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Wings of the Goddess missions automatically start when the player first examines a Cavernous Maw in Rolanberry Fields, Batallia Downs or Sauromugue Champaign.

Wings of the Goddess missions are actually 4 distinct storylines that run parallel to one another. One is the main story arc (the official missions), and the other 3 are a storyline series of quests based on Bastok, Windurst and San d'Oria during the Crystal War. Players are required to progress through 1 of these nation quest lines (of their choice) in order to continue in the main story.

As mission completion unlocks the quests, and then vice versa, players will have to alternate between two storylines in order to finish both of them. The remaining 2 quest lines are entirely optional and can be taken on concurrently, left until after the missions have been completed, or not attempted at all.

The shorthand prefix given by players for Wings of the Goddess missions is WotG.


Main Storyline[]

Cavernous Maws[]

Are the hideous statues scattered across Quon and Mindartia the portals to a new chapter of adventure...?

Back to the Beginning[]

Hideous statues. Monstrous beasts. The otherworld that lies in between. Could this war-torn land you have been thrust into truly be the outskirts of Jeuno?

  • Mission Number: 2
  • Reward: Access to Campaign

Nation Questline[]

The Fighting Fourth[]

Deliver rations to the Eduard Watchtower in North Gustaberg.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 1
  • Reward: Sprinter's Shoes, Bronze Ribbon of Service ∮, access to Campaign Ops
  • Title: Fourth Division Soldier

Better Part of Valor[]

Deliver the clump of animal hair to a man named Engelhart.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 2
  • Reward: 10,000 gil, retain Brass Ribbon of Service ∮∮

Fires of Discontent[]

Chairman Pale Eagle is planning to fan the growing fire of Galkan anger into a full-scale uprising. Gather as much information you can.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 3
  • Reward: 10,000 gil, retain Allied Ribbon of Glory ∮∮∮∮

Steamed Rams[]

Recent sightings of an unidentified flying object have the Royal Knights perplexed. Venture out into East Ronfaure and collect three pieces of evidence that may assist the kingdom in its investigation.
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 1
  • Reward: Sprinter's Shoes, Bronze Ribbon of Service ∮, access to Campaign Ops
  • Title: Knight of the Iron Ram

Gifts of the Griffon[]

The Young Griffons have made good luck charms for their elders. Deliver the charms as your first duty to the order.
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 2
  • Reward: Deathstone, retain Brass Ribbon of Service ∮∮

Claws of the Griffon[]

Altennia has asked you to watch over the Young Griffons as they devise a reckless plan to eliminate the Orcish threat...
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 3
  • Reward: Angelstone, retain Allied Ribbon of Glory ∮∮∮∮
  • Notorious Monsters: Fingerfilcher Dradzad

Snakes on the Plains[]

Take a jar of Zonpa-Zippa's All-Purpose Putty to the stone towers in West Sarutabaruta, and repair any cracks you find in the doors.
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 1
  • Reward: Sprinter's Shoes, Bronze Ribbon of Service ∮, access to Campaign Ops
  • Title: Cobra Unit Mercenary

The Tigress Stirs[]

Volunteer mercenaries have arrived from Olzhirya just as Ajido-Marujido delivers news of a possible attack by an unseen breed of Yagudo. Bring Ajido the starfruit he buried somewhere in West Sarutabaruta.
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 2
  • Reward: Hi-Elixir, retain Brass Ribbon of Service ∮∮

The Tigress Strikes[]

The Mithra Mercenaries have set out towards Fort Karugo-Narugo to hunt down the Yagudo. You find yourself headed to the same destination in search of the impetuous young Ajido-Marujido...
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 3
  • Reward: Star Globe, retain Allied Ribbon of Glory ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Ajido-Marujido's Minder
  • Notorious Monsters: War Lynx

Main Storyline[]

Cait Sith[]

Beyond the cavernous maws lies the age of the Crystal War. You have agreed to aid Cait Sith in her attempt to lessen the pain inflicted in this time of strife.

