The battle ground from the above.

It's a seesaw struggle out here! Time to break this deadlock, kupo!


Expelling the Empire (朱雀方面軍の崩壊, Suzaku Hōmen Gun no Hōkai?, lit. Collapse by the Suzaku Army) is the first Expert Trial in Final Fantasy Type-0 that is a regional dominance mission. It takes place on Gla. XIX, its initial mission level is 36 and has no limitations to the pool of participants.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Determining that maintaining control of Iscah—home of its occupation headquarters in Rubrum—is its highest priority, the imperial army calls for reinforcements and employs staggering firepower to mount a preemptive strike against the dominion. Class Zero must go to the Iscah Region and lead the dominion forces to victory in this large-scale invasion.

Mission Briefing

The mission[edit | edit source]

S-rank requirements[edit | edit source]

Time: 21:00
Objectives: 8
Casualties: 0

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the Eidolon Gigas.
  • (HD)Completing the mission on Agito difficulty awards Growth Egg.
  • (HD)Completing the mission on Finis difficulty awards Mog's Lucky Charm.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The mission's start.

Capturing Rokol

The player should head to Domain 1 to clear the enemies attacking it, including the Mid-Sized Carrier. After the timer expires dominion troops emerge from Domain 1 allowing the player to pursue the Autoturret atop the nearby plateau. A ranged cadet like Trey can hit it easily.

The player gains control of the troops for Domain 1 and 2, and should direct 2's troops to Rokol to bring down its energy wall, allowing the cadets to invade.

The cadets face against imperial officers in Rokol.

The cadets will encounter Imperial Troopers, a Striker and Shock Troopers in the first area. The second area, the Town Square, has an Imperial Officer commanding officer (Major Morgan) and Heavy Gunners. A dead legionary or two on the ground have Knowing Tags. Killing the CO first has the others surrender, and surrendered Heavy Gunners sometimes give ATK Enhancers.

The third area, Angular Alley, has a Striker Transport, more Imperial Troopers and a Supersoldier commanding officer (Second Lieutenant Balto). The final area, Town Hall, has Imperial Officer CO (Major General McGowan) running away, leading to encountering more Imperial Troopers, a Prometheus and Supersoldiers. Defeating the CO conquers the town.

Capturing Limbo

The wave of Colossi from Limbo.

Two Mid-Sized Carriers emerge out of Limbo to attack Rokol and Domain 1. The cadets must shoot them down, then concentrate on getting Domain 3 under control. Next, the cadets must cut through the wave of Colossi emerging from Limbo to get dominion troops to the stronghold so they can bring down its energy wall allowing for the cadets to invade it.

Nymurod at the ramparts.

The first area, Stronghold Ramparts, has Nymurods and Imperial Troopers with the fuel tanks near the wall of the compound. Taking out the Nymurods opens the gate to the final area, Main Gate, where a lone Supersoldier commanding officer (Colonel Kinburn) emerges after a while. Defeating him completes the mission.

Rubicus[edit | edit source]

Gla. XIX – Expelling the Empire

The dominion army deployed newly mobilized troops to its recently acquired base at Iscah. The legions grew more formidable with every passing day.

Meanwhile, having lost its occupation headquarters in Rubrum, the imperial army feared it might be driven out of the dominion. Militesi officials in the region sent a request for reinforcements to imperial headquarters in Ingram, and the empire, too, gradually began to gather strength.

The empire managed to land the first strike against the legions at Iscah, but imperial forces failed to capture the base they so coveted. Instead, after a long and arduous battle, the empire met with a Vermilion counteroffensive, and Limbo Stronghold fell to the dominion. Imperial troops mounted a retreat from the Iscah Region, and Rubrum claimed victory.

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