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Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin missions start automatically upon entering any of the three nations with the Seekers of Adoulin expansion installed. Except when helping other players clear battlefields, all Seekers of Adoulin missions are not repeatable.

Seekers of Adoulin missions have yet to acquire a shorthand prefix given by players.

The Sacred City of Adoulin[]

Rumors from the West[]

Word around the Middle Lands is that a pioneering initative has begun in the land of the setting sun. The Jeuno Chamber of Commerce and Industry is looking for potential pioneers to assist in the projects. They have prepared a test of skill.

  • Mission Number: 1-1

The Geomagnetron[]

Bring the geomagnetron Darcia has entrusted you with to one of the dungeons she mentioned, find the applicable area located therein, and record the energies there onto the mysterious device.

  • Mission Number: 1-2
  • Reward: Geomagnetron, Adoulinian charter permit, access to the Waypoint to Adoulin in Lower Jeuno.

Onward to Adoulin[]

Depart for the frontier city of Adoulin via a waypoint and begin a whole new saga of adventure!

  • Mission Number: 1-3

Heartwings and the Kindhearted[]

You learn from Arciela, the maiden whom you met in the Ceizak Battlegrounds, that the Sacred City of Adoulin lies to the north.

  • Mission Number: 1-4

Pioneer Registration[]

Before embarking on a trek to colonize Ulbuka, you'll first need to register with the Pioneers' Coalition. Look for a sign painted with a shovel and you can't miss it!

  • Mission Number: 1-5
  • Reward: Pioneer's Badge, Map of Adoulin, 1000 Bayld

Life on the Frontier[]

With pioneer registration under your belt, you can now undertake assignments from the various coalitions scattered around the city. Take on as many as you can and help the colonization effort succeed!

  • Mission Number: 1-6

Meeting of the Minds[]

You have been invited to dine with the city's political leaders at Castle Adoulin. Head to the eastern district and present your missive to the guard at the castle gates.

  • Mission Number: 1-7

Arciela Appears Again[]

By reuniting with--and learning the identity of--Arciela V. Adoulin, you have set the wheel of fate in motion...

  • Mission Number: 1-8

The Ancient Pact[]

Budding Prospects[]

Rumors abound of a queen that rules over the precocious leafkin. Find out more about this mysterious creature by asking around Adoulin. Perhaps the well-trafficked Mummers' Coalition would be a good place to start.

  • Mission Number: 2-1

The Light Shining in Your Eyes[]

The black-clad statesman Teodor has informed you that the dark blade wielded by Arciela is the only thing that will prove your worth to the leafkin. Report back to Levil with your findings.

  • Mission Number: 2-1A

The Heirloom[]

Arciela's blade was bestowed upon her by Ygnas, and she never lets it leave her side. The best place to find her is likely Castle Adoulin.

  • Mission Number: 2-1B

An Aimless Journey[]

Arciela was nowhere to be found at the castle, but one of her servants let slip that she was off to investigate an ergon locus in Cirdas Caverns. Has she really traveled out there alone...?

  • Mission Number: 2-2


Having reunited with Arciela in Cirdas Caverns, you learned that she will not let you have the sword, but instead will go with you to Yorcia Weald. The entrance to Yorcia Weald lies in I-7 of Cirdas Caverns.

  • Mission Number: 2-2A

In the Presence of Royalty[]

Fate saw you meet with Rosulatia, the mother seed of the leafkin. She has asked you to find a Yorcia's tear to learn about the abnormalities in Eastern Ulbuka. Find one and head to the sole pure font of water within the weald.

  • Mission Number: 2-2B
  • Title: Queen's Confidante

The Twin World Trees[]

You and Arciela have witnessed the inexorably connected World Trees of Rhazowa and Ulbuka. What is the dark disease that threatens to consume Yggdrasil? How can the World Tree be saved? Rosulatia fluttered away with naught more than a cryptic hint...

  • Mission Number: 2-3

Honor and Audacity[]

A fight has broken out and Gratzigg, the Peacekeepers' Coalition leader, has ordered it be moved to an official venue. Head to the Watergarden Coliseum to witness the spectacle.

  • Mission Number: 2-4

The Watergarden Coliseum[]

Seeing an official duel apparently requires permission. However, during yet another chance encounter with Arciela, the princess tells you that as long as you are her escort, the guards will have to let you into the coliseum.

  • Mission Number: 2-4A

Friction and Fissures[]

The rift between those in support of the colonization movement and those in opposition to it is quickly deepening. The matter weighs heavily on everyone, but upon the princess most of all.

  • Mission Number: 2-5

The Celennia Memorial Library[]

Though this most recent upheaval may have been quelled, it is but one symptom of a much larger problem that plagues Adoulin. Head to the Celennia Memorial Library to learn more about this pandemic of discord.

  • Mission Number: 2-5A

For Whom Do We Toil?[]

The only thing on Adoulinians' lips these days seems to be that the city's youth are using the Rala Waterways without permission. Descend underground once more to see if this is actually the case.