  • Mission Number: 3
  • Reward: None
  • Title: Cait Sith's Assistant

Nation Questline[]

Light in the Darkness[]

Gentle Tiger has been tirelessly watching the entrance to the Metalworks. How did Pagdako manage to sneak past him...?
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 4
  • Reward: Adaman Ingot, retain Sterling Star ∮∮
  • Battlefields:
Light in the Darkness: Sapphire Quadav, Sapphirine Quadav x9

Burden of Suspicion[]

It appears Senator Werner had a secret mercenary force in his employ. What other clandestine plans will be uncovered as the investigation continues...?
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 5
  • Reward: Elixir, retain Golden Star ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Assistant Detective

Boy and the Beast[]

Klythios the Gigas has hurt his leg during an epic fish-off with Excenmille. Make haste and go gather the correct healing herb to treat the injury.
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 4
  • Reward: Carbon Fishing Rod, retain Sterling Star ∮∮

Wrath of the Griffon[]

Squire Altennia has been captured by Orcs, and is being held at their encampment in southern Jugner Forest. Rescue her before it's too late!
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 5
  • Reward: Military Scrip, retain Golden Star ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Fine Young Griffon
  • Notorious Monsters: Cobraclaw Buchzvotch

Knot Quite There[]

Koru-Moru has set off to Jeuno with an inexperienced Mithran escort. Romaa wants you to make sure they arrive safely.
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 4
  • Reward: Platinum Beastcoin, retain Sterling Star ∮∮

A Manifest Problem[]

After deciphering the Yagudo message, you return to Fort Karugo-Narugo to find the Tigresses missing. Fetch them back from Castle Oztroja before it's too late...
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 5
  • Reward: Mihgo Mithkabob, retain Golden Star ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Friend of Lehko Habhoka
  • Battlefields:
A Manifest Problem: Laa Yaku the Austere, Yagudo Priests, Yagudo Theologists, Yagudo Interrogators, Yagudo Heralds, Yagudo Votaries

Main Storyline[]

The Queen of the Dance[]

The famous Troupe Mayakov is set to put on a public show at Lion Springs Tavern in Southern San d'Oria. If only you had a ticket...

  • Mission Number: 4
  • Reward: None

While the Cat is Away[]

Summoned by his troops, Sir Ragelise, leader of the Knights of the Ironcrest Hawk, has headed for the castle with the ever-flamboyant Alexei Mayakov. In an intriguing aside, a most curious presence watches their every move, concealed in the nearby shadows...

  • Mission Number: 5
  • Reward: None

A Timeswept Butterfly[]

Still on the trail of the elusive Cait Sith, the unyielding Lilisette continues to claim she knows what the future holds in store. Amidst her crazed rantings, she has requested that you accompany her to La Vaule.

  • Mission Number: 6
  • Reward: None

Purple, The New Black[]

The Dark Kindred have begun a relentless assault of La Vaule. Assist Sir Haudrale and the Knights of the Madder Falcon in evacuating the helpless villagers to safety.

  • Mission Number: 7
  • Reward: None
  • Title: Traverser of Time
  • Battlefields:
Purple, The New Black: Galarhigg

In the Name of the Father[]

More motivated than ever, Lilisette continues to pursue Cait Sith, now in hopes of saving her father from a seemingly unavoidable end. To lure the regal feline, aid her in relieving the tears shed in the name of the Crystal War.

