The general "story" of the missions in this set is that Shinra has uncovered a new set of caverns near the northern cave.

Investigation is wrought with difficulty due to both Genesis and Wutai remnants attempting to loot the caverns, as well as the presence of the local monster population, which is strangely overpowered. Machines, infantrymen, and others are used to protect the civilian employees, but a mysterious force seems to turn both defeated machines and humans against their former side.

Ultimately, only Zack is remaining (with all other Shinra, Genesis, and Wutai troops either retreated or lost) and continues further into the caves. This culminates in the last mission, where the source of the mysterious force is shown to be the game's superboss.

Invitation to the Underground[edit | edit source]

Underground Caves[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-1-1
We unearthed a second subterranean den near the northern cave.
We cannot determine whether it was naturally formed, or made by human hands.
Shinra sent a science team, which never came back. This is where you come in.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 8-5-6
  • Enemies: Demon, Malboro, Mine, Pachyornis
  • Chests: Graviga (Materia), Fire Ring, Bronze Armlet, Hypno Crown
  • Finish reward: Aegis Armlet

Deeper into the Caves[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-1-2
The caves are larger inside than previously thought.
Headquarters has decided on a thorough investigation, but this is going to be a long-term mission.
Proceed slowly and with caution.

Marks of an Intruder[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-1-3
Evidence of human life has been found deep inside the caves.
We are obviously not the first ones in.
Investigate the surrounding area; if you encounter any hostiles, you are free to eliminate them.

Genesis's Interception[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-1-4
We are still unsure of Genesis' goals, but the fact that he has deployed troops to these caves indicates that something inside interests him.
Eliminate Genesis' forces while exploring the caves.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-1-3
  • Enemies: Dark Nation, G Paladin, G Spartan
  • Chests: Phoenix Down, Adamantite, Crystal Bracelet, Mythril, Shinra Beta
  • Finish reward: High Jump (Materia)

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-1-5
A SOLDIER operative in our investigative unit has been taken out by Genesis troops.
Hurry to where the SOLDIER operative was deployed, and eliminate the enemy.

Genesis's Threat[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-1-6
Genesis troops have proven to be stronger than initially imagined.
They must be neutralized for our investigation to move forward.
Eradicate the enemy in the surrounding area.

Stirrings[edit | edit source]

The Third Power[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-2-1
We have received reports that there is a third party, other than Genesis troops, in the caves.
Head immediately to the area, confirm their identity, and if hostile, eliminate them.

Weapons Out of Control[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-2-2
Gun Bull Heads have been sent on to fights against both Genesis and Wutai forces, but something has made the machines unable to distinguish between friend and foe.
We have no choice but to enter the deployment area and destroy our own machines.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-2-1
  • Enemies: Gun Bull Head+, Power Head
  • Chests: Phoenix Down, X-Potion, Elixir, Hypno Crown, River Chocobo Armlet
  • Finish reward: Hero Drink x2

Continuing into the Caves[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-2-3
This is another request for an investigation into the caves.
All reports suggest Genesis' forces are still active.
You must proceed with the investigation while eliminating the enemy.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-2-2
  • Enemies: G Equites, G Prowler, Hell Slasher
  • Chests: River Chocobo Armlet, Phoenix Down, Snow Armlet, Fat Chocobo Feather, X-Potion
  • Finish reward: Element Blade

A New Path Discovered[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-2-4
We have reports of a new route found inside the caves.
We assume neither Genesis nor Wutai forces are aware of this path as yet.
Commence your investigation immediately.

To the Lower Levels[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-2-5
We learned much from the previous mission, including how to descend to lower levels.
We have decided for you to continue your investigation.
Begin your mission immediately.

Signs of Materia[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-2-6
A strong materia reaction has been detected inside the caves; some sort of materia may be buried in the soil.
Please head to the site and collect the materia.

In Search of What?[edit | edit source]

To the End[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-3-1
The full scope of the caves still eludes us.
The subterranean depths keep growing larger, and we have no choice but to explore them bottom to top.
Go to your assigned area and begin the investigation.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-2-6
  • Enemies: Deathgaze, Sahagin Prince
  • Chests: Adamantite, Aegis Armlet, Mythril, X-Potion, Lunar Harp
  • Finish reward: Hammer Punch (Materia)

Genesis's Challenge[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-3-2
Activity by Genesis troops has been confirmed deep in the caves yet again.
They seem to be conducting a search inside the caves armed with new weapons.
Head to where they were last seen and eliminate them.

Genesis's New Weapon[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-3-3
The new weapons in Genesis' arsenal seem to possess overwhelming power.
These must be destroyed to halt enemy's offensive. Move to their position with all haste.

Genesis's Super Weapon[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-3-4
Genesis troops have readied stronger weapons, and only a SOLDIER 1st Class can survive their attack.
Infiltrate the caves and destroy the prototypes before they get the chance to go online.

Wutai's Best[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-3-5
Wutai troops thought destroyed have been sighted in the caves.
Their best troopers have quietly moved to lower levels of the caves.
Their goals are unknown, but we must halt whatever plans they have.
Vanquish the Wutai elites.

No More Wutai[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-3-6
The Wutai in the caves have been eliminated.
Let us take this opportunity to further explore the deeper levels.
Monsters have been confirmed as present, so you must continue fighting as you move downward.

Realm of Demons[edit | edit source]

Genesis's Ambition[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-4-1
Genesis troops are advancing again.
Their new frontline weapons are dealing massive damage, but yielding the caves to them is not an option.
Vanquish this worthy enemy now!

