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Pursue the Remnants[]

Wutai Units Found[]

Mission 4-1-1
We have spotted a detached Wutai army unit on the outskirts of Wutai.
We want to prevent any further incidents from them in an already chaotic political environment.
Vanquish them before they make a move.

Anti-SOLDIER Monsters[]

Mission 4-1-2
A detached Wutai force has trained monsters to specifically fight SOLDIER operatives.
Defeat the anti-SOLDIER creatures and eliminate the remnants.

Pursue the Deserters[]

Mission 4-1-3
Fort Tamblin has fallen, but many of their fighters have escaped.
They refuse to disarm in an attempt to maintain the resistance.
Allowing this to continue would only sow chaos. A swift elimination is in order.

Wutai Remnants in the Slums[]

Mission 4-1-4
An escaped Wutai trooper is hiding in the slums of Midgar.
He seems to have joined an anti-Shinra element based in the slums, planning a strike against the Shinra Building.
You must quickly eliminate the threats before they have a chance to make their move.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 4-1-3
  • Enemies: Balo Balo, Wutai Soldier Jia, Wutai Staff Sergeant
  • Chests: Thunder
  • Finish reward: Muscle Belt
  • Strategy: Use poison and silence on Balo and equip Bulletproof Vest and Fire Armlet and Dash.

Stop the Intruders[]

Mission 4-1-5
Most of the Wutai remnants hiding in the slums have been suppressed,
but a group has slipped through Shinra's noose and is now headed for the Shinra Building.
Eliminate all Wutai fighters in the city streets.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 4-1-4
  • Enemies: Wutai Corporal, Wutai Soldier Yi
  • Chests: Barrier (M), Potion, Elixir
  • Finish reward: Mute Shock
  • Strategy: Dark Fira, Barrier and Attack

Search for Wutai Remnants[]

Mission 4-1-6
Information from several sources points to the existence of Wutai remnants in Fort Condor.
Although facts cannot be confirmed at this time, it seems feasible.
Go to Fort Condor and conduct investigation.

Behind the Scenes[]

Foes in the Corel Mines[]

Mission 4-2-1
A group Wutai remnants, different from the one we were pursuing before, is massing in the Corel Mines.
Go to Corel immediately and stop the remnants in their tracks.

Remnants in the Slums[]

Mission 4-2-2
Wutai remnants are hiding in the slums again.
They have joined forces with anti-Shinra elements, but now have large anti-SOLDIER weapons in their arsenal.
Eradicate them before they make a move.

Foes inside Shinra Building[]

Mission 4-2-3
The Wutai remnants in the slums were decoys.
A detached unit has entered the basement level of Shinra Building.
Head to the site immediately and eradicate the Wutai remnants.

March into Wutai[]

Mission 4-2-4
With the Wutai remnants eliminated from Midgar, Shinra troops are gearing up to march into Wutai and hunt down any remnants of anti-Shinra elements.
SOLDIER will provide support in this operation. Head for Wutai and attack the anti-Shinra base.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 4-2-3
  • Enemies: Bajang, Vajradhara Indra, Wutai Captain, Wutai Soldier Ding
  • Chests: Muscle Belt, Hi-Potion, SPR Up+ (M)
  • Finish reward: AP Up++ (M)
  • Strategy: Level 15 Spr Up+' Barrier, Gravity, HP Up, Titanium and Iron Bangle, keep Zack's HP high and use Gravity and Attack.

Stubborn Remnants[]

Mission 4-2-5
While Shinra troops have crushed one Wutai remnant base after another, one has maintained its resistance and fends off any Shinra attack.
The Shinra troops have asked for SOLDIER's assistance. Head there immediately and crush the base.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 4-2-4
  • Enemies: Bajang, Vajradhara Indra, Wutai Soldier Ding
  • Chests: Elixir, Gravity (M)
  • Finish reward: Sprint Shoes
  • Strategy: Level 15 Spr Up+' Barrier, Gravity, HP Up, Titanium and Iron Bangle, keep your HP high and use Gravity and Attack.

The Five Saints of Wutai[]

Mission 4-2-6
Wutai remnants apparently under orders from entities dubbed the Five Saints of Wutai.
Defeating them would put an end to our conflict with the remnants.
Sneak into their base, and eliminate the Five Saints of Wutai.

The Crescent Unit[]

NB! Progress to Chapter 6; Must speak to the SOLDIER 2nd Class at LOVELESS Avenue to begin the quest to unlock these missions. Speak to the "suspect" three times to reveal them.

Defeat the Scout Units[]

Mission 4-3-1
The Wutai spy apprehended at LOVELESS Avenue has provided us with information about Crescent Unit scouts hiding in the slums of Sector 5.
Hurry there and eradicate the scouts.

