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A Charge on the Border (国境への進撃, Kokkyō e no Shingeki?) is an Expert Trial available in Chapter 5. It takes place on Ter. XXVIII, 842 and its mission level is 38. This is a regional dominance mission on the Meroë Region.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

The dominion army is on the march to retake all territory up to its original border--Big Bridge's eastern bank. To capture the eastern bank, however, the dominion must take out the empire's newly constructed Renown Base. Class Zero must head to the Meroë Region and lead the dominion forces to victory in this large-scale invasion.


The mission[edit | edit source]

S-rank requirements[edit | edit source]

Time: 21:00
Objectives: 10
Casualties: 0

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

There will be aerial units so the player should ensure they can take them on by playing as a ranged cadet or by having ranged magic.

Neutralizing the energy barrier at Alerion

Fighting a Mid-sized Carrier.

The first objective is to capture Domain 1 that is sending out Warriors. There is an Autoturret next to the stronghold, so it is best to eliminate that first. After taking over Domain 1, a Mid-sized Carrier will approach Domain 2. The player should destroy it and concentrate on defending Domain 2 and destroy another Autoturret in the woods. After gaining control over Domain 2's troops the player can issue out a special unit, the Ryo Unit, and neutralize the energy barrier at Alerion and then head inside to invade it.

Invading Alerion

Deactvating an antenna.

A five-minute timer sets the time limit for the cadets' objective: deactivate the base's antennae to halt the enemy's communication. In the first area the cadets are opposed by Imperial Troopers, some of which are in the towers, as well as Supersoldiers and a Nymurod. The antenna is in the corner, and the cadet must deactivate it by interacting with in and then staying within the colored radius until it is neutralized.

The second area, Depot, has Heavy Gunners, Imperial Troopers and Militesi Coeurls, with the antenna on top of the crates. In the third area, Makeshift HQ, the cadets must fight more Imperial Troopers and Supersoldiers. There will be two antennae to deactivate, after which an Imperial Officer (Major Barbizon) spawns. The cadets can ignore the Panjandrums and focus on the officer to take over the stronghold. If the Panjandrums surround the player Blizzard BOM is good for taking them all out at once, but they will keep respawning as long as the officer is around.

Neutralizing the energy barrier at Renown

The dominion advancing on Renown.

Domain 4 and Renown are left. Another Mid-Sized Carrier shows up alongside Imperial Dreadnaught. The player should ignore the dreadnought and down the Carrier. The Dreadnaught will take over one of dominion's domains, then fly off. The Mid-sized Carrier will attack Dominion 3, then head for Alerion.

Renown is deploying Helldivers and might retake Domain 4 if the player already took it, turning their attention to Alerion. The player should go to Domain 2 and direct the dominion troops to Domain 1 to recapture it after it was taken by the Dreadnought. The player should take Dominion 4, then intercept the Helldivers from Renown. The player can capture Renown and when the energy barrier falls, invade it.

Invading Renown

The cadets simply need to clear out the enemies in Renown. The first area has Imperial Troopers and Prometheuses. The next area, Depot, has Imperial Troopers, a Striker, Heavy Gunners, and a Commanding Officer (Second Lieutenant Jacobs). The third area, Living Quarters, has a Supersoldier officer (Lieutenant Matthews), and Strikers behind the barriers, as well as the RPG-155 Gunners in the towers and Imperial Troopers on the ground. The last area, Central Depot, has Heavy Gunners in the towers and on the ground, as well as Imperial Troopers atop the crates. Defeating the Commanding Officer (Major Weber) completes the trial.

Rubicus[edit | edit source]

Ter. XXVIII – A Charge on the Border

Meroë was precariously positioned on Rubrum's border with Milites. Now that it had successfully established a base in the region, the dominion hoped to reclaim all land extending to what had been its western border at the onset of war: the east bank of Big Bridge. Central Command mobilized the legions accordingly and set the campaign in motion.

The goal of the operation was to seize Renown Hill, which overlooked the entire western border. However, the empire had already established a stronghold at Renown, and so the dominion had no choice but to eliminate every imperial base along the east bank in order to secure the hill.

Surprisingly, the empire put up very little resistance to the dominion offensive. The imperial army was already rallying its forces along the border in preparation for a simultaneous strike with Concordia, and any troops left on the east bank were nothing more than roadblocks meant to slow Rubrum's advance. Although the legions incurred some casualties, the dominion succeeded in seizing Renown Hill. After toppling one imperial base after another, Rubrum managed to restore its borders to their original state.

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