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If we stay here, we’ll suffer the same fate. Let’s move on!


Escaping the Imperial Capital (帝都脱出作戦, Teito Dasshutsu Sakusen?) is a storyline mission in Chapter 4 of Final Fantasy Type-0. It takes place on Gla. XXVIII, its initial mission level is 23 and has no limitation regarding the pool of participants. After the cadets are ambushed in Hotel Armada, they must flee the city.

Briefing Edit

Queen Andoria of Concordia invokes the Fabula Pact, and the Three Crystal-States enter into an armistice. However, while awaiting further orders from Rubrum, Class Zero is ambushed by imperial troops. With no one to rely on but each other, the cadets must break through the Militesi cordon and escape from Ingram.

Mission Briefing

The mission Edit

S-rank Requirements Edit

Time: 25:00
Phantoma: 90
Casualties: 0

Rewards Edit

  • Completing this mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the Thunder ROK spell.
  • Completing this mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Mega-Ether at the Orderly shop.
  • Completing this mission on Finis difficulty unlocks Blade Barrier at the Armory shop.

Special Orders Edit

Here is a list of unique special orders for this mission.

Area Objective Time Limit Effect Reward
Grand Foyer Procure two Hotel Guest Registers 2:00 Haste 0:45 Elixir
Hotel Armada Defeat enemy commander with your active leader 2:00 Protect 0:45 Vitality Apparatus
District 0709 Acquisition Challenge: Harvest three phantoma 2:00 Haste 0:45 Elixir
District 0711 Take down one mid-sized carrier using your active leader 5:00 Freecast 1:00 Magic: Blizzard ROK-II
District 0714 Combat Trial: Score three Breaksight strikes on a Colossus 4:00 Protect 0:45 Rune Rapiers
District 0723 Acquisition Challenge: Collect three items located in this area 4:00 Haste 0:45 Elixir
District 0724 Monitor the freak Akkad 1:00 Regen 0:45 Platinum Piccolo
District 0725 Acquisition Challenge: Harvest three phantoma 2:00 Invincible 0:30 Phoenix Down
District 0726 Score a Killsight strike on one Imperial Trooper using your active leader 2:00 Aura 0:30 Elixir
District 0726 Defeat the enemy commander with your active leader 5:00 Aura 1:00 Megalixir
District 0726 Casting Exam: Strike the freak Akkad with three spells 5:00 Haste 1:00 Phoenix Pinion
District 0726 Combat Trial: Score three Breaksight strikes on the freak Akkad 5:00 Invincible 1:00 Buster Hammer
District 0726 Defeat the freak Akkad using your active leader 99:59 Haste 1:00 Ribbon
District 0728 Acquisition Challenge: Collect three items located in this area 4:00 Freecast 1:00 Stormwyrm Amulet
District 0730 Acquisition Challenge: Collect three items located in this area 2:00 Haste 0:45 Rune Daggers
Tiger Liner 703A Take down three imperial troopers using your active leader 2:00 Protect 1:00 Icewyrm Amulet
District 3348 Score Killsight strikes on two imperial troopers using your active leader 2:00 Protect 0:30 Firewyrm Amulet
District 3350 Evasion Drill: Avoid taking any damage 1:00 Haste 1:00 Argentic Ring
A-13 Building Attack Vajra until it escapes 7:00 Endure 1:00 Fulgur Essentia
A-13 Building 2F Combat Trial: Score two Breaksight strikes on the snow giant 2:00 Endure 0:45 Gold Bracelet
Underground Storeroom Defeat two snow giants using your active leader 1:30 Aura 0:30 Magic: Thunder ROK-II
Supply Route Acquisition Challenge: Collect two items located in this area 4:00 Invincible 0:30 Rune Saber
Elevator Lobby Combat Trial: Score two Breaksight strikes on the behemoth 2:00 Protect 0:30 Ignis Tertius, Vol. II
Elevator Lobby Defeat the behemoth using your active leader 0:30 Aura 1:00 Feathered Cap
Emergency Stairs Acquisition Challenge: Harvest three phantoma 2:00 Haste 1:00 Aegis Secunda, Vol. II
Emergency Stairs Performance Evaluation: Attack Vajra until it retreats 7:00 Quick 1:00 Elixir
District 3352 Performance Evaluation: Use fuel tank to damage an enemy 1:00 Quick 1:00 U1-Shock Damper
District 3352 Acquisition Challenge: Collect two items located in this area 3:00 Regen 1:00 Elixir
District 3361 Take down two missiles 8:00 Haste 1:00 Silver Gloves
District 3361 Land 30 hits on Vajra 3:00 Quick 1:00 Silver Bangle

Strategy Edit

Hotel Armada

The lobby safe zone.