Obliterate Advance Elements[]

Mission 4-3-2
The Wutai spy apprehended in the slums' market spilled the beans in advance elements of the Crescent Unit, hiding in the Corel Mines.
Head there now and eradicate the advance troops.

Foes in the Wutai Base[]

Mission 4-3-3
We have obtained information regarding a Wutai base inside Midgar from the spy apprehended at the Shinra Building entrance.
We think the spies are relaying information to the Crescent unit from this location.
Head there with all haste and destroy the base.

  • Unlock: Catch the 3rd Wutai spy (Employee on the 2nd floor Entrance of the Shinra Building, at the elevators)
  • Enemies: Crescent Unit Plenum, Wutai Staff Sergeant
  • Chests: Elixir, Ether, Thunder (M)
  • Finish reward: Power Wrist

Mobile Units[]

Mission 4-3-4
Based on the information obtained from the Wutai spy apprehended in the fountain plaza, we were able to entrap mobile Crescent Unit troops.
They seem to be planning a raid on Midgar. Go eradicate the rest of the mobile unit.

The Enemy's Stronghold[]

Mission 4-3-5
Interrogation of the Wutai spy apprehended in the Exhibit Room has finally revealed the location of their stronghold.
We must bring anti-Shinra elements under control. Hurry there and raid the stronghold.

  • Unlock: Catch the 5th Wutai spy (Man standing in front of the Shinra #26 Rocket display in the Exhibit Room of the Shinra Building)
  • Enemies: Bandersnatch, Crescent Unit Plenum, Vajradhara Yaksha
  • Chests: Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Phoenix Down
  • Finish reward: Death (M)

Stop the Assailants[]

Mission 4-3-6
The Wutai spy apprehended in the park has revealed the Crescent Unit's true objective.
They are planning to exact revenge against you.
Infiltrate the base and crush the Crescent Unit before they have a chance to catch you off guard.

The Remnants Strike Again[]

A New Threat[]

Mission 4-4-1
Even with the five saints of Wutai eliminated, Wutai's anti-Shinra elements are still active.
The Crescent Unit has taken the saints' place to bring the remnants together.
Raid the Crescent Unit's base immediately.

Death Wish for Zack[]

Mission 4-4-2
With Shinra's main forces in Wutai, the Crescent Unit sneaked into Midgar yet again, and they still want your head.
The Turks have found their hideout, so conduct a preemptive strike to save your skin!


Mission 4-4-3
A Crescent Unit detachment has snuck into Midgar, reaching the upper layers.
But this has actually worked in our favor; their positioning has them trapped.
Head to their location and annihilate them now!

Wutai in the Slums[]

Mission 4-4-4
We have determined that the Wutai troops in the slums are serving for support for the Crescent Unit.
If they find out that the Crescent Unit is no more, they make take desperate measures.
Head to the slums immediately and vanquish the Wutai troops.

Anti-Shinra Base[]

Mission 4-4-5
The Crescent Unit, having failed in its assault on Midgar, is now scheming to reunite all Wutai remnants and expand the anti-Shinra movement.
These anti-Shinra elements must be crushed as quickly as they appear.
Go to one of their bases and quell the rebels.

Anti-SOLDIER Weapons[]

Mission 4-4-6
We have received information on powered-up anti-SOLDIER weapons under development in a Wutai base.
Go to the base immediately and eradicate the Wutai remnants together with the new weapon.

Annihilate the Crescent Unit[]

Neutralize the Commander[]

Mission 4-5-1
The Wutai remnants whose anti-SOLDIER weapons we destroyed are regrouping, gathering their commanders to plan future anti-Shinra activities.
We won't give them opportunity; raid their base now!

Last of the Wutai[]

Mission 4-5-2
The Wutai remnants have lost their leadership, and the Crescent Unit has slowed down without their henchmen.
Now is our chance, before they reorganize, to attack their last base and smash the Wutai remnants.

Crush the Crescent Unit[]

Mission 4-5-3
With the Wutai remnants obliterated, the Crescent Unit has been defanged, unable to carry out more anti-Shinra activities.
But we suspect they will carry on with their lethal covert operations.
Continue to crush their bases.

Crescent Unit Annihilation[]

Mission 4-5-4
Most of the Crescent Unit bases positioned throughout Wutai have been brought under control.
Their communication links grow weaker by the day, so let's continue to put pressure on them.

Before they Regroup[]

Mission 4-5-5
The Turks have provided us with information on a base where the Crescent Unit is reorganizing to regain its power.
Crushing this base would bring us closer to forever eliminating the Crescent Unit.
Raid the base and halt the reorganization!

Wutai Suppression[]

Mission 4-5-6
With their bases lost, commanders of the Crescent Unit have escaped into caves in the outskirts of Wutai.
Now may be our best chance at vanquishing the Crescent Unit once and for all.
Hurry to the caves!