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A Crystalline Prophecy starts automatically when a player on a job of at least level 10 zones into Lower Jeuno with the add-on purchased. Unlike expansion missions, story add-on missions may be repeated by players for rewards. Players who do not have progress in these missions or have yet to purchase the add-ons are still able to assist others in clearing them.

The shorthand prefix given by players for A Crystalline Prophecy missions is ACP.

A Crystalline Prophecy[]

For what purpose has the ancient crystal returned? A new adventure to unearth the secrets of Vana'diel's past begins!

  • Mission Number: 1

The Echo Awakens[]

The primordial crystal appeared over Jeuno, its otherworldly light raining down from the heavens upon the forests, marshlands, and mountains. A mysterious young boy would have you recover that light and bring it to Qufim Island. Will you heed the call?

  • Mission Number: 2
  • Reward: Crimson Key

Gatherer of Light (I)[]

When the echo runs amok, the key to Vana'diel's salvation lies with three unusual stones that have found their way into the hands of some overly curious Goblins...

  • Mission Number: 3
  • Notorious Monsters:

Gatherer of Light (II)[]

Was it all truly decided before the dawn of time...? When the crystal sends forth its dark minions, only you can put a stop to them!

  • Mission Number: 4
  • Reward: Amber Key, 500 exp
  • Battlefields:
Gatherer of Light:

Those Who Lurk in Shadows (I)[]

In the darkness of the ruined city Fei'Yin, beastmen in the thrall of the crystal devise their nefarious plot...

  • Mission Number: 5

Those Who Lurk in Shadows (II)[]

Your quest takes you to Qu'Bia Arena, but the otherworldly force of the crystal bars your path. Only by harnessing its power for yourself may you gain entry!

  • Mission Number: 6
  • Reward: Azure Key (optional)

Those Who Lurk in Shadows (III)[]

The beastman thralls of the Seed Crystal are threatening to commence their dark ritual. They must be stopped before it is too late!

  • Mission Number: 7
  • Reward: Ivory Key, 700 exp
  • Battlefields:
Those Who Lurk in Shadows:

Remember Me in Your Dreams[]

In the Hall of the Gods, the beginning of the end draws nigh. Will you succeed in changing the course of fate?

  • Mission Number: 8

Born of Her Nightmares[]

The mysterious child Aldo claims that the answer to the mystery sleeps within Delkfutt's Tower. Have you the courage to face the truth?

  • Mission Number: 9

Banishing the Echo[]

To reach your final destination, you must recover the twelve remaining fragments of the mysterious crystal...

  • Mission Number: 10

Ode of Life Bestowing[]

The final confrontation awaits you within the Stellar Fulcrum...

  • Mission Number: 11
  • Reward: Ebon Key, Prismatic Key, 750 exp
  • Title: Silencer of the Echo
  • Battlefields:
Ode of Life Bestowing:

A Crystalline Prophecy (Fin.)[]

  • Mission Number: 12

Note: This mission marks the conclusion of the A Crystalline Prophecy storyline. It cannot be completed.