After getting through the Imperial Troopers and RPG-155 Gunners in the Grand Foyer, the energy wall drops and the special order for the area appears. The Guest Registers needed for the SO are by the computers at the front desk in the next room. Completing the order yields an Elixir. The cadets can now enter the safe zone ahead, Hotel Entrance, with a relic terminal and a recovery portal. Selecting a ranged cadet here is useful to take down the imperial soldiers atop the trucks.

Streets of Ingram

It is snowing outside with more RPG-155 Gunners and Imperial Troopers in wait as well as a Shock Trooper Commanding Officer (Corporal Evans). Completing the SO for killing the officer earns a Vitality Apparatus. In District 0709 there are more Shock Troopers and an enemy leader, Piett, who will escape even if his HP is depleted to zero. The SO for the area is to harvest three phantoma, and doing so earns an Elixir.


Battling Mid-sized Carrier.

For the SO in District 0711, the player can use a ranged cadet to take down the Mid-sized Carrier yielding the spell Blizzard ROK-II. After downing it and the remaining Imperial Troopers, a Commanding Officer (Second Lieutenant Davis) spawns. Defeating him opens the gate to the north.

In District 0714 there is a Colossus. The best course of action is to use a melee cadet to bait the Colossus into attacking, stand in front of it and wait for it to raise its arms, then dodging to its backside to avoid the attack initiating a Breaksight strike chance. There is an SO to strike Breaksight on a Colossus in this area thrice for Rune Rapiers, a weapon for Machina.

Defeating the Colossus opens the gate to the other side of the district. Once there, a Colossus Commanding Officer (Captain Frost) spawns. Defeating him gains access to the underground safe zone ahead with a relic terminal and a recovery portal.


In District 0722 imperial swarm out of the train car, and heading to the north side spawns the Commanding Officer (Second Lieutenant Dawson). If the cadets take him out they can make their way into District 0723 without having to spend too much time on the other soldiers.

In District 0723 the cadets need to collect three Army Notebooks for an SO located on the far west side, one in the center path near the middle (on the left side) and one in the southeast corner, yielding an Elixir. The cadets can next defeat the Colossus Commanding Officer (Major Randolph), and head to the north exit to District 0724.


Akkad appears.

Supersoldier Akkad approaches the party here and the player must put up with him for the remainder of the tunnel portion. He can be killed, and if the player does so, they get a background entry on him to the Rubicus and some low-grade phantoma. There is also an SO for killing him. Because killing Akkad is such an ordeal that will decimate the party's mission rank, it is likely better to try him on later when re-doing the mission. For the SO to monitor him, it is best to not even bother locking on to Akkad, and just run to the other side of the area when he approaches, as he is slow-moving. Completing the SO of "monitoring" Akkad for a time earns a Platinum Piccolo weapon for Deuce.

In District 0725 the cadets need to the defeat of the Commanding Officer (Warrant Officer Raymont). To do the SOs the player also needs to take out at least two of the imperial soldiers before engaging the officer to harvest enough phantoma. Doing the SO earns a Phoenix Down. In District 0726 the player needs to score a Killsight strike on an Imperial Trooper for the SO. The player needs to do this quickly because there aren't many troopers and Akkad is still following the party. There is also a Colossus in the area. Completing the SO yields an Elixir.

The Commanding Officer (Captain Norman) in District 0727 flees as soon as the cadets enter. The best bet is to attack him immediately for the a key card he drops, but if he escapes, the cadets can track him down by returning to District 0726 that now has a Colossus Commanding Officer (Lieutenant McKean). It may be worth returning here even if the cadets already got the keycard, as the SO reward for killing the Colossus Officer yields a Megalixir.

