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Treasures of Aht Urhgan missions automatically start when the player first enters Salaheem's Sentinels in Aht Urhgan Whitegate. Mission battles are not repeatable unless helping other players.

The shorthand prefix given by players for Treasures of Aht Urhgan missions is either ToAU, ToA or AM.

Land of Sacred Serpents[]

A land of new adventures lies to the east of Mindartia. What splendors and terrors await the curious... ?

  • Mission Number: 1

Immortal Sentries[]

Deliver a package to one of the Immortals found at the staging points and Naja will consider you for a mercenary contract.

President Salaheem[]

You have become an employee of Salaheem's Sentinels. Becoming a mercenary is not quite what you expected...

  • Mission Number: 3
  • Reward: Access to Assault

Knight of Gold[]

Bring Raillefal back to Salaheem's Sentinels and help teach him the proper attitude for a mercenary.

  • Mission Number: 4

Confessions of Royalty[]

Deliver Raillefal's letter to Halver in the Chateau d'Oraguille.

  • Mission Number: 5

Easterly Winds[]

An international summit is to be held in Jeuno. You have been called upon to speak of what you have witnessed in the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

  • Mission Number: 6
  • Reward: 10 Imperial Bronze Pieces

Westerly Winds[]

You have been assigned the task of infiltrating the inner political circle of the Empire as an agent of the allied forces. Report to Raillefal.

  • Mission Number: 7
  • Reward: 2 Imperial Silver Pieces
  • Title: Agent of the Allied Forces

A Mercenary Life[]

President Naja is all fired up and eager to see you complete as many missions as you can...

  • Mission Number: 8

Undersea Scouting[]

You have been requested to enter the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins from Bhaflau Thickets and patrol the interior.

  • Mission Number: 9

Astral Waves[]

Ghatsad has entrusted you with a device capable of detecting astral waves. Return to Salaheem's Sentinels and report your progress.

  • Mission Number: 10

Imperial Schemes[]

The reward from the A.A.R.I Has been confiscated by President Naja to cover your "fines". The mercenary life is no picnic...

  • Mission Number: 11

Royal Puppeteer[]

Under the command of the court puppetmaster, you are to uncover the truth behind the ghost ship, the Ashu Talif. Investigate the Arrapago Islands.

  • Mission Number: 12

Lost Kingdom[]

Pyopyoroon of Nashmau has advised you to head west to a place with many "stooones" to find a special "ghooost." Perhaps it will lead you to the ghost ship...

  • Mission Number: 13
  • Notorious Monsters: Jazaraat

The Dolphin Crest[]

In a cemetery on Azouph Isle, you have found an ancient coin bearing an unfamiliar crest. Report your meeting with the ghost to President Naja.

  • Mission Number: 14

The Black Coffin[]

A mercenary colleague has reported feeling an ominous presence to the west of Dvucca Isle...

  • Mission Number: 15
  • Battlefields:
The Black Coffin: Ashu Talif Crew x9, Ashu Talif Captain
Allies: Gessho

Ghosts of the Past[]

You have uncovered the truth behind the Ashu Talif and its ghostly crew. Report your findings to President Naja.

  • Mission Number: 16

Guests of the Empire[]

You have received an invitation to the palace from the Grand Vizier. President Naja has offered to help you find appropriate clothing for the occasion.

  • Mission Number: 17
  • Reward: Imperial Mythril Piece, access to Salvage
  • Title: Ovjang's Errand Runner

Passing Glory[]

Your reward from the Empress has been confiscated by President Naja. Earn the right to wear it by becoming the best mercenary you can be.

  • Mission Number: 18

Sweets for the Soul[]

Ambassador Karababa has arrived from the Federation of Windurst. The planned festivities turn into puppet rivalry, and the insulted ambassador bypasses the palace in favor of a visit to the Shararat Teahouse.

  • Mission Number: 19
  • Title: Karababa's Tour Guide

Teahouse Tumult[]

You have been asked to guide Lady Karababa to the Olduum ruins found in the tunnels of the Aydeewa Subterrane. How will Naja react to your freelancing? And what are Aphmau and friends planning...?

  • Mission Number: 20

Finders Keepers[]

After snatching the Olduum artifact, Lady Karababa has left for Salaheem's Sentinels. What business could she possibly have with a mercenary company?

  • Mission Number: 21
  • Title: Karababa's Bodyguard

Shield of Diplomacy[]

You are once again in the employ of Lady Karababa. This time, your role is to protect the ambassador within the ominous Navukgo Execution Chamber. Will you be able to redeem your reputation with President Naja...?

  • Mission Number: 22
  • Battlefields:
Shield of Diplomacy: Khimaira 13
Allies: Karababa

Social Graces[]

You have successfully protected Lady Karababa from harm and earned high praise. Perhaps you can expect a bonus from the president when you return to Salaheem's Sentinels...?

  • Mission Number: 23

Foiled Ambition[]

You have been caught in a conflict between Lady Karababa and President Naja. Probably best if you let President Naja cool down for a while...

  • Mission Number: 24
  • Reward: 5 Imperial Gold Pieces
  • Title: Karababa's Secret Agent

Playing the Part[]

You have obtained your reward from Lady Karababa, but have been reminded of the burden of your duty. Is the Astral Candescence truly so dangerous? Keep improving your reputation with the palace and dig deeper into the mystery...

