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Monsters in Midgar[]


Mission 2-1-1
Monsters are teeming in the outskirts of Midgar.
Experts on study of planet life say the monsters pose a potential threat to Shinra.
We are unsure of the validity of these claims, but an investigation is in order.

Approaching the Outskirts[]

Mission 2-1-2
The outbreak of monsters near Midgar has resulted in a Sector 8 woman filing for damages.
We cannot afford to let litigation spread any further.
Hurry to the area and eliminate all monsters in sight.

Sightings in Sector 5[]

Mission 2-1-3
We still do not know the cause for the massive number of monsters,
but a Sector 5 resident reports seeing them in the scrapyard in the slums.
Hurry there and eradicate the monsters.

Defend the Slums[]

Mission 2-1-4
Residents of the slums have decided to take matters into their own hands to fight the monsters.
Hurry there and eliminate the monsters before any of the slum residents are hurt.

Highway Closed[]

Mission 2-1-5
Monsters are prowling the road that connects Midgar and Kalm.
This has left members of a mako reactor inspection team from Kalm stranded in Midgar.
You must eliminate the threat and make the road safe for travel.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 6; Talk to Shinra Soldier on the 2nd floor of the Entrance area of the Shinra Building
  • Enemies: Raijincho, Trap
  • Chests: Mystile
  • Finish reward: SPR Up (M)

Truth in the Wasteland[]

Mission 2-1-6
It has been determined that the monsters in Midgar are escaped examples from Hojo Laboratories.
We must keep this information confidential.
Go to the target zone and eliminate all monsters.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 6; Talk to the Researcher near the world map in the Exhibit room of the Shinra Building; Must complete missions 2-1-1 through 2-1-5 to make him appear.
  • Enemies: Fly Eye, Raijincho, Trap
  • Chests: Four Slots, Drain (M)
  • Finish reward: Ice Ring

Speak with the researcher again after finishing all Monsters in Midgar missions to receive the construction item Mythril Tools.

Monster Reports[]

Slums of Midgar[]

Mission 2-2-1
This is a battle with monsters who claim the the slums in lower Midgar as their turf.
There actually is little strength with them; perhaps you can use them to work out your tactics for fighting against monsters.


Mission 2-2-2
This is a battle against monsters indigenous to Modeo region.
The cold weather is not conducive to a wider variety of monsters, but they should have enough bite to make your sparring worthwhile.


Mission 2-2-3
This is a battle against monsters indigenous to Nibelheim region.
Although Nibelheim offers a wide variety of monsters, this mission will primarily features Bomb monsters.

Nibelheim II[]

Mission 2-2-4
This is a battle against monsters indigenous to Nibelheim region.
Although Nibelheim is known for a wide variety of monsters, this mission will primarily feature cave-dwelling creatures.


Mission 2-2-5
This is a battle against monsters indigenous to Gongaga region.
The remoteness of the region may be contributing factor to the variety of monsters.
Some are very dangerous. You have been warned.

World of Monsters[]

Mission 2-2-6
These battles will be against monsters that have been cataloged by Shinra Company.
You may not have encountered some of them before.
Use caution when fighting them.

Monster Incidents[]

Unidentified Monsters[]

Mission 2-3-1
We have confirmed reports of an attack by a monster resembling an Epiornis.
Go to where it was last sighted and purge the area of all monsters.

  • Unlock: Completion of 2-2-6
  • Enemies: Demon, Diceratops, Red Cap, Titanis
  • Chests: Drainga (M), Hell Blizzaga (M), Tarot Cards
  • Finish reward: Gongaga Trading (Shop)

Mass Elimination[]

Mission 2-3-2
We have information that a group of Titanis, the newly discovered Epiornis-type, is on the move.
Hurry to their location and eliminate all monsters in the area.

  • Unlock: Completion of 2-3-1
  • Enemies: Demon, Green Grass, Titanis
  • Chests: Elixir, HP Up++ (M)
  • Finish reward: Mountain Chocobo Armlet

Aerial Monsters[]

Mission 2-3-3
We are receiving multiple reports of attacks by flying monsters.
Even worse, a battalion in the area has been wiped out by the monsters.
Go investigate forthwith and look into what exactly might have occurred.