  • Mission Number: 8
  • Reward: None

Nation Questline[]

Storm on the Horizon[]

Senator Karst has left unescorted for a meeting with chairman Pale Eagle. You are to accompany Mythril Musketeer Volker to the rendezvous point and bear witness to the exchange between the two leaders.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 6
  • Reward: Icarus Wing, retain Iron Emblem of Service ∮∮

Fire in the Hole[]

Assist the Mythril Musketeer in their operation to destroy the siege turrets hidden inside the Ruhotz Silvermines.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 7
  • Reward: Republican Silver Medal, retain Holyknight Emblem ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Mythril Musketeer No. 6
  • Battlefields:
Fire in the Hole:Ancient Quadav x13, Gold Quadav x10, Iron Quadav x5, Magnes Quadav x5
Allies: Adelheid

Perils of the Griffon[]

As if the threat of disbandment was not enough, the Young Griffons must also fend off a determined Captain Rongelouts from confiscating their Orcish Warmachine. Assist them in the desperate defense of their base!
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 6
  • Reward: Elixir, retain Iron Emblem of Service ∮∮
  • Title: Knight of the Swiftwing Griffin

In a Haze of Glory[]

Despite heightened security, the Garlaige Citadel has been infiltrated by an unseen enemy who is emitting poisonous gas with brutal results. Amidst the confusion, zealous new captain, Rahal, has ventured off on his own. Find him and ensure he does not come to harm.
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 7
  • Reward: Fullmetal Bullet, retain Holyknight Emblem ∮∮∮∮
  • Battlefields:
In a Haze of Glory: Goblin Poisoners, Orcish Hexspinners, Orcish Footsoldiers, Effluvial Grenades, Virulent Flasks, Orcish Turret

When One Man Is Not Enough[]

The Mithran mercenary majors are feuding over exclusive rights to Lehko Habhoka who is now presumed to be hiding out in Sarutabaruta. Find and bring back the heartthrob before things get out of hand.
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 6
  • Reward: Red Rose x12, retain Iron Emblem of Service ∮∮

A Feast for Gnats[]

The Cobra Unit and the newly arrived Cheetah Volunteers have received orders to conduct a joint diversionary operation in Sauromugue Champaign. Participants are to convene on-location.
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 7
  • Reward: Ruby, retain Holyknight Emblem ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Jewel of the Cobra Unit
  • Battlefields:
A Feast for Gnats: Confederate Belfry, Zircon Quadav x3, Silver Quadav x3, Nickel Quadav x3, Gigas Trebucket x3, Gigas Flanker x2, Bo'Dho's Shieldwarriors
Allies: Romaa Mihgo, Cobra Mercenary x9

Main Storyline[]

Dancers In Distress[]

Alexei Mayakov is displeased with his two dancers, Lilisette and Portia, who are suspected to have once again skipped rehearsal to attend Sir Ragelise at the Chateau d'Oraguille.

  • Mission Number: 9
  • Reward: None

Daughter of a Knight[]

Could the mysterious object the Cait Siths were discussing be related in any way to the medicine Sir Ragelise used to take? The answer lies with Amaura, a resident of present-day Southern San d'Oria.

  • Mission Number: 10
  • Reward: None
  • Notorious Monsters: Cernunnos

A Spoonful of Sugar[]

Using the key ingredient you and Lilisette have laboriously acquired, Amaura was finally able to concoct the same medicine that Sir Ragelise used all those years ago. Deliver it to the ailing knight at the Chateau d'Oraguille without delay.

  • Mission Number: 11
  • Reward: None

Affairs of State[]

Jeunoan Ambassador, Nag'Molada, has delivered an unsettling news of the duchy's plan to surrender to the besieging beastmen force. Accompany Count Borel and Lilisette in their mission to entreat the aid of the other two nations.

  • Mission Number: 12
  • Reward: None

Borne by the Wind[]

Bastok and Windurst have both pledged reinforcements for Jeuno. Make all haste and deliver Count Borel's letter to the duchy before the unthinkable comes to pass.

  • Mission Number: 13
  • Reward: None

A Nation on the Brink[]

Despite Lilisette's repeated protests and the imminent arrival of reinforcements from the three nations, the surrender ceremony is set to take place in the depths of Jeuno's Underground. Will this be the end of the four-nation alliance...?

