Class Zero cadets destroying the dragon egg.

Dominating the Dragon's Nest (竜の巣を殲滅せよ, Ryū no Su wo Senmetsuseyo?) is the final Expert Trial of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0 which is directed against the Kingdom of Concordia. It takes place on Cae. I, its initial mission level is 51 and there are no limitations to the number of participants.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

As part of their demilitarization of Concordia, Rubrum dispatches a unit to the Dragon's Nest to stop the natives from breeding more dragons. However, the dominion troops meet fierce resistance from the local forces. Upon hearing the news, Central Command decides to send an autonomous cadet unit to handle the situation. Class Zero's mission is to suppress the uprising and occupy the Dragon's Nest.

Mission Briefing

The mission[edit | edit source]

S-rank requirements[edit | edit source]

Time: 30:00
Phantoma: 135
Casualties: 3

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the Eidolon Astaroth.
  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks Diamond Shield at the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty unlocks the spell Holy.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Rubicus[edit | edit source]

Cae. I – Dominating the Dragon's Nest

As part of their continuing efforts to disarm Concordia, Rubrum decided to eliminate the kingdom's greatest source of military power: their wyverns. Dominion Central Command dispatched several units to the Dragon's Nest, but the legions met with a fierce counteroffensive from the local forces.

Begrudgingly acknowledging the legions stood no chance against the wyverns, the commandant deployed a cadet task force to suppress the resistance movement and secure the Dragon's Nest. The formidable royal army put up an admirable fight, but they were no match for Class Zero, and the Dragon's Nest fell to the dominion. Unable to breed wyverns to strengthen their forces, Concordia had lost all hope of recovery.

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