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The Steelworks, the imperial magitek factory.

You will be marching right into the White Tiger's den. Prepare yourselves.


Operation MA Demolition (魔導アーマー破壊命令, Madō Āmā Hakai Meirei?) is a main scenario mission in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is the second main scenario mission of Chapter 3 and takes place on Gla. XXV, 842. The mission level is 22. The mission sees Class Zero deployed to the Militesi manufacturing plant next to the White Peristylium to destroy the empire's valuable magitek armor prototypes.


Central Command determines that the empire's new magitek armor poses a significant threat to dominion strategy. After much deliberation, the Consortium of Eight resolves to dispatch a special task force to the Militesi capital of Ingram. Class Zero receives orders to destroy the factory and R&D facility responsible for producing the new prototype.


The mission[]

To start the mission, the cadets must head for Rokol and interact with the magitek armor at the back of the town.

S-rank requirements[]

Time - 30:00
Phantoma - 50
Casualties - 1


  • Completing this mission unlocks the spell Fire ROK.
  • Completing this mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Mega-Potion at the Orderly shop.
  • Completing this mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Seraphim Mace at the Armory shop.

Special Orders[]

Here is a list of all unique special orders on this mission:

Area Special Order Time Limit Effect Reward
Materiel Depot Sneak into the R&D facility undetected using your active leader. 10:00 Haste 00:30 Magic: Blizzard ROK
Waterway Sector UG-2 or UG-6 Take down the Marduk using your active leader. 40:00 Protect 00:45 Diamond Bangle
Warehouse RD-1 Reach the sensor calibration lab undetected using your active leader. 05:00 Freecast 00:30 Phoenix Down
Sensor Calibration Lab Secure the lab before the researchers can sound the alarm, using your active leader 3:00 0:45 Invisible Sleipnir Tail
Warehouse RD-2 Reach the armor development Lab undetected using your active leader. 5:00 0:45 Regen Elixir
Armor Development Lab Secure the lab before the researchers can sound the alarm, using your active leader. 3:00 0:45 Trance Phoenix Down
Warehouse RD-3 Reach the parameter stabilization lab undetected while using your active leader. 5:00 0:45 Protect Elixir
Parameter Stabilization Lab Secure the lab before the researchers can sound the alarm, using your active leader. 3:00 1:30 Aura Phoenix Pinion
Corridor Score a Killsight strike on the enemy leader using your active leader. 5:00 0:45 Trance Thorn Bow
Transport Route MA-1 Break through the imperial defenses without taking damage using your active leader. 5:00 0:45 Freecast Silver Gloves
Arsenal 61 Score a Killsight strike on one Shock Trooper using your active leader. 5:00 0:30 Protect Elixir
Arsenal 68 Take down seven enemies with your active leader. 5:00 0:30 Aura Fulgur Secundus, Vol. II
Transport Route MA-2 Harvest three phantoma with your active leader. 5:00 0:30 Quick Glacies Secunda, Vol. II
Arsenal 71 Take down four Shock Troopers using your active leader. 5:00 0:30 Endure Ignis Secundus, Vol.II
Arsenal 105 Take down three Martinets using your active leader. 5:00 0:45 Regen Auric Ring
Sentinel Hangar Performance Evaluation: Suppress the Colossus sortie. 5:00 0:45 Invisible Magnati
Sentinel Hangar Score Killsight strikes on three enemies using your active leader. 5:00 0:30 Haste Medical Kit
Hangar 9 Destroy the Brionac as quickly as possible using your active leader. 5:00 0:30 Protect Rubicante
Engine Room Land thirty hits on Nimbus using your active leader. 3:00 1:00 Freecast Tiz's Prayer


Magitek Armor Trek

The party crosses the snowfields on an MA.

The party must cross the snowfield on magitek armor and collect fuel tanks along the way to keep going. If the player fails to get to the destination in time, they must start over. Fuel tanks and treasures are easily discerned from the snowy background. The objective is to follow the yellow arrow on the compass.

Heading straight ahead, the cadets can collect a fuel tank, and a bit further on 20x Combat Rations. Bit out of the way toward an imperial town is more fuel, and if the player keeps going this way they can find another treasure (Ballistic Armor). Following the coast line finds more fuel, and there will be a river with forests to the right. Magitek armor can power through the forest. Before the bridge there is more fuel. Crossing the bridge leads to the magitek armor factory. A fast-moving cadet is recommended as the leader character.

Materiel Depot

Special order for the area.

Once inside the cadets must use stealth. The player should stay clear of the red rings around the Panjandrums and stay behind the flying Nomads, or quickly destroy them in one hit. If the cadets are caught they must fight off a horde of enemies moving into the next area. Only the party leader can set off the alarm. There is an SO in this area to sneak into the R&D depot undetected for a Blizzard ROK spell.

Approaching the south hallway makes the wall to the right explode. After this the ladder to the right near the start of the hallway leads to Waterway Sector UG-1.

