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A Crystalline Prophecy starts automatically when a player on a job of at least level 10 zones into Lower Jeuno with the add-on purchased. Unlike expansion missions, story add-on missions may be repeated by players for rewards. Players who do not have progress in these missions or have yet to purchase the add-ons are still able to assist others in clearing them.

The shorthand prefix given by players for A Crystalline Prophecy missions is ACP.

A Crystalline ProphecyEdit

For what purpose has the ancient crystal returned? A new adventure to unearth the secrets of Vana'diel's past begins!

  • Mission Number: 1

The Echo AwakensEdit

The primordial crystal appeared over Jeuno, its otherworldly light raining down from the heavens upon the forests, marshlands, and mountains. A mysterious young boy would have you recover that light and bring it to Qufim Island. Will you heed the call?

  • Mission Number: 2
  • Reward: Crimson Key

Gatherer of Light (I)Edit

When the echo runs amok, the key to Vana'diel's salvation lies with three unusual stones that have found their way into the hands of some overly curious Goblins...

  • Mission Number: 3
  • Notorious Monsters:

Gatherer of Light (II)Edit

Was it all truly decided before the dawn of time...? When the crystal sends forth its dark minions, only you can put a stop to them!

  • Mission Number: 4
  • Reward: Amber Key, 500 exp
  • Battlefields:
Gatherer of Light:

Those Who Lurk in Shadows (I)Edit

In the darkness of the ruined city Fei'Yin, beastmen in the thrall of the crystal devise their nefarious plot...

  • Mission Number: 5

Those Who Lurk in Shadows (II)Edit

Your quest takes you to Qu'Bia Arena, but the otherworldly force of the crystal bars your path. Only by harnessing its power for yourself may you gain entry!

  • Mission Number: 6
  • Reward: Azure Key (optional)

Those Who Lurk in Shadows (III)Edit

The beastman thralls of the Seed Crystal are threatening to commence their dark ritual. They must be stopped before it is too late!

  • Mission Number: 7
  • Reward: Ivory Key, 700 exp
  • Battlefields:
Those Who Lurk in Shadows:

Remember Me in Your DreamsEdit

In the Hall of the Gods, the beginning of the end draws nigh. Will you succeed in changing the course of fate?

  • Mission Number: 8

Born of Her NightmaresEdit

The mysterious child Aldo claims that the answer to the mystery sleeps within Delkfutt's Tower. Have you the courage to face the truth?

  • Mission Number: 9

Banishing the EchoEdit

To reach your final destination, you must recover the twelve remaining fragments of the mysterious crystal...

  • Mission Number: 10

Ode of Life BestowingEdit

The final confrontation awaits you within the Stellar Fulcrum...

  • Mission Number: 11
  • Reward: Ebon Key, Prismatic Key, 750 exp
  • Title: Silencer of the Echo
  • Battlefields:
Ode of Life Bestowing:

A Crystalline Prophecy (Fin.)Edit

  • Mission Number: 12

Note: This mission marks the conclusion of the A Crystalline Prophecy storyline. It cannot be completed.

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