Type0 wiki icon Machina's Struggle (マキナの戦い, Makina no Tatakai?) is the Code Crimson mission of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0 and replaces Capturing the Imperial Capital if chosen. The mission takes place on Cae. VI, its initial mission level is 36 and the only allowed participant is Machina.

During this mission, Machina is in l'Cie Mode and thus cannot summon Eidolons or use Magic, but uniquely gains auto-Haste, boosting his movement speed. Furthermore, Special Orders—called Will of the Crystal during this mission—are compulsory during the mission and will activate even if SOs were initially deactivated.

Briefing Edit

Amidst the dominion's invasion of the imperial capital, Machina—newly branded as a White Tiger l'Cie—aimlessly wanders the streets of Ingram. Just then... (Machina cannot summon Eidolons during this solo mission.)
—Mission Briefing

The mission Edit

S-rank requirements Edit

Time: 15:00
Phantoma: 20
Casualties: 0

Rewards Edit

  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the Thunder BOM-II spell.
  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Gemini Ring at the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Dreadnaughts at the Armory shop.

Strategy Edit

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Rubicus Edit

Cae. VI – Machina's Struggle

Having turned the tables on the once-omnipotent Militesi Empire, the dominion legions easily overpowered the imperial forces with their overwhelming numbers. The dominion army was on the verge of seizing the imperial capital of Ingram when it encountered the last remaining White Tiger l'Cie, Incognitus. Unable to withstand his incredible power, the legions and cadets fell like flies. Not even their Eidolons could hold back the oncoming l'Cie, and Incognitus made quick work of Rubrum's beasts of war.

The White Tiger l'Cie was last seen heading toward imperial headquarters. Dominion Central Command has received no reported sightings of Incognitus in the field since then.

Trivia Edit

  • The SOs during this mission are called Will of the Crystal referring to the Focus given to a l'Cie by the Crystals.
  • This is the only mission during which Machina enters compulsory l'Cie Mode—even if not yet unlocked.
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