  • Mission Number: 14
  • Reward: Jeunoan Flag
  • Battlefields:
A Nation on the Brink: One-eyed Gwajboj, Orcish Gladiator x7, Orcish Hexspinner x 3, Nickel Quadav x7, Ruby Quadav x3, Yagudo Missionary x7, Yagudo Abbot x3
Allies: Romaa Mihgo, Rongelouts N Distaud, Zazarg, Cobra Mercenary x2, Iron Ram Knight x2, 7th Cohors Legionnaire x2

Crossroads of Time[]

Amidst scenes of horrendous devastation, Archduke Kam'lanaut makes an inspired victory declaration before all. Meanwhile, shrouded figures intently observe the unfolding of events from a vantage point...

  • Mission Number: 15
  • Reward: None

Nation Questline[]

Quelling The Storm[]

The notorious assassin Darksteel Hurricane has returned in full force to wreak havoc on the embattled Republic of Bastok. Assist the Mythril Musketeers to locate and apprehend the blood-thirsty criminal before more lives are lost.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 8
  • Reward: Goblin Belt, retain Mythril Wings of Service ∮∮

Honor Under Fire[]

A disconsolate Five Moons has departed for the Vunkerl Inlet, driven by the desire to attain closure over the death of his former hero and role model, Darksteel Hurricane. Follow your Mythril Musketeer comrade and offer him support in this time of need.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 9
  • Reward: Elixir Tank, retain Wings of Honor ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Detector of Deception
  • Battlefields:
Honor Under Fire: Arch Ahriman, Five Moons, Nicolaus, Volker

The Price of Valor[]

Bloodwing Horde military tactician, Zogbog, has made bold claims that he holds the key to nullifying Tavnazia's impenetrable defensive walls. Help the Swiftwing Griffons in their risk-ridden mission to uncover the nature of his latest plot.
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 8
  • Reward: Peiste Skin, retain Mythril Wings of Service ∮∮
  • Notorious Monsters: Madthrasher Zradbodd

Bonds That Never Die[]

Determined not to let Machegue's death be in vain, Excenmille has disobeyed his father's direct orders and embarked on a solitary mission to slay the behemoth. Follow him to Jugner Forest to ensure his safety!
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 9
  • Reward: Behemoth Horn, retain Wings of Honor ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Honorary Knight of the Cardinal Stag
  • Battlefields:
Bonds That Never Die: Young Behemoth

The Long March North[]

Battered but not beaten, the Windurstian army steels itself for a grueling march north. The first leg of the journey takes you to San d'Oria, where you and your Cobra companions will learn what trouble lies brewing on the Valdeaunian front.
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 8
  • Reward: Stellar Earring, retain Mythril Wings of Service ∮∮
  • Battlefields:
The Long March North: Count Furfur, Count Murmur x2, Tartalo x2

The Forbidden Path[]

In his secret laboratory deep beneath Windurst, the genius Karaha-Baruha pores over ancient tomes, that he might once again summon the Great Beast in his nation's time of need. Deliver what he seeks to Velda-Galda by the gate to Windurst Walls!
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 9
  • Reward: Stat Potion, retain Wings of Honor ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Karaha-Baruha's Research Assistant

Main Storyline[]

Sandswept Memories[]

A distraught Lilisette has darted off to the Lion Springs Tavern. Follow her and discover the reason behind her consternation.

  • Mission Number: 16
  • Reward: None

Northland Exposure[]

Ever the reliable source of information, Alexei Mayakov has revealed that suspicious individuals donning distinct purple livery have been sighted out in Valdeaunia. Keen to allay her anxiety over recent occurrences, Lilisette has resolved to pursue this new lead.

  • Mission Number: 17
  • Reward: None

Traitor in the Midst[]

Cait Sith Naoi is convinced a traitor walks among her kin. Unmasking the turncoat requires that you attach a "shadow bug" to each of the Cait Siths scattered throughout the Beaucedine Glacier.

  • Mission Number: 18
  • Reward: None

Betrayal At Beaucedine[]

A cait is on the move! What could the suspected traitor's intended destination be? There is only one way to find out!