Subspecific Movers[]

Mission 2-3-4
Reports have some in of monsters similar to the Movers discovered in the previous missions.
Eliminate these dangerous entities.

The Sealed Cavern[]

Mission 2-3-5
A Shinra unit exploring the caves has reported a monster encounter.
We have instructed the unit to evacuate the caves for now, but we cannot leave the area as is.
You mission is to eliminate the threats and secure the zone.

Operation: Desert Island[]

Mission 2-3-6
An employee has informed us about a monster encounter on a desert island.
There seems to be no evidence of these creatures making forays to the outside world,
but they should be eliminated for our security nonetheless.

Unexplored Territories[]

A Solitary Island[]

Mission 2-4-1
Many parts of the world still serve as sanctuaries for monsters, and we wish to identify as many of these as possible.
Shinra troops have entered one such area and were wiped out.
Get to the island and uncover whatever mysteries lies beyond its shores.

Wasteland Investigation[]

Mission 2-4-2
We received reports that one of Shinra's robot scouts was destroyed by an unidentified flying object.
The incident took place in a region that has yet to be explored.
This is a suitable job for SOLDIER. Go to the site now.

  • Unlock: Completion of 2-4-1
  • Enemies: S Mine, Scissor Chitin, Simurgh
  • Chests: Elixir, Royal Crown, Flare (M)
  • Finish reward: Fat Chocobo Feather x3

An Unknown Island[]

Mission 2-4-3
An entire Shinra investigation team was wiped out by monsters in unexplored territory.
The team was unable to send status reports; we assume the monsters are brutal and bloodthirsty.
Please go investigate the site.

Excavation Site Survey[]

Mission 2-4-4
A giant monster lived in a closed mako excavation facility. Go to the site and investigate.
If the monster is dangerous, it must be eliminated.

Cave-In Investigation[]

Mission 2-4-5
There was an inexplicable cave-in deep inside the caves.
Chances are monsters to blame, but we need you to investigate the area and look into the cause of the accident.
If monsters were indeed the cause, you know what to do.

  • Unlock: Completion of 2-4-4
  • Enemies: Mandrake, S Mine, Sahagin Prince
  • Chests: Crystal Orb, Fat Chocobo Feather
  • Finish reward: Mythril Mine Traders (Shop)

Whatever Stands in Your Way[]

Mission 2-4-6
The Volcano bomb monster you found in the previous mission has been sighted in another cave.
A team was sent to investigate, but their progress was halted by totally different monsters.
Hurry over to the site.

In Search of the Unknown[]

Investigation of the Caverns[]

Mission 2-5-1
While pursuing the monsters you had reported on in your last mission, we uncovered a new species of creature.
We would like you to conduct an investigation on these mysterious, cave-dwelling monsters.

New Species Found[]

Mission 2-5-2
We have received word from our troops of a new type of Mover.
As you know, Mover possess extremely powerful magic. We need SOLDIER to fight this threat in place of the troops.
Get moving and face off against the Movers.

More New Species Found[]

Mission 2-5-3
We have received reports of a new breed of monster in the caves,
but obstructing the way forward are the Mover EXs we discovered in the previous mission.
Go to the cave and eliminate them.

New Cavern Found[]

Mission 2-5-4
An undiscovered cavern has been unearthed.
At this time, we do not even know what kind of life forms might be found there.
We therefore must ask a SOLDIER operative to conduct an investigation by exploring within and collecting information.

Another Cavern[]

Mission 2-5-5
We unearthed another cave near the one you explored in the previous mission.
We assume some presence of monsters, so head over to the site and gather all the information you can.

The Great Beast[]

Mission 2-5-6
In this area, the natives refer to a creature as the "Great Beast".
All we know that it is indeed extremely large; all other facts are cloaked in mystery.
Go to its supposed location and find the truth about this creature.