Type0 wiki icon Protecting the Defector (皇国からの亡命者, Kōkoku Kara no Bōmeisha?) is an Expert Trial of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0 directed against the Militesi Empire at the West Nesher District. It takes place on Sil. XXVI, its initial level is 49 and the number of participants is limited to four.

Briefing Edit

Rubrum receives a transmission from an imperial officer who wishes to defect to the dominion. Hoping to glean valuable intel this officer may possess, Central Command orders the cadets to take him into protective custody. Class Zero must send a squad of four to the snow-covered Mt. Acrid in West Nesher and take the officier into custody.

Mission Briefing

The mission Edit

S-rank requirements Edit

Time: 05:00
Phantoma: 15
Casualties: 0

Rewards Edit

  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks Gold Bangle at the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Platinum Bracelet at the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Diamond Bangle at the Armory shop.
  • Earning S-rank yields a White Cape or a Megalixir

Strategy Edit

Third Station

The cadets faced with imperial troops.

The mission starts by approaching the mountain marked on the map on the West Nesher District. On the mountain trail the cadets meet a Supersoldier and an Imperial Trooper. After taking them out and continuing on there is another Supersoldier and two more Imperial Troopers before the exit to the next area.

Fifth Station

There is an Airborne Trooper upon entering this area, and an Imperial Trooper and an Autoturret at the first landing. Beyond there is another Airborne Trooper accompanied by two Martinets.

Seventh Station

Two Supersoldiers attack the cadets as they enter and two Airborne Troopers and an enemy commanding officer (Lieutenant Colonel Niklaus) are engaging the defector the cadets were sent to protect. It's possible to save him, but it's not necessary, although the cadets will score a Glacies Tertia, Vol. I for it. After defeating the commander the cadets must return to the first area, Third Station.

Fifth Station

There are three Airborne Troopers that can get caught on the mountainside so the player can't lock onto them. After taking them out the cadets can move to the final area.


Major MeSeecks engaged.

Third Station

There is an enemy commanding officer piloting a Colossus (Major MeSeecks) and four Martinets with a lot of health. Martinets don't yield phantoma so the cadets can just concentrate on the Colossus. Destroying it completes the trial.

Rubicus Edit

Sil. XXVI – Protecting the Defector

An imperial officer sent a transmission to the dominion expressing his desire to defect. Militesi units were hot on his tail as he fled through West Nesher, and he reached out to Rubrum for asylum. The dominion determined it might be able to glean invaluable information about the imperial army, so Central Command immediately dispatched a cadet task force to rescue the defecting official. Hoping to truly capitalize on this incident, Intel deliberately spread word of the imperial defector throughout Orience—with the implication that even the empire had begun to acknowledge defeat.

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