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Chains of Promathia missions start automatically upon entering Lower Delkfutt's Tower with the Chains of Promathia expansion installed. Any experience rewards can be obtained once per day by repeating the related Battlefield. Except when helping other players clear battlefields, all Chains of Promathia missions are not repeatable.

The shorthand prefix given by players for Chains of Promathia missions is either CoP or PM.

Chapter 1 - Ancient Flames Beckon[]

The Rites of Life[]

Brilliant lights, fearsome beasts, a mysterious laboratory... What do all these have to do with the strange boy brought back to Doctor Monberaux's clinic in Upper Jeuno?

  • Mission Number: 1-1

Below the Arks[]

Something is afoot. Travel to the Grand Duke Palace to learn details of recent events.

The Mothercrystals[]

The first mothercrystal has been tainted with Emptiness. Hurry to the remaining crags to find out if any other stones have met the same fate.

Ancient Flames Beckon (Dem):
Ancient Flames Beckon (Holla):
Ancient Flames Beckon (Mea):

Chapter 2 - The Isle of Forgotten Saints[]

An Invitation West[]

You have woken up in some unknown land, only to find your amulet has been stolen by a group of three Tarutaru. You think they may have run off somewhere to the west.

  • Mission Number: 2-1
  • Title: Dead Body

The Lost City[]

According to its inhabitants, the Tavnazian Safehold was carved out of solid rock by survivors of the Great War. Speak with the city's inhabitants to learn more of their grave situation.

Distant Beliefs[]

You have volunteered to journey into the Phomiuna Aqueducts to defeat the minotaur. It appears that Nag'molada has set off ahead of you.

  • Mission Number: 2-3
  • Notorious Monsters:

An Eternal Melody[]

You must meet with the young Elvaan leader of the Tavnazian Patrol and have her return your amulet. You must also try to find a woman named Ulmia...

Ancient Vows[]

Follow Prishe to Cape Riverne on the Misareaux Coast. It is rumored a wyrm nests there...

  • Mission Number: 2-5
  • Reward: 1000 exp
  • Title: Tavnazian Traveler
  • Battlefields:
Ancient Vows:

Chapter 3 - A Transient Dream[]

The Call of the Wyrmking[]

Not moments after arriving in Bastok, Prishe begins her search for the father of airships, Cid.

  • Mission Number: 3-1

A Vessel Without a Captain[]

Prishe has left for the Tenshodo in Jeuno to find her acquaintance, Grezzo. A visit to the Grand Duke Palace may also be necessary...

  • Mission Number: 3-2

The Road Forks[]

To capture the mysterious boy, you must first locate the fourth mothercrystal. To do this, you have been ordered to travel to the nations of Bastok, Windurst, and San d'Oria to learn of the Multinational Expedition that was held nearly thirty years ago.

  • Mission Number: 3-3
  • Notorious Monsters:

Tending Aged Wounds[]

You have learned that the Multinational Expedition was originally organized by the Republic of Bastok. Perhaps Cid knows something more...

  • Mission Number: 3-4

Darkness Named[]

Prishe has been taken to Doctor Monberaux's clinic! What ails her fragile body and what, if anything, can save her!?

  • Mission Number: 3-5
  • Reward: Access to Chains of Promathia Dynamis areas, 1000 exp
  • Title: Transient Dreamer
  • Battlefields:
Darkness Named:

Chapter 4 - The Cradles of Children Lost[]

Sheltering Doubt[]

Prishe has returned to Tavnazia, and it would be wise to follow. The winds of twenty years past have once again begun to swirl about the islands. What evils do these winds carry?

  • Mission Number: 4-1

The Savage[]

Ulmia is determined to know the truth, and is ready to revisit Bahamut to learn it. Enlist the aid of Tenzen and Justinius to help you find Ulmia before something terrible occurs.

  • Mission Number: 4-2
  • Reward: 1500 exp
  • Title: Nagmolada's Underling
  • Battlefields:
The Savage:

The Secrets of Worship[]

Now that you have learned the Wyrmking's plan, you must travel to the fourth mothercrystal. Nag'molada has informed you where the stone lies. However, you will need the amulet you lent to Prishe before you are to make your way there.

  • Mission Number: 4-3
  • Reward: Access to Sacrarium
  • Title: The Lost One
  • Notorious Monsters:

Slanderous Utterings[]

Appalled that Prishe would even think of laying her hands on the statue of Promathia, the elder, Despachiaire, has called her to his quarters for punishment. If Prishe is banished from the safehold, you may be unable to retrieve the amulet you need to find the fourth mothercrystal.

  • Mission Number: 4-4

Chapter 5 - The Return Home[]

The Enduring Tumult of War[]

The airship piloted by Louverance did not arrive in San d'Oria, but Port Bastok. How much longer will Nag'molada wait for your arrival at the northwestern tower of Pso'Xja?

  • Mission Number: 5-1
  • Notorious Monsters:

Desires of Emptiness[]

The Emptiness has trapped you and your companions. You must find them before you are able to continue your journey into the depths of Promyvion.

  • Mission Number: 5-2
  • Reward: 1500 exp
  • Title: Frozen Dead Body
  • Notorious Monsters:
  • Battlefields:
Desires of Emptiness:

Three Paths[]

To break the Wyrmking's pact, you must locate the Keeper of the Apocalypse as quickly as possible. To do that you must first learn more of Al'Taieu, as well as find Prishe and the mysterious boy.

