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Training MissionsEdit

111 Shinra's Basic TrainingEdit

This is a simulated battle against infantrymen
The difficulty is set low, so it should pose no problem for a SOLDIER operative.
Relax and enjoy the training.

  • Unlock: Beginning of Chapter 2 (Mandatory)
  • Enemies:
  • Chests: None
  • Finish Reward: Elixir

112 Shinra's Advanced TrainingEdit

This is a simulated battle against Shinra's new Gun Bull Heads.
You may have fought them before, but that doesn't necessarily mean the fight will be easy.
Overconfidence may lead to death...

113 50 Shinra TroopsEdit

You will be sparring with our infantrymen.
Although each individual poses little challenge, the fact that they will appear in constant stream should even the odds.
Let us see how you fare.

114 100 Shinra TroopsEdit

It's another practice session, but with powered-up infantrymen... and more of them!
This should be pretty though even for a SOLDIER operative.
Give it all you've got.

115 200 Shinra TroopsEdit

The troops are even tougher this time.
Can you survive while defeating a seemingly never-ending stream of troops?
We look forward to watching you in action.

116 1000 Shinra TroopsEdit

Zack, we now understand how strong you are, so here is our last training session with the most powerful infantrymen we have.
They will seem truly endless, coming at you again and again and again...
Are you ready for the ultimate sparring challenge?

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 1-1-5
  • Enemies: Ensign, Guard
  • Chests: None
  • Finish Reward: Mug

Peacekeeping TroopsEdit

121 Challenge from SecurityEdit

Members of the Security Department have requested a joint training session with SOLDIER.
Some of them seem to regard SOLDIER with a passionate sense of rivalry.
It's only a training session, but don't take it lightly.

  • Unlock: Speak with Shinra Captain on Loveless Street in Sector 8.
  • Enemies: Corporal, Storm Trooper
  • Chests: Remedy, X-Potion
  • Fuse: Fira and Silence = Dark Fira
  • Use: Dark Fira and Dash
  • Finish Reward: Shinra Alpha

122 Second ChallengeEdit

Members of the Security Department have requested another joint training session with SOLDIER.
They have robots to support them this time.
Proceed with caution.

123 Third ChallengeEdit

Members of the Security Department have requested yet another joint training session with SOLDIER.
A statement from them reads: "We were holding back in the previous sessions."
They are desperate and may do anything to save face. Be careful.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 1-2-2
  • Enemies: Red Saucer I, Storm Trooper
  • Chests: Hi-Potion, Elixir
  • Finish Reward: Four Slots

124 Getting SeriousEdit

The persistent members of the Security Department have sent SOLDIER another challenge to a joint training session.
Making excuses, they claim the difference in budget between the departments to be the reasons for their losses.
Go show them exactly why we are combat experts.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 1-2-3
  • Enemies: Corporal, Red Saucer I
  • Chests: Soma, Hi-Potion
  • Finish Reward: Force Bracelet

125 Armed ChallengeEdit

Members of the Security Department have sent SOLDIER yet another challenge to a joint training session.
It seems they have succeeded in securing funds and have new weapons at their disposal.
We in SOLDIER never blame a loss on the budget.
Win the session and teach them the meaning of dignity.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 1-2-4
  • Enemies: Corporal, Red Saucer I, Sweeper+
  • Chests: Potion, Hi-Potion, Remedy
  • Use: Gravity, Dark Fira, Equip Star Pendant, Silver Armlet
  • Finish Reward: Ice Armlet
  • Strategy: Dark Fira, Barrier & Gravity

126 Last ChallengeEdit

Members of the Security Departments, on a losing streak, have yet again challenged SOLDIER to a joint training session.
They have used up their entire budget on this one.
We know we've had too many of these, but this on is sure to be the last.
Savor it for what it is.

Speak with the Shinra Captain again after finishing Peacekeeping Troops missions to receive the item, Craftsman Monthly.