  • Mission Number: 2-5B

Aiming for Ygnas[]

A certain faction composed of young revolutionaries is intent on deposing the chancellor. Make haste to Castle Adoulin before their vision becomes reality.

  • Mission Number: 2-6

Calamity in the Kitchen[]

Conspiracies and assassinations are not in a guard's jurisdiction, you have discovered. Meanwhile, the castle cooks bewail the lack of provisions normally sent by the Civic Arboretum.

  • Mission Number: 2-6A

Arciela's Promise[]

By some strange set of coincidences, you have been tasked with bringing Arciela the fruits of her labors she sowed long ago. Perhaps these Adoulinian tomatoes are just the thing to get you into the castle...

  • Mission Number: 2-6B

Predators and Prey[]

The attempt on Ygnas's life ended without any casualties, but the offenders have escaped! They did, however, leave behind a clue. Use it to pursue and bring the hammer of justice down upon them!

  • Mission Number: 2-7

Behind the Sluices[]

An antiquated sluice gate sits in the heart of the assassins' Rala Waterways lair. According to Arciela, you should be able to operate it once you have a waterway facility crank in your possession.

  • Mission Number: 2-7A
  • Battlefields:
Behind the Sluices: Mistdagger, The Briars x2, The Keeper

The Leafkin Monarch[]

Now that justice has been properly served to those upstart insurgents, it is time head back to the castle and find out just what has Arciela so worried.

  • Mission Number: 2-7B
  • Title: Princess's Partisan


Arciela's elder brother Ygnas has fallen victim to a curse and transformed into a leafkin. Though unable to communicate with anyone but his sister and you, he tells of the World Tree Yggdrasil and the dangers facing Ulbuka.

  • Mission Number: 2-8

Shadows Upon Adoulin[]

Return of the Exorcist[]

Ingrid, the most storied exorcist in the land, is due to arrive back in Adoulin from a mission to the Middle Lands. Meet her at the airship docks.

  • Mission Number: 3-1

The Merciless One[]

Ingrid has declared that it falls to her to break the curse surrounding Ygnas so that colonization may proceed unimpeded. Accompany her to the castle and serve as a conduit of knowledge between her and the newly transformed leafkin.

  • Mission Number: 3-1A

A Curse from the Past[]

The curse upon the grand chancellor is more powerful than anyone expected. Ingrid has demanded that you retrieve four items for her: a piece of a stone wall, a vial of holy water, an eternal flame, and the wings of a weather vane.

  • Mission Number: 3-1B

The Purgation[]

Return to Castle Adoulin with the four items Ingrid requested.

  • Mission Number: 3-1C

The Key[]

Though the purgation ritual ended in failure, Ygnas lifted a tiny arm and pointed at Arciela, calling her "the key." The houses are divided: should colonization continue or cease?

  • Mission Number: 3-1D

The Princess's Dilemma[]

Arciela has been disheartend of late, and you have been tasked with finding out what has been bothering her. Witnesses have reported sightings of her going to the Celennia Memorial Library.

  • Mission Number: 3-2

Dark Clouds Ahead[]

Arciela cannot make heads or tails of what her brother wants from her. Emotional though she may have been, your presence seems to have cheered her up slightly.

  • Mission Number: 3-2A

The Smallest of Favors[]

Tiana seemed overjoyed now that her grandfather has received his medicine and is well again. If only Arciela were as exuberant as the small child she saved...

  • Mission Number: 3-2B

Summoned by Spirits[]

According to Teodor, the girl found maundering the Ceizak Battlegrounds left her home because she was "summoned by spirits." Perhaps Arciela has some knowledge to impart regarding those who supposedly did this summoning.

  • Mission Number: 3-3

Evil Entities[]

The girl Arciela describes, who is allegedly possessed by evil spirits, resembles the girl you discovered in the battlegrounds to an exceptional degree. Return to the Ceizak Battlegrounds to see what became of her.

  • Mission Number: 3-3A

Adoulin Calling[]

The mysterious girl exhibiting ghoulish symptoms is named Nyline, and she lives in a boarding house on the way to the Statue of the Goddess. Head there with Arciela as soon as possible.

  • Mission Number: 3-3B

The Disappearance of Nyline[]

Nyline wandered from her home while her father was explaining the details of her condition. She purportedly carries a cryptic stone on her journeys, but could that truly be the culprit? The answer may very well lie deep within the jungle.

  • Mission Number: 3-3C

Shared Consciousness[]

Now that Nyline has regained lucidity, it is time to return to her residence. However, what was this epiphany that seemed to strike Arciela?

  • Mission Number: 3-3D
  • Title: Sunshine Cadet
  • Reward: 1000 exp, 1000 Bayld

Clear Skies[]

After hearing that your idea sprung first from Teodor, Arciela decided to approach him about her brother's condition. The smile she wore as she left was the brightest you'd seen on her in weeks.

  • Mission Number: 3-3E