Defeating the Officer gives access to District 0728, and opens up another SO: to strike Akkad with spells three times. Akkad is immune to magic but striking him thrice with spells completes the SO and yields a Phoenix Pinion. If the cadets keep fighting him further, another SO appears that asks for three Breaksight strikes on Akkad, yielding a Buster Hammer for Cinque. Finally, an SO appears to kill Akkad with the party leader to earn a Ribbon.

If the cadets didn't finish off the Commanding Officer (captain Norman) before, he is found running up the ramp ahead when entering District 0728. Finishing him off obtains the Gate Key. At the end of the ramp the cadets can find an item, the Railway Map, and another one from the ground level of the area. If the player completes the SO to collect all the maps they earn a Stormwyrm Armlet. With the Gate Key in hand the cadets should return to District 0727 that has a panel to use the card in to enter a safe zone with a relic terminal and a recovery portal.


Formation Chart location.

As soon as the player leaves the safe zone for District 0730, a timer begins counting down representing when the train will leave. The cadets are faced with Imperial Troopers and get an SO to collect three Formation Charts. One is on the crates to the right on the level where the cadets entered. Following the path the party runs into Akkad again, unless they killed him earlier. Going down the ramp and continuing on, there is another Formation Chart on a box hidden in a corner. Continuing onward, there is another box at the end of a yellow line that has the third item. Completing the SO earns Rune Daggers for Rem.

The party must take down the Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Neill) and board the train in under three minutes. Akkad can be ignored to focus on the Commanding Officer. As soon as he's down, the cadets should follow the yellow marker on the compass to the train.

Tiger Liner 703A

The cadets ride atop a train.

This area is not a typical safe zone, even if it has a relic terminal and a recovery portal. The player mustn't move too far into the room, just use the terminal. Descending the ramp has the cadets attacked by Imperial Troopers and Airborne Troopers. A ranged cadet has an easier time dealing with the aerial troops. Once the enemies are taken care of, the cadets can head north, and knock down the ramp onto the train to the right. Going to the south end of the train first finds an item (HP Enhancer).

Heading north, an SO to take down three imperial troops with the active leader will appear. Completing it earns an Icewyrm Armlet. The cadets must knock down the second ramp to find two more enemies. There's an item to the far north of the train (First Aid Kit/Fortified Ration). If the player wants to pick it up, they must not kill the last two enemies immediately.

Streets of Ingram

The cadets end up on a train station with a relic terminal and a recovery portal in District 3348. The cadets must take out the Imperial Troopers on the stairs leading up. When the shield drops the player must head north to engage more Imperial Troopers arriving on trucks. There is an SO strike Killsight on two troops for a Firewyrm Amulet. Finishing the troopers off removes the gate to the northeast with another Imperial Trooper and a Commanding Officer (Second Lieutenant Allan) waiting on the other side. It is best to focus on the Commanding Officer to get the MPV-A1 Truck Key from a surrendered trooper, then use it to open the truck closest to the gate to get a Hi-Potion a key to the other truck, that reveals a fleeing Piett who cannot be targeted.

As soon as the cadets enter District 3349 they to face off against two Militesi Coeurls and an Imperial Trooper. Taking them out spawns two more Troopers. Approaching the western gate finds a Commanding Officer (Captain Haley) that is a flying trooper. Defeating him yields a key to the truck near the entrance that yields a Support Serum.


Vajra destroys a roadside truck.

There's a barricade blocking off the north side of District 3350 and from here on out the party must deal with the scorpion-like Vajra magitek armor that jumps high and attacks quickly. A ranged cadet can stay as far away as possible and attack from a distance, then slide under it when Vajra gets too close. After inflicting enough damage Vajra climbs away and the area's SO appears. Staying in the corner near the entrance to remain out of Vajra's reach, the player can complete the special order to avoid taking damage for an Argentic Ring.

To head to the north side the player can move behind the truck in the barricade and wait for Vajra to attack, clearing out the truck. Heading north to the next truck on the right side of the barricade, the process can be repeated. Afterward, the cadets can head into the passage to the right.