Waterway Sectors

The waterway has infinitely spawning enemies of Flame Flan and Evil Eyes and Hundlegs. Instead of trying to kill them all, the cadets should speed through each area following the yellow marker. To grab the treasure chests, one can lock-on to an enemy and cycle through the available targets until spotting the chest.

The cadets should head to the north passage into Waterway Sector UG-3, then to the east path to Waterway Sector UG-4 to collect the chest (Insect Oil/Flan Ooze/Rigid Scaleskin/Elixir). After returning to UG-3, the cadet should head north to Waterway Sector UG-6, then go through the eastern passage to UG-7, then head southeast back to UG-4, and at the bottom of this little area is a treasure (Insect Oil/Flan Ooze/Rigid Scaleskin/Support Serum).

The Marduk awakened.

The cadets will pass by a sleeping LV79 Marduk in the waterways that will almost certainly kill the party to if awakened, but the party can complete a special order by killing it for a Diamond Bangle. The other enemies don't stop spawning when the Marduk is engaged.

The player should continue to follow the yellow marker until reaching the safe zone at Control Room 16 that has a recovery portal and a relic terminal. The next objective is to visit three laboratories. They can be visited in any order, but there are special orders for reaching them undetected, and Sensor Calibration Lab is up first.

Sensor Calibration Lab

The alarm box destroyed.

In Warehouse RD-1 the cadets should head into the Sensor Calibration Lab to the west from where the cadets entered, and read the names of the rooms before entering to be sure to be going into the right one. The lab is in the middle of the Warehouse RD-1. There is an SO to reach the lab without being detected for a Phoenix Down. If the cadets are detected, the alarm will sound and enemies will appear, but the player can still continue the mission as normal.

Once in the lab the researchers must not catch a glimpse of the cadets of Imperial Troopers will flood the place. Looking into the windows on the top level the player can spot a small box with a red light on the lower level: the alarm that needs to be destroyed before it is activated by the researchers.

Cadets use the computer terminal to sabotage Brionac.

It is best to stand in front of the alarm box so that the researchers can't trigger it. Once the researches have run away, the cadets can destroy the box, then finish off the researchers. One researcher drops an ID Card that allows access to the computer marked on the map. There is an SO to do this without the alarm being sound for a Sleipnir Tail weapon for Seven.

After that is done the cadets can return to the lower level of Warehouse RD-1, and head north to Warehouse RD-2 and its southern passage, which is just east of the cadets' starting location. When the conveyor belt is moving red beams block the path and the cadets must wait for them to shut off before they can cross. There is an SO to reach the Armor Development Lab undetected for an Elixir.

Armor Development Lab

This area also has an alarm box that needs to be destroyed. It is located on the upper level, below the windows. The cadets must head down to the left, then quickly to the right. The cadets must clear away the researchers, destroy the box, and finish off the researchers once the alarm is down. There is another ID Card to access the computer. There is an SO to do this without the alarm being sound for a Phoenix Down. After accessing the computer, the cadets can leave the room and head down the southwest path to Warehouse RD-3, then northeast to the Parameter Stabilization Lab. There is an SO to reach the lab undetected for an Elixir.

Parameter Stabilization Lab

The alarm box is located on the far side in front of the computer. Cater or Eight is a good choice for a player character here as they are speedy. The player should head for the alarm box without making any stops, stand in front it to dispatch the researchers, then take down the alarm, finish off the researchers, pick up the ID Card, and access the computer. There is an SO to do this without the alarm being sound for a Phoenix Pinion.

Afterward the player should return to Warehouse RD-3 and follow the yellow marker on the compass back to Warehouse RD-1, and go through the large door to the south to reach a safe zone, the Perimeter, with a recovery portal and a relic terminal. This area has an item on the ground (Hi-Potion).


When entering the next area after the safe zone, Corridor, the alarms set off summoning enemies, a Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Kleiman) among them. There is an SO to score Killsight on him for a Thorn Bow, a weapon for Trey.

Transport Route MA-1

Lieutenant Steiner

In the next area, Transport Route MA-1, a barricade blocks the path. It is best to hold off on accepting the special orders for this area, and wait in the corner until the western pathway opens. With the path open the cadets can take down the Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Steiner) at the end of the bridge, who is flanked by Supersoldiers, accepting the special order just before finishing him off to earn Silver Gloves.

Arsenal 61 and 68

The next large area, Arsenal 61, is partially blocked until the cadets defeat all of the enemies within, including a Heavy Gunners, Shock Troopers and Imperial Troopers. There is an SO to score a Killsight on a Shock Trooper for an Elixir.

Corporal Werner

Going through the next area, Arsenal 68, also meets RPG-155 Gunners, and reaches the gate that is removed by defeating the Commanding Officer (Corporal Werner). The area's SO is to take down seven enemies for a Fulgur Secundus, Vol. II.

The next area, Control Room 21, is a safe zone with a relic terminal and a recovery portal.

Transport Route MA-2

Nimbus appears on the bridge.

