted Nimbus and a frenzied duel broke out, effectively ending the battle between the conventional forces just as the dominion gained the upper hand. The clash between the two l'Cie obliterated everything in the surrounding area, including the stronghold itself. Although the demigods' intervention brought the battle to an abrupt halt, the dominion still seized control of North Togoreth, and--seeing as the imperial army had incurred greater casualties--victory went to the dominion.