A-13 Building

A ranged cadet can attack Vajra through the opening in the wall until it climbs to the second floor. The cadets can head to the rubble but stick to the right side to avoid attacks. There is an SO to keep attacking until Vajra retreats for a Fulgur Essentia. When Vajra takes off, the cadets should head through the door into the safe zone with a relic terminal and a recovery portal.


Snow Giant attacks.

In A-13 Building 2F the approaching the end of the hall spawns a Snow Giant. A ranged cadet works well against it by keep distance and attacking as the Snow Giant approaches. When it gets too close, the player can slide past it. There is an SO to strike Breaksight on the giant twice to earn a Gold Bracelet. After finishing it off the cadets should make their way through the first opening on the left instead of following the yellow marker on the compass.

In the A-13 Building Basement the cadets should kill the Bat Eyes to drop the energy shield blocking the way to the northeast that leads into the Underground Storeroom that has two Snow Giants with room to move around and avoid their attacks. The area's SO is to kill the Snow Giants with the active leader, yielding Thunder ROK-II.

After defeating the Snow Giants the cadets can the check every corner of the room to find three Support Serums, then return to A-13 Building 2F and continue through the northern passage to the Supply Route.

The Supply Route has more Evil Eyes and taking them out lowers the energy shield blocking the path. For the area's SO, the first Supply List is in the first room after entering the area, and the second is in front of the second energy shield, between the two boxes. Completing the SO earns a Rune Saber weapon for Queen.

In the Elevator Lobby it is best to use the party's most damaging cadet to engage the Behemoth and stay behind it to avoid most of its attacks. When its tail begins to raise, the player should dodge backward to avoid the following attack. There is an SO to strike two Breaksights on the Behemoth for an Ignis Tertius, Vol. II, after which an SO for killing the Behemoth appears, yielding a Feathered Cap. Killing the Behemoth spawns Piett, an imperial soldier. Killing him earns a Hi-Potion. The next area is a safe zone, the rooftop.

Approaching the energy shield in the Emergency Stairs incites Vajra's attack. The SO here is to harvest three phantoma, and doing so earns an Aegis Secunda, Vol. II. When Vajra attacks, an SO appears where driving it away earns an Elixir. A ranged cadet can attack it when it is holding onto a side of a far-off building. After it leaves, the cadets can descend the stairs to fight more Imperial Troopers, and then head into District 3352.

Streets of Ingram

In District 3352 the cadets should take out the two Supersoldiers to remove the energy shield, then head to the west side to take on two Colossi, one of being being a Commanding Officer (Major Tovay). There is also a recovery portal here. It is best to move around to avoid getting stuck between them. For the SO, the player must lock-on to the fuel tank on the left and wait for the Colossus to get close to it before detonating the tank, preferably with a ranged attack, earning an U1-Shock Damper. Completing the SO receives another one that requires obtaining the key from the Commanding Officer and picking up the items from each truck, earning an Elixir. The cadets can now head into the safe zone preceding the mission's final boss.


Vajra defeated.

A ranged cadet works best. Vajra moves faster than before, but is otherwise the same. The player should focus on hitting its Breaksight and it won't take many to finish it off. Vajra can heal itself by locking onto the fuelling spots on the walls and electrify itself and deal damage to cadets who get close. There are SOs in this area to take down two missiles and to land 30 hits on Vajra to earn Silver Gloves and Silver Bangle. Defeating Vajra completes the mission.

Rubicus Edit

Gla. XXVIII – Escaping the Imperial Capital

The leaders of Orience's four Crystal-States convened at the imperial capital of Ingram for armistice talks, but all discussions of peace came to an abrupt close when Queen Andoria of Concordia was suddenly assassinated.

Troubled by this news, the Consortium of Eight determined the ceasefire was effectively over, and that war against the empire would resume immediately. Without a moment to lose, the chancellor and his entourage began their retreat to the dominion.

Unfortunately, dominion officials were unable to make contact with all units stationed in imperial territory, and some legionaries only discovered the ceasefire had ended after the empire initiated their assault anew. Those units that managed to survive still suffered severe casualties as they fought their way through enemy lines and staggered back to Akademeia.

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