Weapons DevelopmentEdit

131 Next-Generation WeaponsEdit

After vanishing from Wutai, Genesis has formed his own army and commenced an attack on Shinra troops.
Shinra is developing new weapons to encounter the emerging threat.
We want you to participate in testing these weapons.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 6
  • Enemies: Guard Fang, Sweeper+
  • Chests: None
  • Finish Reward: Assault Twister (M)

132 New Mechanical WeaponsEdit

The Shinra weapons that vanished with Genesis reappeared in his forces' hands.
To counter them, we have started developing new and improved weapons.
We ask for your support in testing this enhanced gear.

133 To Quash Genesis's ForcesEdit

The New Weapons Group, dedicating to developing more powerful weapons, has obtained extensive operation data on the weapons used by Genesis' forces.
They have succeeded in developing new weapons that should overcome their current arsenal.
We want you to participate in testing these weapons.

134 Experiments Gone WrongEdit

Hastily developed weapons designed to fight Genesis have gone berserk.
The testing site is closed off, so there is no concern of damage spreading outside, but we must bring the situation under control.
Destroy all machines inside the testing area.

135 Robots in the CityEdit

New weapons have been developed to counter the elusive Genesis copies in the city.
Your cooperation is needed in the testing area for us to obtain combat data for defending Midgar.

136 A Director's RequestEdit

We have been asked by Director Scarlet at the Arms Development Department to test new weapons.
This is a very new version of an unmanned weapon currently in use, and we must collect as much combat data as much as possible.
Destroy all machines within the battle area.

Plan for New EquipmentEdit

141 Urban Combat OperationsEdit

We have newly formed urban combat force.
Final adjustments must be made based on combat testing before they are sent out on real missions.
We ask for your participation in the city-themed training event.

142 Cyber-SabotageEdit

One of Genesis' secret agents has introduced a virus to a fleet of our prototype weapons. The weapons are now out of control and attacking our own people.
Track down the large four weapons and destroy them!

143 Stolen Shinra WeaponsEdit

While Shinra troops were gearing up for battle with Genesis,
AVALANCHE, the anti-Shinra group caught them off guard and stole their weapons for use in their own offensive.
Go to AVALANCHE's base to fight them and reclaim our weapons.

144 Destroy the Mobile ArtilleryEdit

Mobile artillery produced to counter Genesis' weapons has gone berserk due to careless QA testing.
They have broken trough the factory walls and are now heading toward the residential district.
Destroy them before they reach the citizenry.

145 Testing New WeaponsEdit

We're going to conduct a test on new weapons designed to combat Genesis troops and Wutai remnants hiding in the caves.
Enter the test dungeon and fight against every weapon you encounter.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 1-4-4
  • Enemies: Belzecue, Sky Armor, Sweeper++
  • Chests: Crystal Gloves, Wall (M)
  • Finish Reward: Stop Twister (M)

146 Weapons Comparison TestEdit

We want you to participate in an evaluation of next-generation Sweeper models.
Four new Sweepers have been placed in the testing area; fight them one at a time.
The test is over when you have destroyed all four.

Special Operations Arms LaboratoryEdit

Special Ops WeaponsEdit

The Special Operation Weapons Group uses Shinra's most cutting-edge technologies to create the best possible machine without concern for mass production.
We would like for you to help us test these machines.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 1-4-6
  • Enemies: Belzecue, Power Head, Spitfire
  • Chests: X-Potion, Carbon Bangle, Elixir
  • Finish Reward: Lunar Harp x4

Special Ops Weapons ReturnEdit

They may look the same on the outside, but their internals have been extensively reworked.
The subjects are already in the testing area, so if you would kindly participate in our evaluation...

Tarantula TestEdit

We have completed work on Tarantula, the latest machine designed to support us in our plight against Genesis copies.
It's time to test its performance by pitting it against you.
Please head over to the testing area.

Shinra Machines UnitEdit

A new combat team has been formed, capable of fighting more efficiently.
We want to test their abilities against SOLDIER before we send them off to real combat.
Gear up for a fight in the test arena.

Better Death MachinesEdit

Plans to create powered-up Death Machines are underway.
As an intermediary step, we have released a new model... but its true worth is unknown until its testing phase, so we ask you to participate.
Please enter the testing arena.

Final Versions of the SpiderEdit

The Spider robots have been overhauled and redesigned to be rolled out as the Guardian Eyes.
There are presently four of them in the testing arena.
Please enter and fight them whenever you are ready.

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