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A Shantotto Ascension starts when a player on a job of at least level 10 zones into Windurst Walls from either Windurst Woods or Windurst Waters with the add-on purchased. Unlike expansion missions, story add-on missions may be repeated by players for rewards. Players who do not have progress in these missions or have yet to purchase the add-ons are still able to assist others in clearing them.

The shorthand prefix given by players for A Shantotto Ascension missions is ASA.

A Shantotto Ascension[]

Doctor Shantotto returned to Windurst one day after a mysterious, unexplained absence, shocking her colleagues by proclaiming herself ruler of her own empire. What could have possibly triggered this intensification of her inimical urges? The shocking truth awaits adventurers who would seek it!

  • Mission Number: 1
  • Reward: None

Burgeoning Dread[]

Does this feeling of disquiet welling up within portend the coming of catastrophe, or is it simply something to be ignored? You can only hope that it is all in your mind...

  • Mission Number: 2
  • Reward: None

That Which Curdles Blood[]

You have been served what appears to be a draft card inducting you into the Shantotto Empire as a special operative. Report to provisional headquarters located on Qufim Island with extreme haste... and the specified gifts of tribute.

  • Mission Number: 3
  • Reward: None

Sugar-coated Directive[]

Your inaugural mission as special operative of the Shantotto Empire requires you to attach enchanted seals to the protocrystals scattered across Vana'diel. Your new empress has stressed that she takes failure poorly.

  • Mission Number: 4
  • Reward: 3,000, 10,000, 30,000 or 50,000 gil (depending on number of seals attached)
  • Battlefields:
Sugar-coated Directive (Cloister of Flames): Ifrit Prime
Sugar-coated Directive (Cloister of Frosts): Shiva Prime
Sugar-coated Directive (Cloister of Gales): Garuda Prime
Sugar-coated Directive (Cloister of Storms): Ramuh Prime
Sugar-coated Directive (Cloister of Tremors): Titan Prime
Sugar-coated Directive (Cloister of Tides): Leviathan Prime

Note: Only 3 battlefields need to be cleared to progress to the next mission but more battlefields cleared give better rewards.

Enemy of the Empire (I)[]

Seeking to usurp the Tenshodo as the underworld's foremost supplier of contraband, Domina Shantotto requires that you remove its leader, Aldo, from the picture. A clandestine meeting between you and the target has been arranged in the Gustav Tunnel. All that is needed to initiate contact is a black book, acquirable from Andrause in Norg.

  • Mission Number: 5
  • Reward: Black Book

Enemy of the Empire (II)[]

The overzealous young Tenshodo agents are not interested in listening to reason. In the name of your empress, you have no choice but to flex your adventurer muscles and pound some sense into them.

  • Mission Number: 6
  • Reward: Cactuar Key, 500 experience points
  • Battlefields:
Enemy of the Empire: Bompupu, Gorattz, Renfred

Sugar-coated Subterfuge[]

A candid conversation has cleared things up between you and Aldo. He bids you come to Tenshodo Headquarters in Jeuno in order to further discuss Shantotto's diabolical designs.

  • Mission Number: 7
  • Reward: None

Shantotto in Chains[]

You have learned that the original Doctor Shantotto is being held captive somewhere in Ro'Maeve. Realizing that only Shantotto can stand against Shantotto, Professor Yoran-Oran has proposed a rescue mission.

Fountain of Trouble[]

Original Shantotto has revealed that her corrupted counterpart concocts her plan for world domination from her Full Moon Fountain lair. In the defense of Vana'diel, make your way there without delay.

  • Mission Number: 9
  • Reward: None

Battaru Royale[]

Determined to enact her odious plot to conquer all of Vana'diel, Domina Shantotto has unleashed her army of clones upon you. Defeat them all lest you and your companions be reduced to bones!

  • Mission Number: 10
  • Reward: Chocobo key, 700 experience points
  • Battlefields:
Battaru Royale: Clone of Boulders, Clone of Flames, Clone of Glaciers, Clone of Gusts, Clone of Lights, Clone of Shadows, Clone of Sparks, Clone of Torrents

Romancing the Clone[]

To your dismay but not complete surprise, Original Shantotto has chosen to side with her heinous alter ego. Best you return at once to Tenshodo Headquarters to plan your next move.

  • Mission Number: 11
  • Reward: None

Sisters in Arms[]

The two Shantottos have relocated their base of operation to the Sacrificial Chamber within the Temple of Uggalepih. Accompany Aldo and Professor Yoran-Oran there and put an end to this menace once and for all!

  • Mission Number: 12
  • Reward: None

Project - Shantottofication[]

The inimitably fiendish Shantottofication curse, if allowed to wreak havoc on the land, would spell the end of the world as we know it. Only you can prevent an unimaginable fate from befalling Vana'diel!

  • Mission Number: 13
  • Reward: Tonberry Key, 750 experience points
  • Battlefields:
Project - Shantottofication: D. Shantotto, Shantotto

An Uneasy Peace[]

Disaster has been averted thanks to your relentless efforts, each denizen of Vana'diel returning to the life they used to know. But how long can this period of tranquility be expected to endure? Professor Yoran-Oran cannot help but be pessimistic...

  • Mission Number: 14
  • Reward: Behemoth Key
  • Title: Arrester of the Ascension

A Shantotto Ascension (Fin.)[]

  • Mission Number: 15

Note: This Mission marks the conclusion of the A Shantotto Ascension storyline. It cannot be completed.