  • Mission Number: 5-3
  • Title: Treader of an Icy Past
  • Note: To complete this mission you must complete three sub-missions - "Past Sins", "The Pursuit of Paradise", and "Where Messengers Gather"

Past Sins[]

Louverance has set off on his investigation into the celestial capital of Al'Taieu.
  • Mission Number: 5-3L
  • Reward: 1000 exp
  • Title: Companion of Louverance
  • Battlefields:
A Century of Hardship:

The Pursuit of Paradise[]

Tenzen left for the La Theine Plateau to seek out the terrestrial avatar Carbuncle, and request his assistance in your battle with the Emptiness.
  • Mission Number: 5-3T
  • Title: Tenzen's Ally
  • Notorious Monsters:

Where Messengers Gather[]

Ulmia has journeyed to San d'Oria to search for any word on the whereabouts of Prishe.
  • Mission Number: 5-3U
  • Reward: 2000 exp
  • Title: Ulmia's Soulmate, Delta Enforcer, True Companion of Louverance
  • Battlefields:
Head Wind:
Flames for the Dead:

Chapter 6 - Echoes of Time[]

For Whom the Verse is Sung[]

Prishe has been spotted in Jeuno! Journey to the Grand Duke Palace to learn more of her whereabouts--before Ulmia is overcome by worry for her long-time friend.

  • Mission Number: 6-1

A Place to Return[]

Cardinal Mildaurion is somewhere in Jeuno, and Ulmia is desperate to find out where she may be hiding. Perhaps the three "high-ranking" Tarutaru "officials" know something...

  • Mission Number: 6-2
  • Notorious Monsters:

More Questions Than Answers[]

Esha'ntarl has returned to the Grand Duke Palace and is preparing the Jeuno Armada for its attack on Bahamut. At the same time, Prishe and Ulmia have finally solved the mystery that has been haunting them for the past twenty years.

  • Mission Number: 6-3

One to be Feared[]

The fifth verse of "Memoria de la S^tona" has been discovered. Now, with the help of Cid, you must fly beyond the sea of clouds and face Bahamut for what may be the final time...

  • Mission Number: 6-4
  • Reward: Ducal Guard's Ring, 1500 exp
  • Title: Branded by Lightning
  • Battlefields:
One to Be Feared:

Chapter 7 - In the Light of the Crystal[]

Chains and Bonds[]

You have escaped the wrath of Bahamut, but what of your companions? Could they already be back within the safehold?

  • Mission Number: 7-1

Flames in the Darkness[]

Tenzen is nowhere to be found. You must locate him before returning to Jeuno to meet with Esha'ntarl.

  • Mission Number: 7-2
  • Title: Esha'ntarl's Comrade in Arms

Fire in the Eyes of Men[]

Travel to the Moblin city of Movalpolos to find a path to the fifth and final mothercrystal.

  • Mission Number: 7-3
  • Title: Prishe's Buddy

Calm Before the Storm[]

The crystal propulsion unit of Cid's airship has been damaged. You are to call Louverance back from Carpenters' Landing, and Shikaree Z from Bibiki Bay. You must also find the Chebukki siblings in Tavnazia and retrieve the vessel of light.

  • Mission Number: 7-4
  • Notorious Monsters:

The Warrior's Path[]

Board the newly repaired airship and head for the fifth mothercrystal. Will your path be intercepted by Nag'molada? The dreadful wyrms? Or a completely unexpected opponent...?

  • Mission Number: 7-5
  • Reward: Access to Al'Taieu, 1000 exp
  • Title: The Chebukkis' Worst Nightmare, Unquenchable Light
  • Battlefields:
The Warrior's Path:

Chapter 8 - Emptiness Bleeds[]

Garden of Antiquity[]

The celestial capital of Al'Taieu truly exists. Though vastly altered during the ten thousand-year span of their seclusion, the ancients remain alive in the city. Nag'molada heads for the palace, while you and your companions follow in his wake...

  • Mission Number: 8-1
  • Reward: Access to Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, Tavnazian Ring
  • Title: Seeker of the Light
  • Notorious Monsters:

A Fate Decided[]

Nag'molada has descended into the depths of the palace in search of the Chamber of Eventide. Join Prishe in her pursuit of the Kuluu diplomat.

When Angels Fall[]

Travel to the Moblin city of Movalpolos to find a path to the fifth and final mothercrystal.

  • Mission Number: 8-3
  • Reward: 1000 exp
  • Title: Warrior of the Crystal
  • Battlefields:
When Angels Fall:


Revelations of truth accompany the awakening of Promathia. The world and its people stand in the twilight of the apocalypse. Dawn Goddess Altana, grant us victory!

  • Mission Number: 8-4
  • Reward: Colored Drop, one of either Rajas Ring, Sattva Ring, or Tamas Ring, 2000 exp
  • Title: Averter of the Apocalypse, Banisher of Emptiness
  • Battlefields:

The Last Verse[]

  • Mission Number: ZM 18 and CoP 8-5

Note: This mission marks the conclusion of both the Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia expansion storylines. To access it, the player must have completed both campaigns as well as the quest "Apocalypse Nigh". This mission cannot be completed.