Genesis's Passion[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-4-2
New Genesis copies, using tactics we've never encountered before, are readying an army and marching into the caves with unstoppable momentum.
Pursue them and stop their advance to prevent them from achieving their sinister goals.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-4-1
  • Enemies: G Fine, G Peltast
  • Chests: Crystal Gloves, Dark Matter, Wall (Materia), Mythril Armlet, Sky Chocobo Armlet, Rune Armlet, Headband, Gravity (Materia)
  • Finish reward: Fat Chocobo Feather

A Fresh Start[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-4-3
Genesis troops are no more. Wutai forces have vanished.
There is nothing left to do but keep moving deeper into the depths of the caves.

Machines Gone Haywire[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-4-4
Shinra's weapons are acting up; something in the caves is making them go berserk.
Destroy our machines to keep them from hurting our own people.

Only for SOLDIER[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-4-5
Our own machines have gone berserk, and the losses we experienced are unacceptable.
We are pulling our troops out of the caves, but SOLDIER must keep moving forward.
Take out any monsters in your way!

Only for 1st Class[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-4-6
The monsters we've encountered are so ridiculously powerful that SOLDIER operatives are struggling to stay in the fight.
2nd and 3rd Class operatives cannot go any further. We're counting on you.

Unknown Energy[edit | edit source]

Hojo's Monsters[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-5-1
It seems monsters have been released from Hojo's lab into the caves.
They are unlikely to distinguish friend from foe.
Though we may be breaching the chain of command, you are permitted to fight back if they attack you.

Further Below[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-5-2
We are thoroughly impressed that you have eliminated Hojo's monsters-no offense to him.
With your abilities, we are confident that you can handle any foe that comes in your way.
Keep up the pace and move forward.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-5-1
  • Enemies: Three Stars, Very Hungry
  • Chests: Mythril, Doc's Code, Elemental Ward, Hero Drink, Silver Armlet, Aegis Armlet, Flare (Materia)
  • Finish reward: SP Barrier (Materia)

Unusually Strong Monsters[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-5-3
If our data is correct, these monsters are unusually strong; the caves must be the cause.
We are analyzing the monster data from the areas we have already covered, but it's not enough.
Please go deeper and collect more data for us.

Abnormal Power[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-5-4
We are fairly certain that the monsters inside the caves are being strengthened by an unknown energy.
The energy seems to grow as we advance further down.
Descend to the next level and help us find the cause.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-5-3
  • Enemies: Imp, King Sahagin, Very Hungry
  • Chests: Royal Crown, Platinum Bangle, Dark Matter, Phoenix Down, Costly Punch (Materia), Jeweled Ring, Osmoga (Materia), Net Shop Shade, Adaman Bangle
  • Finish reward: Laurel Crown

Note: The Net Shop Shade is the only way to obtain the Genji Helm which gives a constant No AP or MP Cost and Libra in battle. Once shop is unlocked, players can buy the Genji Helm for 1 million gil.

A Lonely Journey[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-5-5
You are the only one left exploring these caves; any other SOLDIER 1st Class operatives have long since retired.
The monsters are becoming increasingly vicious. Proceed with caution.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-5-4
  • Enemies: Cerberus, Hexodon, Imp
  • Chests: Hero Drink, Tri-Fire (Materia), Elixir, Fat Chocobo Feather
  • Finish reward: Hellfire w/MAG +40 (Materia)

Even Deeper[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-5-6
We have confirmed the existence of Guard Hounds from the area you covered in the last mission.
They may have gone berserk by themselves, but it is more likely that there was an external stimulus.
Please gather more information as we continue to analyze our data.

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-5-5
  • Enemies: Belial, Chive, Explosive, Hexodon
  • Chests: Zeio Nut, Sky Chocobo Armlet, Electrocute (Materia), Good-Luck Charm, Mythril Armlet, Curaga (Materia), Ziedrich
  • Finish reward: Megaflare w/MAG +50 (Materia)

Doors to the Unknown[edit | edit source]

Toughest Monsters[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-6-1
An analysis of the data tells us that the monsters in these caves are exponentially stronger than they are above the ground.
Even those that are relatively docile above ground become belligerent in these caves.
We trust you, but do not let your guard down.

The Lowest Tier[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-6-2
You have almost reached the lowest level of the caves.
We will give you all the support we can.
You may look forward to this mission's compensation. Good luck.

Weapons Gone Haywire[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-6-3
It is now clear that the mysterious energy can influence not only monsters, but machines as well.
The mechanical weapons go on unprogrammed rampages powered by a seemingly endless supply of energy.
You're the only one who can solve this mystery.

Biomechanical Threats[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-6-4
Though mechanical, the Master Blades you encountered in your last mission had taken on biological behavior from the unknown energy.
The energy seems to have properties beyond our imagination. It's almost within your reach!

Life Form of Energy[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-6-5
Analysis of the mysterious energy has led us to believe that not only does it make machines behave like living organism, but any other life form killed by it could take on an entirely different behavior.
Evidence suggest that a few of our men have disappeared in the lower levels.
Don't let anything take you by surprise! Keep your courage up and move forward!

The Reigning Deity[edit | edit source]

Mission 9-6-6
After the mysterious energy's influence, we are sure that its source is just beyond here.
There's no telling what you may find, but we've come too far to turn back now.
We look forward to reading your report, Zack!

  • Unlock: Completion of Mission 9-6-5
  • Enemies: Minerva
  • Chests: None
  • Finish reward: Divine Slayer
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