On Thin Ice[]

In a dire turn of events, both Lilisette and Portia have fallen into the hands of the enemy. Take word of this unanticipated development to the convalescing Sir Ragelise at Chateau d'Oraguille.

  • Mission Number: 20
  • Reward: None

Proof of Valor[]

In order to join Vestillet and Noillurie's units on their mission to Valdeaunia, you must gather support in writing from Kingdom troops stationed within the city.

  • Mission Number: 21
  • Reward: None, Oxblood Orb, Foulard, Angel Skin Orb, Orichalcum Ingot, or Molybdenum Ingot (varies on number of signatures)

A Sanguinary Prelude[]

You have been granted permission to accompany the Madder Falcons and the Red Roses to the Northlands. Take advantage of this opportunity to unearth clues that may lead to the recovery of Lilisette and Portia.

  • Mission Number: 22
  • Reward: Aroma Bug

Dungeons and Dancers[]

Lilisette and Portia are being detained in a subterranean location somewhere beneath the Beaucedine Glacier. Your rescue effort begins with a search for the entrance underground.

  • Mission Number: 23
  • Reward: Umbra Bug
  • Battlefields:
Dungeons and Dancers: Giddy Bombs, Goblin Reavers

Distorter of Time[]

What shocking truth lies behind Cait Sith Ceithir's bold declaration that Atomos will choose the future? The answer must wait! Use the combined power of the surviving Cait Siths to stop the rampant Atomos!

  • Mission Number: 24
  • Reward: None
  • Battlefields:
Distorter of Time: Cait Sith Ceithir, Atomos
Allies: Lilisette

The Will of the World[]

Your victory over Cait Sith Ceithir and Atomos is soured as Portia remains in the hands of the portentous Lady Lilith and her Spitewardens. Once again, the unsavory task of breaking the news to Sir Ragelise has fallen to you and Lilisette.

  • Mission Number: 25
  • Reward: None
  • Title: Bestrider of Futures

Fate in Haze[]

With each memory devoured, the seed of a potential future is forever lost. What does fate hold in store for Vana'diel and its denizens?

  • Mission Number: 26
  • Reward: None

Nation Questline[]

Beneath the Mask[]

Disgraced by the actions of the traitorous Captain Klara, the Mythril Musketeers have been relegated to serve in penal detachments. The mood turns darker still with the news that Zeid has deserted the ranks. Travel to Beadeaux to learn what you can from his commanding officer.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 10
  • Reward: Super Reraiser, retain Starlight Medal ∮

What Price Loyalty[]

Apprehended in Beaucedine after deserting his unit, Zeid awaits punishment in a dark cell of Benedikt Watchtower. Can nothing be done to save him from his fate? At his friend Gentle Tiger's behest, you travel to North Gustaberg to offer your aid.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 11
  • Reward: Fourth Staff, retain Moonlight Medal ∮∮
  • Title: Presidential Protector
  • Battlefields:
What Price Loyalty: Klara

Songbirds in a Snowstorm[]

An immense beastman force seeks to strike at the sparsely manned rearguard of the northbound Allied expedition. You have been requested to join the Carmine Swallows on their mission to intercept the encroaching enemy host at Beaucedine.
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 10
  • Reward: Icarus Wing, retain Starlight Medal ∮
  • Notorious Monsters: Orcish Bloodletter

Blood of Heroes[]

Count Aurchiat lies dead, felled in an Orcish ambush that has left the Cardinal Stags severely weakened deep in the heart of enemy territory. The key to survival lies in a joint operation with the Iron Rams...
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 11
  • Reward: Ram Staff, retain Moonlight Medal ∮∮
  • Title: House Aurchiat Retainer
  • Battlefields:
Blood of Heroes: Kingslayer Doggvdegg, Gherrmoga, Bloodwing Maimer x4, Bloodwing Deathrainer x2
Allies: Excenmille

Sins of the Mothers[]

