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Sample Monsters Lv. 1[]

Experiment No. 101[]

Mission 5-1-1
Your battle with the summon made for valuable data.
I have used this data to create a new battle sim; be my guest and give it a try if you're up to it.
But I must warn you; though it is only a simulation, the damage you receive will be very real.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 2
  • Enemies: Ifrit
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Fire (M)
  • Strategy: Blizzard

Experiment No. 102[]

Mission 5-1-2
Bahamut! A rare find indeed...
I thank you for such an invaluable sample.
I have created another battle simulation based on this data, so have at it once you're ready.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 3
  • Enemies: Bahamut
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Amulet
  • Strategy: Dark Fira & Barrier

Experiment No. 103[]

Mission 5-1-3
I already know it's a failure, so I'm not especially keen on this... but I did re-create an Angeal copy based on combat intel.
It's just a monster with a little bit of intelligence.
On second thought, it's probably a perfect match.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 4
  • Enemies: A-Ahriman, A-Sahagin
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Lightning Ring

Experiment No. 104[]

Mission 5-1-4
A very intriguing sample. A Bahamut strain!
Genesis has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. So, this is a simulated battle; with special thanks to Genesis.
Allow me to collect more combat data while you dish out the hurt.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 6
  • Enemies: Bahamut Fury
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Drain (M)

Experiment No. 105[]

Mission 5-1-5
Is Genesis dead?
Actually, that is of no concern to me—my interest lay only in his abilities.
He showed remarkable growth for a failed experiment. Far more promising than you.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 7
  • Enemies: Genesis
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Venom Shock

Experiment No. 106[]

Mission 5-1-6
Too bad about Angeal. He could have lived longer had he only returned to Shinra.
I would have preferred to get his body back to my lab... but at the very least, I retrieved some data from which I created a simulation of his final state.
Perhaps you might be able to tell just how faithful a reproduction it is...

Sample Monsters Lv. 2[]

Experiment No. 107[]

Mission 5-2-1
Is the hero really dead?
Things would have been more interesting if only I had arrived at Nibelheim a bit sooner...
We'll have to settle a simulation based on the data left in the monitoring system at the mako reactor.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 9
  • Enemies: Sephiroth
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Curaga (M)

Experiment No. 108[]

Mission 5-2-2
I wonder if Sephiroth gave his all fighting you?
It's too bad the monitoring system cannot record the subject's mind as well. Still, the data shows significant strength.
Could he have accepted you as a SOLDIER member? An interesting state he was in...

Experiment No. 109[]

Mission 5-2-3
Failures, failures, failures... what annoyances.
And yet I suppose even failures have values as experimental objects.
This was a man who used to constantly get in my way, but now he will work for me as a test subject.

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 11
  • Enemies: Hollander, Land Worm
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Mortal Shock

Experiment No. 110[]

Mission 5-2-4
A decent experiment, and a long time coming.
You have fought these numerous times before, so they should look familiar to you.
But as to how they fight... you'll have to see for yourself.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 5-2-3
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 110
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Wall (M)

Experiment No. 111[]

Mission 5-2-5
Increasing any test subject's parameters across the board is a true challenge, so I have produced an experiment who has one tiny additional skill.
Fight it, and you'll see what I mean.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 5-2-4
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 111
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Fat Chocobo Feather x4

Experiment No. 112[]

Mission 5-2-6
This experiment has one particular ability raised quite high.
I am definitely curious to see how it fights, so hurry up and get in the ring!

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 5-2-5
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 112
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Osmose Blade (M)

Sample Monsters Lv. 3[]

Experiment No. 113[]

Mission 5-3-1
I have performed some research on powering up existing summon samples.
Starting up with the best ingredient always makes a difference in the final result.
Now, let us commence testing.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-2-6
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 113
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Poison Aerial (M)

Experiment No. 114[]

Mission 5-3-2
Hee hee hee... this is truly an amazing sample!
It wouldn't be a stretch to say it's made especially for you.
I am eager to see how this test turns out. Don't keep me waiting!

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-3-1
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 114
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Death Twister (M)

Experiment No. 115[]

Mission 5-3-3
I have prepared an experiment that baffles its opponent with its behavior.
One with the simplest thought process (like you) may just end up losing again and again.
That in itself would be a sight to see... but then, which would I call the sample, you or my experiment?

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-3-2
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 115
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Iron Fist (M)

Experiment No. 116[]

Mission 5-3-4
It's been some time since I made an experiment that simply boasted more physical strength.
At your level, you should be able to win... but you might find several of its features rather intriguing.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-3-3
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 116
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Platinum Bangle

Experiment No. 117[]

Mission 5-3-5
The one problem with experiments is that they always die.
So I have created an experiment that is, put simply, hard to kill.
A possible vector to be sure, but if it can be defeated by a SOLDIER operatives, it's a failure in my book.
Anyway, let me see you fight it, right now.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-3-4
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 117
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Crystal Orb

Experiment No. 118[]

Mission 5-3-6
I have managed to produce another experiment based on your combat data.
It was a relatively simple process, yet the experiment yielded very interesting results.
Indulge me and fight it.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-3-5
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 118
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Dark Matter x5

Sample Monsters Lv. 4[]

Experiment No. 119[]

Mission 5-4-1
I transplanted data from one experiment to a different monster.
Their thought process are different, but the basic parameters have been increased, so I am curious to see if it can be defeated by a SOLDIER member.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-3-6
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 119
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Element Blade (M)

Experiment No. 120[]

Mission 5-4-2
I occasionally indulge myself in forming an experiment from a unique monster.
Even I cannot hypothesize what kind of data to expect from this battle; all I know that it will be a very though enemy for you.
There are more experiments in the works, so by all means keep yourself alive.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-4-1
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 120
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Magical Punch (M)

Experiment No. 121[]

Mission 5-4-3
Here is a long-standing experiment fortified by mako.
Unlike all the others in the past, it should display combat skills beyond that of a SOLDIER operative.
But I can only know for sure by having you fight it.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-4-2
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 121
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Flare (M)

Experiment No. 122[]

Mission 5-4-4
Another experiment with boosted power.
This one, again, should display combat skills beyond those of a SOLDIER operative, but you just may be able to defeat it.
Let's start the test.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-4-3
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 122
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Fat Chocobo Feather x5

Experiment No. 123[]

Mission 5-4-5
I have a feeling that using monsters as the basic for my experiments was the wrong approach.
So here is an experiment based on non-monster data.
Something...just for you.

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-4-4
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 123
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Quake (M)

Experiment No. 124[]

Mission 5-4-6
Just as I had thought, the quality of basic materials is very important.
I have made this one from the best materials in my possession.
With this one, not even you could...

  • Unlock: Completion of 5-4-5
  • Enemies: Experiment No. 124
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Ribbon