  • Mission Number: 25

Seal of the Serpent[]

The Grand Vizier has summoned you to the palace.
You are required to divest yourself of all weapons before passing through the Imperial Whitegate.

  • Mission Number: 26

Misplaced Nobility[]

The Grand Vizier has ordered you to search for Lady Aphmau.
First, locate the Immortal, Rishfee, within the Aydeewa Subterrane.

  • Mission Number: 27

Bastion of Knowledge[]

After failing to find Aphmau in Aydeewa, Rishfee suggests you hurry back to the capital and look for her in Walahra Temple.

  • Mission Number: 28
  • Title: Aphmau's Mercenary

Puppet in Peril[]

After failing to find Aphmau in Aydeewa, Rishfee suggests you hurry back to the capital and look for her in Walahra Temple.

  • Mission Number: 29
  • Battlefields:
Puppet in Peril: Lancelord Gaheel Ja

Prevalence of Pirates[]

Aphmau and her puppets have been taken by the mysterious Luzaf. Track down the corsair and his captives, and repay Rishfee's noble sacrifice.

  • Mission Number: 30

Shades of Vengeance[]

You have been ordered to participate in the search for Aphmau by the Immortal, Amnaf. You are to begin in Periqia, ancestral land of the corsairs.

  • Mission Number: 31
  • Title: Nashmeira's Mercenary
  • Battlefields:
Shades of Vengeance: K23H1-LAMIA x10

In the Blood[]

The true identity of the court puppetmaster has been revealed. However, the Grand Vizier has ordered you to return to Al Zahbi and report the completion of your mission to President Naja.

  • Mission Number: 32
  • Reward: Imperial Gold Piece

Sentinel's Honor[]

A villain by the name of "Duzaf the Blackheart" is rumored to have made an attempt on the life of the Empress. President Naja has vowed to claim the bounty on his head in the name of Salaheem's Sentinels.

  • Mission Number: 33
  • Title: Salaheem's Risk Assessor

Testing the Waters[]

A bounty has been placed on the head of Duzaf the Blackbelly...or is it really Luzaf the Blackheart? Seek out the Black Coffin once more and confirm President Naja's suspicions.

  • Mission Number: 34
  • Title: Treasure Trove Tender

Legacy of the Lost[]

You have been ordered to guard the treasury of Ephramad. But first, you must find the hidden treasury, concealed somewhere inside Talacca Cove...

  • Mission Number: 35
  • Title: Gessho's Mercy
  • Battlefields:
Legacy of the Lost: Gessho

Gaze of the Saboteur[]

Gessho believes Nashmeira's life may be in danger. Hurry to the Hazhalm Testing Grounds to protect her from the conniving Flit.

  • Mission Number: 36
  • Title: Emissary of the Empress

Path of Blood[]

You have returned unharmed from your close encounter with the underworld, but were unable to rescue Nashmeira. Follow her last orders and deliver her message to President Naja.

  • Mission Number: 37

Stirrings of War[]

After delivering Nashmeira's "message" to President Naja, you learn of an allied forces military council to be convened in the near future...

  • Mission Number: 38

Allied Rumblings[]

You have been summoned to the Allied Military Council being held in the Grand Duke Palace. Report on the current state of affairs in the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

  • Mission Number: 39
  • Title: Endymion Paratrooper

Unraveling Reason[]

You have been asked to participate in the Wajaom Infiltration Operation. A high-speed airship is being prepared for this mission. Speak with Pherimociel when you are ready to depart.

  • Mission Number: 40

Light of Judgment[]

The Endymion has been blasted out of the sky by an intense beam of light... However, the mission must continue. Make your way to Aht Urhgan Whitegate and rendezvous with Rodin-Comidin.

  • Mission Number: 41

Path of Darkness[]

Using the map given to you by Rodin-Comidin, find a route through Nyzul Isle and rescue the captured Luzaf!

  • Mission Number: 42
  • Title: Naja's Comrade-in-arms
  • Battlefields:
Path of Darkness:Amnaf, Imperial Gears
Allies: Naja Salaheem

Fangs of the Lion[]

You have failed your attempt to rescue Luzaf. Return to the offices of Salaheem's Sentinels and regroup with President Naja.

  • Mission Number: 43

Nashmeira's Plea[]

Escort Nashmeira as she sets out to convince Razfahd to halt his radical plan. Head to Nyzul Isle and show your true mercenary mettle.

  • Mission Number: 44
  • Title: Preventer of Ragnarok
  • Battlefields:
Nashmeira's Plea: Raubahn, Razfahd, Alexander


The second coming of Ragnarok has been averted. Return to Al Zahbi and report to President Naja.

  • Mission Number: 45

Imperial Coronation[]

You have been chosen to accompany President Naja to the Empress's coronation. Once you are properly attired, make your way to the palace.

  • Mission Number: 46

The Empress Crowned[]

You have been bestowed with the honor of crowning Empress Nashmeira II. There can be no higher acknowledgment of your achievements as a mercenary. Perhaps now President Naja will return your rightful reward...

  • Mission Number: 47
  • Reward: Imperial Standard, one of either Balrahn's Ring, Ulthalam's Ring, or Jalzahn's Ring
  • Title: Champion of Aht Urhgan

Eternal Mercenary[]

The glory crown has finally been returned to you. However, President Naja's iron grip is not so easily broken. It appears your repayments to Salaheem's Sentinels will continue into the foreseeable future...

  • Mission Number: 48
  • Reward: Glory Crown
  • Title: Eternal Mercenary