A state of emergency has been declared as the Shadow Lord's army marches inexorably toward the Federation. In the midst of the turmoil, Lehko Habhoka has summoned you to Heavens Tower with a task of particular import...
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 10
  • Reward: Kitty Rod, retain Starlight Medal ∮
  • Battlefields:
Sins of the Mothers: Aphotic Crab x8, Goblin Scrounger x5, Yagudo Kamari x7

Howl from the Heavens[]

As the battered Federation forces prepare to defend their city from the approaching hordes, the inscrutable Robel-Akbel schemes in his dark chambers. What terrible secrets lie behind his mask? Deliver the magicite he seeks, and long-sought truths just may be revealed...
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 11
  • Reward: Cobra Staff, retain Moonlight Medal ∮∮
  • Title: The Moon's Companion
  • Battlefields:
Howl from the Heavens: Yagudo Parivir x6, Giganotaur x3, Kindred Incantor x6, Blurry Eye x3
Allies: Romaa Mihgo

Main Storyline[]

The Scent of Battle[]

Sir Ragelise has entrusted you and Lilisette a role of great import in the Battle of Xarcabard. Attend the strategy meeting in Jeuno to learn the full details of your duty.

  • Mission Number: 27
  • Reward: None

Another World[]

In order to gain an advantage in the looming battle, Lilisette has proposed that you speak with someone who was directly involved in the campaign.

  • Mission Number: 28
  • Reward: None

A Hawk in Repose[]

Word has it that an unknown individual is often seen paying tribute to Sir Ragelise's grave out in Batallia Downs. Could it be that this man possesses the information you seek?

  • Mission Number: 29
  • Reward: None

The Battle of Xarcabard[]

Retired Allied Forces soldier Larzos has shared with you the strange incident that occurred during the storming of Castle Zvahl. Armed with this knowledge, take haste for Xarcabard!

  • Mission Number: 30
  • Reward: None

Prelude to a Storm[]

Operation Snowstorm has commenced! Sir Ragelise has given you the orders to deliver word to the other two nations' encampments; first Windurst, followed by Bastok.

  • Mission Number: 31
  • Reward: Elixir, Vile Elixir or Vile Elixir +1
  • Battlefields:
Prelude to a Storm: Orcish Brawlers, Orcish Troopers, Orcish Impalers, Old Quadavs, Sapphirine Quadavs, Emerald Quadavs, Yagudo Theologists, Yagudo Drummers, Yagudo Heralds, Arch Demon x3

Storm's Crescendo[]

With your assistance, the Federation has successfully carried out the operation's preliminary phase. You must now head to where the Republican army lies in wait.

  • Mission Number: 32
  • Reward: None
  • Battlefields:
Storm's Crescendo: Falxfang Tigers

Into the Beast's Maw[]

With Bastok's strategic blasting of the caverns, the groundwork has been set for Operation Snowstorm to commence in earnest. Hasten back to the San d'Orian encampment as they make ready to besiege Castle Zvahl.

  • Mission Number: 33
  • Reward: None
  • Battlefields:
Into the Beast's Maw: Count Bifrons, Orcish Mangler x2, Orcish Muscle x2

The Hunter Ensnared[]

Portia has been returned to safety, but the cost may prove to be dear. Unforeseen events have caused the operation to go awry. You must regroup with the Kingdom forces that remain outside the keep.

  • Mission Number: 34
  • Reward: None

Flight of the Lion[]

Operation Snowstorm has ended in failure, the Allied Forces nigh annihilated by those they sought to smite. The surviving troops have been ordered to withdraw to the Duchy.

  • Mission Number: 35
  • Reward: None

Fall of the Hawk[]

Cast out of both Kingdom and Alliance in disgrace, Sir Ragelise has disappeared with Portia in tow...but not before making known trepidation at the ominous vortex that appeared above Castle Zvahl.

  • Mission Number: 36
  • Reward: None

Darkness Descends[]

Your pursuit of Sir Ragelise and Portia has brought you back to the enemy stronghold. Seek them out before the unthinkable comes to pass!

