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Operation Dragon Slayer.

Operation Dragon Slayer (【ドラゴンスレイヤー】作戦, "Doragon Sureiyā" Sakusen?) is an Expert Trial of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0 which is simultaneously a regional dominance mission. The trial takes place on Gel. XVIII, its initial mission level is 45 and the number of participants allowed is 14. To start the trial the cadets must head for the Roshana Province.

Briefing Edit

Rubrum assumes its impressive numbers alone ensure it an astounding advantage in its invasion of Roshana Province. Unfortunately, Concordia is more than prepared: the kingdom deploys herd after herd of dragons to intercept the dominion army. Class Zero must eliminate these wyverns, which pose a grave threat to the campaign, and lead the dominion forces to victory.

Mission Briefing

The mission Edit

S-rank requirements Edit

Time: 21:00
Objectives: 12
Casualties: 0

Rewards Edit

Strategy Edit

Capturing Roshana

Defending the main camp.

The currently dormant Domain 1 is isolated from the rest of the enemy bases. The player should concentrate on Domain 3 that is deploying Petrifeyes, while Domain 4 sends out Wingverns. The player should vanquish the Petrifeyes and Wingverns until the dominion troops reach Domain 3, then hold off the monsters so the legionaries they can capture the domain. Next the player should return to the main camp, as Wingverns from the now active Domain 1 launch an attack on it.

The cadets must defend the main camp for one minute, allowing the player to command its Dominion 4. A Flyvern appears and the player should shoot it down. Once Dominion 4 is captured the dominion troops advance on Roshana, and once the town's energy barrier falls the cadets can invade it.

Invading Roshana

The cadets face elemental monsters in Roshana.

The cadets are met with Dracoknights and the elemental monsters they command. The objective is to harvest specific types of phantoma: first two of an elemental type, then three of another and lastly, four of the third elemental type. If enemies in an area run out, the player should move onto the next. After harvesting the correct types of phantoma, the cadets must take down a few specific monsters to conquer the town. The elemental monsters include Gateau Shockalot, Crème Brûlée, Blancmange, Cryonade, Pyronade, and Galvanade. Petrifeyes also appear.

Capturing Rama

Dominion 5 under attack.

The player should advance towards Domain 5. The Flyvern returns making its way to the dominion main camp, so the player should drive it off. If the player fails to kill it, it will fly to defend Rama and stay outside the town where the player can get it. The player should aid the dominion troops capturing Domain 5 by vanquishing Rama's Cragpaces. With Rama's energy barrier down, the cadets can invade it.

Invading Rama


The first area has Dracoknights. After taking care of them the cadets should move on until they come to an energy wall. To remove it the cadets must defeat the Wingvern, and afterward the Demonicorn to move on to the next area that has more Dracoknights, as well as Pyronades and Cryonades. Halfway through Moglin tasks the cadets with tracking down a spy found hiding in the first area. He is not marked on the minimap, so the cadets must scour the area until he shows. A ranged cadet can kill him even from the other side of a bridge.

Still in the second area, if the cadets didn't progress far enough, they will encounter another Wingvern. Bringing it down and moving onto the third area the cadets will fight a Behemash. Defeating it completes the trial.

Rubicus Edit

Gel. XVIII – Operation Dragon Slayer

Although they were forced to retreat from Roshana in spite of their superior strength, the dominion legions refused to give in. Initiating Operation Dragon Slayer, Rubrum's army regrouped on the kingdom-dominion border and mounted another assault. The dominion maintained the advantage in terms of sheer firepower, but the royal forces were prepared to intercept. Eager to eliminate the invaders once and for all, the kingdom deployed its dragon squadrons to meet the dominion assault. The legions struggled against the kingdom's wyverns, but they ultimately succeeded in pushing back the dragons with magic and military might, and the dominion successfully absorbed Roshana into its territory.

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