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The start of the mission.

Class Zero, you've received marching orders. Imperial vermin have infested the area surrounding Akademeia. Exterminate them.


Operation Reconquista (レコンキスタ作戦, Rekonkisuta Sakusen?) is the second mission in Chapter 2 of Final Fantasy Type-0. It takes place on Pet. I, 842 and its mission level is 13. Participation on the mission is optional, but it can be replayed in the Missions menu.

Briefing Edit

Through the conscription and deployment of the Agito Cadets, the dominion successfully liberates McTighe. Using the newly retaken city as a base of operations, the dominion launches a large-scale campaign to reclaim the Rubrum Region. Under the command of their CO, Kurasame, Class Zero joins the campaign to execute special missions as an autonomous unit.


The mission Edit

The cadets must head out the main gate to the world map to begin the mission. For completing the mission the cadets get Auric Ring.

S-rank requirements Edit

Time - 20:00
Objectives - 9
Casualities - 0

Victory Conditions Edit

Victory Condition: Occupy Corsi
Failure Condition: Lose McTighe

Rewards Edit

  • Completing this mission on Officer difficulty unlocks Mega-Remedy at the SPP Post.

Strategy Edit


Autoturrent in the woods.

Occupy Domain 1

In front of McTighe there is Domain 1. The cadets should defeat its enemy units as they emerge. Chocobos' chocobo kicks finish them off in a single attack. When Rubrum troops start to circle Domain 1, the cadets should head southeast toward the forest to find an Autoturret. Taking it down gains full control of Domain 1.


The dominion sieges Aqvi.

Invade Aqvi

In Domain 1 the player can press the Action button for troop production and dispersal. The goal is for Domain 1 to produce Blaze Units that should be sent to Aqvi, a town near McTighe. The party should take down the enemies emerging from Aqvi until the energy shield is weakened. The cadets should approach the town and initiate the invasion.


Major Herriot.

In Aqvi the cadets should head down to three Imperial Troopers. Finishing them off opens the door to the north where the commanding officer (Major Herriot) awaits. The party has five minutes to take him out after entering the town, any longer and he'll escape. When reaching the commander in the next area, the cadets should focus on him first, then engage the magitek armor. Afterward the party can take down more Imperial Troops until victory and the town is occupied.


Corsi deploys Warrior units.

Invade Corsi

Both Aqvi and Domain 1 should send Blaze Units toward Domain 2. When Corsi deploys Warrior Units toward McTighe, the cadets need to destroy them. Trey can attack from outside of the Warrior Units' range. Once Domain 2 has been taken, the Warrior Units cease their attack.

Once the energy shield surrounding Corsi has fallen the invasion can begin. Blizzard BOM destroys barricades easily. In Angular Alley there are three more Imperial Troopers, as well as snipers on the balconies and Shock Troopers further down. The cadets can ignore the snipers, as only the Shock Troopers and Imperial Troopers need to be taken out. The best way to deal with the Shock Troopers is to attack them from behind or wait for them to attack, then attack them while their defenses are down.


Lieutenant Hamilton

The cadets can head to the Town Square to find the Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Hamilton) using a magitek armor. The party can stay behind him to avoid most of his attacks. If he charges in the player's direction, one can quickly circle around to his back to avoid it. If one struggles dodging his attacks, one can stay on the move and try to remain behind him. Defeating the CO completes the mission.

Rubicus Edit

Pet. I – Operation Reconquista

Once they had finally regrouped, the dominion legions established a base of operations at the newly liberated town of McTighe, and initiated a large-scale offensive to reclaim the Rubrum Region by deploying the recently conscripted Agito Cadets. Both the dominion and the empire unleashed a constant stream of reinforcements, turning Rubrum's Operation Reconquista into quite the contest of military might. Thanks to the participation of the cadets, however, the legions freed one town after another, and the dominion eventually succeeded in driving the empire entirely out of the area surrounding Akademeia.

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