  • Mission Number: 37
  • Reward: None
  • Title: Wanderer of Time
  • Battlefields:
Darkness Descends: Aquila, Haudrale
Allies: Lilisette

Adieu, Lilisette[]

Has the world made its choice? Is this the end of the future you have fought tooth and nail to preserve?

  • Mission Number: 38
  • Reward: None

Nation Questline[]

The Truth Lies Hid[]

Klara Bester, erstwhile captain of the Mythril Musketeers turned fugitive, has ensconced herself deep in the heart of Castle Zvahl. You must infiltrate the enemy stronghold with your comrades and uncover the truth behind your ex-commander's treachery.
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 12
  • Reward: Sanctus Rosary, retain Dawnlight Medal ∮∮∮

Bonds of Mythril[]

Fighting alongside ghastly demons one moment, risking her life to defend you the next... What is the Captain Klara's true connection to the armies of the shadow? Return to the site of your confrontation, that long sought-after truth may at last be revealed!
  • Nation Quest Number: Bastok 13
  • Reward: Excelsis Ring, retain Medal of Altana ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Temperer of Mythril
  • Notorious Monsters: Gargouille Warden
  • Battlefields:
Bonds of Mythril: Klara, Marquis Amon
Allies: Zeid

Chasing Shadows[]

Disturbing rumors of the late Count Aurchiat's return from the grave have stirred disquiet among the Cardinal Stags. Hasten to their Xarcabard encampment and uncover the truth behind the ominous tidings.
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 12
  • Reward: Darksteel Sheet, retain Dawnlight Medal ∮∮∮
  • Battlefields:
Chasing Shadows: Menechme
Allies: Excenmille

Face of the Future[]

Your latest encounter with Zogbog has led to you being hurled through time. No sooner had you awakened in present day Vana'diel than Iron Ram Engineer Bostillette appeared to entreat your aid. Make your way to base camp in the Jugner Forest if you would know more.
  • Nation Quest Number: San d'Oria 13
  • Reward: Griffon Ring, retain Medal of Altana ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Fangmonger Forestaller
  • Battlefields:
Face of the Future: Fangmonger Colossus, Tombstone x6
Allies: Excenmille, Maxcimille, Bostillette

Manifest Destiny[]

Having successfully turned back the Yagudo offensive, Lehko Habhoka and the Mithran mercenaries strike for Castle Oztroja to finish off their foe. The final conflict is nigh--report to the mercenary camp in the Meriphataud Mountains without delay!
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 12
  • Reward: Hi-Reraiser, retain Dawnlight Medal ∮∮∮
  • Battlefields:
Face of the Future: Tzee Xicu the Manifest, Tzee Xicu's Elemental x2

At Journey's End[]

Lost souls scarred by the past strive toward their vision of a brighter future... When fates converge, a new chapter of history will unfold. Is this the end of their journey, or but a new beginning? Look to the starry heavens and your answer may be found...
  • Nation Quest Number: Windurst 13
  • Reward: Zodiac Ring, retain Medal of Altana ∮∮∮∮
  • Title: Star in the Azure Sky
  • Battlefields:
At Journey's End: Fenrir, Karuha-Baruha, Robel-Akbel
Allies: Lehko Habhoka

Main Storyline[]

By the Fading Light[]

The brighter future continues to fade even as the Crystal War rages on, the warring factions oblivious to the greater scheme of things. With a path ahead unapparent, Cait Sith proposes that you head to Xarcabard to observe how the struggle unfolds.

  • Mission Number: 39
  • Reward: None

Edge of Existence[]

The future heavily favors the world of strife, and nothing short of a miracle will help to turn the tide. Slim a chance though it may be, reviving Lilisette is the only avenue that remains. First you must seek the counsel of Atomos, the Devourer of Memories.

  • Mission Number: 40
  • Reward: None

Her Memories[]

Fragments of Lilisette's memories lie scattered across the land. In retracing the footsteps of her past, the way may be revealed to you.

