Type0 wiki icon Secret Agents Zero (皇国軍の動きを偵察せよ, Kōkokugun no Ugoki wo Teisatsuseyo?) is an Expert Trial of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0. It takes place on Gel. XV, its initial mission level is 46 and the number of participants is not limited. To start the trial, the cadets must head for the spot on the world map in Cetme District.

Briefing Edit

The dominion has lost contact with the recon team surveilling the empire. Suspecting that the empire is up to something, Dominion Intel requests that Central Command send a unit to investigate. Thus, Class Zero must head for Mt. Klimov to inspect the area for any suspicious imperial activity.

Mission Briefing

The mission Edit

S-rank requirements Edit

Time: 21:00
Phantoma: 108
Casualties: 0

Rewards Edit

  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks Ignis Essentia at the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Ruby Shield at the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Phantasmal Blade at the Armory shop.
  • Earning S-rank awards a Ignis Essentia

Strategy Edit

Mt. Klimov Base

The cadets are met with Bat Eyes and Capparwires as they scale the mountain path. The weather is a blizzard that saps the cadets' health whenever they are moving. The cadets can stand still and not lose HP, or take shelter in a cave.

Snow-Swept Slopes


One of the felled dominion legionaries has a Keycard and the cadets are attacked by a Snow Giant. The next area has more Capparwires and Snow Giants. It has two exits, one that leads into a cave and another blocked by a gate that requires a Keycard. The cave, Klimov Caverns, has another Keycard, as well as a Knowing Tag. There are no enemies in the cave.

Mine Gate K-01

More Capparwires are met at the mine gate and at the north end of the area there is another Snow Giant. There is a special order for taking down the Snow Giant that yields a Shock Shield. There are three exits: one leads toward the objective, the western cave is a dead end full of monsters, and the eastern cave--a detour toward the objective--is where the cadets should head. The cavern has Bat Eyes and Capparwires, but continuing on leads to a Frozen Precipice.

Frozen Precipice

The cadets face Bat Eyes and Ice Flan with an SO to keep fighting despite the blizzard that yields a Phoenix Pinion. There's a cave halfway up the slope with a Knowing Tag and a Fortified Ration/Combat Ration. Heading north up the mountain path leads to a Snow Giant. It is accompanied by Bat Eyes that come in two waves.

Entering the Klimov Caverns at the top finds a group of Ice Flan in a tight space. Heading through the other exit is where the cadets are supposed to go, but the player can take another route instead. Returning to the previous area and heading south finds another cave with Bat Eyes and Ice Flan. The cadets should head west to the Snow-swept Slopes that has Ice Bombs and Snow Giants. After defeating all three Snow Giants the cadets should continue north. There is also an item here, Strength Serum. South from here leads back to the Mine Gate K-01 where the cadets have already been with nothing but Ice Bombs and Bat Eyes to fight.

Mine Gate K-02

The area is filled with Martinets and Panjandrums, neither of which drop phantoma. The gate to the north needs a Keycard, but the cadets should already have one. There is a recovery portal up the slope after the gate.

Excavation Site

The cadets must defeat all enemies in this area. The SO is to defeat them in five minutes and completing it yields a Gold Anklet. The enemies include Martinets, Imperial Troopers and Airborne Troopers. Once the enemies are down the cadets can head for the gate, going east.

Snow-Swept Slopes

The cadets under a time limit.

The cadets have 10 minutes to get to the bottom of the map before the imperial transport team leaves. There are Imperial Troopers fighting a Snow Giant and Bat Eyes. The cadets can concentrate on the Snow Giant first. In the next area Imperial Troopers and Warriors fight Ice Bombs. The cadets can concentrate on the Warriors first.

There is a cave to the side with Ice Bombs and Bat Eyes inside. Given the time limit, the cadets can ignore it, but if they head inside they can find some Strength Serum from the end of the cave.

In the next area the cadets face Imperial Troopers and a Supersoldier with more appearing near the southern exit flanked by a Colossus. The cadets can concentrate on the Colossus. If the cadets head into the cave they find Capparwires and nothing else, so it can be ignored.

Mine Gate K-03

After taking out the Imperial Troopers and Colossi the cadets can go through the gate. The cave here has nothing inside and can be ignored. Going through the gate stops the timer. On the Snow-Swept Slope after the gate there is a recovery portal.

Supply Depot

There There will be three enemy waves before the final confrontation. The first and second waves contain Militesi Coeurls, Imperial Troopers and Supersoldiers. Upon clearing them, a Commanding Officer (Captain Matthews, although he doesn't the CO marker) Colossus appears along with two other Colossi and soon two Snow Giants with more health than usual join the battle. The cadets can concentrate on the Giants first.

There is an SO to deal 5000 damage to a Snow Giant that yields a Wildfire Saber for Queen. King or Trey are good candidates for their strong chargeable attacks, or an Eidolon can also be used. Taking down all enemies completes the trial.

Rubicus Edit

Gel. XV – Secret Agents Zero

The dominion suddenly lost contact with the recon team charged with surveilling the empire on the snow-swept slopes of Mt. Klimov. Suspecting that the empire was up to something, Dominion Intel requested the commandant send a unit to investigate. Thus, Central Command deployed a cadet task force to the mountain to inspect the area for any suspicious imperial activity. There, the cadets discovered the empire had dug out an excavation site—which they proceeded to destroy, along with the imperial troops guarding the facility.

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