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Class Zero being deployed by airship.

This is it! All that is left is to invade and seize the imperial capital, kupo!


Capturing the Imperial Capital (帝都攻略作戦, Teito Kōryaku Sakusen?) is the second storyline mission of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0. It takes place on Cae. VI, its initial mission level is 36 and—except for Machina—all members of Class Zero may participate.


Having lost over half of their forces at Azurr, Milites is unable to prevent Rubrum from invading the imperial capital of Ingram. Imperial forces in the city refuse to submit, however, and they greet dominion troops with fierce resistance. With dominion casualties mounting at a staggering rate, Central Command dispatches Class Zero to the imperial capital via airship.

Mission Briefing

The mission[]

S-rank requirements[]

Time: 01:00
Phantoma: 0
Casualties: 0



Gabriel Omega downed.

This mission comprises only the battle against General Qator Bashtar's new, upgraded Magitek Armor, called Gabriel Omega. It moves faster and its attacks are stronger, but functions otherwise exactly like the Gabriel Class Zero encountered at The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold. Once a Breaksight strike is landed, the MA will collapse and offer several, continuous Breaksight strike chances until reactivating. Destroying Gabriel Omega completes the mission.

A sequence of special orders requires Class Zero to use an attack of a given element on Bashtar within 15 seconds of accepting the order: the order for a Fire-elemental attack rewards a Blaze Armlet; the one for a Lightning-elemental attack rewards a Thunderbolt Armlet; and the one for an Ice-elemental attack rewards an Artic Armlet. There is also a special order to land thirty hits within five minutes, rewarding a Ribbon, and one to refrain from using magic for five minutes, rewarding a Wildfire Spear for Nine. These special orders are dispatched at random.


Cae. VI – Capturing the Imperial Capital

Having lost the greater half of its military in the battle of Azurr, the imperial army sought to defend the capital by mobilizing its reserves, but its numbers were too small to stave off the invading dominion legions. Rubrum's army easily overtook the Militesi camps surrounding Ingram and continued its advance with the tide of battle in its favor.

Once inside the capital city, however, the dominion legions were faced with a fierce imperial resistance. Casualties increased rapidly, and the dominion advance halted just outside imperial headquarters, every unit having suffered crippling losses. Unlike its opponents, though, the dominion still had a formidable reserve force waiting in the wings. Dominion Central Command began deploying reinforcements by the squad, completely overwhelming the empire. Imperial HQ fell to the dominion legions, and the Militesi Empire had no choice but to surrender.