  • Mission Number: 41
  • Reward: None
  • Note: Players must complete all these quests to complete this mission: "Her Memories: Homecoming Queen", Her Memories: Grave Resolve", "Her Memories: The Faux Pas", "Her Memories: Old Bean", "Her Memories: Of Malign Maladies", "Her Memories: Operation Cupid" and one of the following depending on allegiance. "Her Memories: Verdure Footfalls", "Her Memories: Carnelian Footfalls" or "Her Memories: Azure Footfalls".

Forget Me Not[]

Following an extended pilgrimage, you have managed to gather all of Lilisette's memory fragments. Make haste to the Walk of Echoes, where Cait Sith awaits.

  • Mission Number: 42
  • Reward: None

Pillar of Hope[]

Having absorbed Lilisette's memories, Atomos unleashed a blinding pillar of light in the direction of Grauberg. Head there without delay and ascertain the nature of this phenomenon.

  • Mission Number: 43
  • Reward: None

Glimmer of Life[]

The Scattered fragments of Lilisette's memory have melded together, paving a path towards the brighter future. But will this be enough to stay the encroaching darkness...?

  • Mission Number: 44
  • Reward: None

Time Slips Away[]

A distraught Cait Sith has enlisted your help to recover the punch bug, an indispensable little critter that escaped her grasp in a moment of distraction. Your best bet is to search for it in dark, damp places. Cramped, moist environs.

  • Mission Number: 45
  • Reward: Bottled Punch Bug

When Wills Collide[]

To regain a foothold in the struggle and ensure Lilisette's rebirth, you must confront whatever darkness lies in wait at the Walk of Echoes.

  • Mission Number: 46
  • Reward: None
  • Title: Vanquisher of Spite
  • Battlefields:
When Wills Collide: Larzos, Portia, Ragelise, Fourth Spitewarden

Whispers of Dawn[]

In prevailing over Lady Lilith's Spitewardens, you have earned a reprieve for your future. Use this opportunity to return to Witchfire Glen and check on Lilisette.

  • Mission Number: 47
  • Reward: None
  • Title: Mender of Wings

A Dreamy Interlude[]

Newly reborn and disoriented, Lilisette must convalesce for a time in order to regain her strength.

  • Mission Number: 48
  • Reward: None

Cait in the Woods[]

According to Lilisette, Cait Sith has business in Ronfaure.

  • Mission Number: 49
  • Reward: None

Fork in the Road[]

The future that was, and the future that might have been... In revisiting the paths you walked hand in hand with Lilisette and Cait Sith, you will acquire the power needed to fulfill the will of the Goddess.

  • Mission Number: 50
  • Reward: Primal Glow

Maiden of the Dusk[]

The hour of reckoning is nigh. Seek Lady Lilith at her throne within the Walk of Echoes, where the decisive battle between realities will be waged.

  • Mission Number: 51
  • Reward: Moonshade Earring
  • Battlefields:
Maiden of the Dusk: Lady Lilith, Lilith Ascendant, Elemental Gyves

Where It All Began[]

With the encroachment between realities ended, certain disaster has been averted. How do the others fare in the wake of balance restored? Perhaps a visit to the Lion Springs Tavern in Southern San d'Oria is in order.

  • Mission Number: 52
  • Reward: Wedding Invitation

A Token of Troth[]

You have received a cordial invitation to attend the wedding of Sir Ragelise and Portia. Make your way to the Temple of the Goddess in Upper Jeuno, where the ceremony is to be held.

  • Mission Number: 53
  • Reward: None
  • Title: Champion of the Dawn

Lest We Forget[]

So it was that Altana's grief was ended, tears marring Her divine countenance no more. Yet the Crystal War rages on. Ever must you carry on the fight, in honor of she who sacrificed all, that others might know peace...

  • Mission Number: 54
  • Reward: Ability to augment Moonshade Earring