There are more Shock Troopers and Imperial Troopers here. Crossing the bridge at the end of this area will kill the party leader unless they have Reraise, so it is best to use a Phoenix Pinion or Rem's Undying Wish. If there is no means to apply Reraise, the player should switch to the weakest party member before crossing.

The area's SO is to harvest three phantoma for a Glacies Secunda, Vol. II.

Arsenal 71 and 105

Continuing through the next area, Arsenal 71, there are RPG-155 Gunners, Shock Troopers, and Imperial Troopers. There is an SO to take out the Shock Troopers with the active leader for a Ignis Secundus, Vol.II. By following the yellow marker the party eventually reaches the Commanding Officer (Sergeant Major Maximillian). There is an item in the northeast corner (Combat Ration). The party can either take out the Commanding Officer or continue into the next area, Arsenal 105, that has Martinets. A ranged cadet can make quick work of them. The area's SO is to take down three Martinets for an Auric Ring. There is an item (Power Core) between the conveyor belts moving weapons. The southwestern path leads to a safe zone, Sentinel Hanger, with a recovery portal and a relic terminal.

Sentinel Hanger

Soldiers rushing for the Colossi.

Before entering the hanger, the player should change the party leader to a ranged cadet. Trey is not the best choice as he is the slowest. When the cadets enter the next area a Colossus activates. The cadets must take it down, then immediately shoot the enemy to the right that is heading toward another Colossus on the west side. Shifting focus to the southwest corner spots another enemy that needs to be shot down quickly. Finally, in the southeast corner the cadets can defeat a Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Enriquez) before he reaches the Colossus. The imperials have Killsight so they die in one hit, but they are moving targets. There is an SO for preventing the Colossi from being activated for a Magnati weapon for King.

After taking them all down another Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Colonel Charlot) and his convoy of Imperial Troopers flood the room. It is best to ignore the troopers and focus on the CO, although there is an SO to score Killsight on three enemies for a Medical Kit.

Finishing off the CO spawns a relic terminal and a recovery portal. The player should drop all party members except for one ranged cadet to prepare for the upcoming boss battle.


Brionac battle.

The important part is knowing where Brionac going to attack to avoid these areas. That's why it's best to go into the battle solo because the AI-controlled cadets will likely die. Most of the time Brionac's attacks are avoided by moving to the entryway. After each attack the cadet can return to the room to avoid an attack on the entryway. It's good to pay attention to Moglin: when told to hide the player should head for the entryway.

If Brionac swings its arm downward, the following attack will sweep across in front of it. When the arm is pulled back, the cadet can move into the entryway to avoid it. There is a Breaksight opportunity immediately after.

When the Brionac's arms electrify the cadet should head back to the entryway and shoot down the Strikers flying out by locking on to them as they approach. They can be killed with Killsight. If Brionac lifts its left arm, the cadet should get into the entryway to avoid the arm slam. There is a Breaksight chance immediately after.

The area's SO is to defeat Brionac for Rubicante, a new Eidolon.



After defeating Brionac the cadets must face off against Nimbus. The goal is not to kill him, however, and the player can wait for him to leave, or let Nimbus kill the party, but this adds a casualty to the report card. There is an SO to hit him 30 times to earn Tiz's Prayer, that has Joker join as support personnel during missions. Ace may be a good cadet for this because he fires off many attacks fast and he is good at evasion.

Nimbus can turn invisible during which time he cannot be targeted. As soon as Nimbus spawns symbols appear on the ground and the attack that emits from them will kill the cadets. The player can alternate dodging left and right to avoid the symbols that appear above. If Nimbus moves to the other side of the room, the cadet should dodge away instead of left or right.

If Nimbus moves closer to the ground, he'll use an instant kill attack or spin two beams around his head. The player should get to either side of Nimbus and as far away from him as possible to avoid both attacks. After dodging for about four or five minutes Nimbus will leave. This completes the mission.


Gla. XXV – Operation MA Demolition

It became clear that the empire's new magitek armor would revolutionize the way the Crystal-States went to war. Hoping to prevent Milites from gaining the upper hand, Dominion Central Command devised a plan to dispatch a cadet task force to enemy territory and have it destroy the facility responsible for producing the new MA model.

With a little assistance from Dominion Intel, the cadets safely infiltrated the imperial capital, destroyed the prototype MA, and accomplished their mission. Their celebration was short-lived, however: only moments after completing the operation the cadets were met with a ferocious White Tiger l'Cie who nearly obliterated them. Fortunately, Concordia's Queen Andoria invoked the Pax Codex, forcing an armistice and allowing the cadets to escape death by the skin of their teeth.


Final Fantasy Type-0 Kōshiki Settei Shiryōshū Aku no Hishi has concept art for the location.


  • For this mission the cadets must cross a snowfield on magitek armor. This is also the opening scene for Final Fantasy VI. The magitek armor in Final Fantasy Type-0 allude to the magitek armor from Final Fantasy VI.