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Genesis's Forces on the MarchEdit

Foes on the WaterfrontEdit

Mission 3-1-1
The Coast Guard has spotted Genesis troops, so they're likely to have an outpost near the coast.
Head there and vanquish the enemy!

  • Unlock: Progress to Chapter 4
  • Enemies: Blood Taste, G Assassin
  • Chests: Potion, X-Potion
  • Finish reward: Bronze Bangle

Massive MachinesEdit

Mission 3-1-2
We have received reports of Genesis troops hiding large-scale weapons in the caves.
Destroy them and stop their advance!

Eliminate the CopiesEdit

Mission 3-1-3
Genesis troops have been ID'd by scouts on their way to wasteland.
Vanquish this core group and stop the enemy from moving in!

Defeat the Cactuar to unlock Mission 10-1-1. To get to the Cactuar, avoid the Genesis clone by hugging the wall and walk around it.

Destroy the Death MachinesEdit

Mission 3-1-4
We have found a supply depot for Genesis troops!
We can slow their momentum by crushing this base.
Destroy the three types of Death Machines in their main arsenal and shut down the base!

Eliminate the Death MachinesEdit

Mission 3-1-5
Genesis' forces are reorganizing.
There seems to be no change in their weaponry, but the troops organized around the Death Machines are not to be trifled with.
Attack them before they start mobilizing!

Midgar Defense OperationsEdit

Mission 3-1-6
Genesis troops have been sighted in Midgar.
The citizenry has been evacuated and the area blocked off.
Eradicate the forces before they are able to infiltrate other areas.

Major OffensivesEdit

Foes in the SlumsEdit

Mission 3-2-1
A group of Genesis copies that previously attacked Shinra Building has escaped into the slums, promising to have their revenge.
Head for the slums and make sure that that never happens.

Take Back the CarrierEdit

Mission 3-2-2
Genesis copies captured for research were being shipped to Midgar by a carrier, but the ship were overrun by the copies.
You must get on the carrier, eradicate the Genesis copies, and take back the ship.

Raid the Enemy's StrongholdEdit

Mission 3-2-3
We have uncovered the location to which Genesis copies were escaping via cargo ship.
There is no doubt that they have a stronghold there.
Deploy immediately and attack the base!

Enemy Attack PreventionEdit

Mission 3-2-4
We have received words of Genesis troops in the underground caves plotting an attack on Shinra facilities.
Destroy the Guard Scorpion and put an end to their plans.

Pursue the FoesEdit

Mission 3-2-5
Genesis copies were sighted in the rocky stretch by the ocean.
The area is unpopulated, but we cannot let Genesis troops build another base.
Eliminate them!

  • Unlock: Start of Chapter 9
  • Enemies: G Deleter, G Legion
  • Chests: Phoenix Down, Mind Stone x3
  • Finish reward: Gris-Gris Bag

Foes in the WastelandEdit

Mission 3-2-6
The unstoppable momentum of Genesis troops has now reached the wasteland just outside Midgar.
Defeat the commander and stop them from advancing any further!

Clash with Genesis's ForcesEdit

Red Alert!Edit

Mission 3-3-1
This is an emergency situation! Genesis troops have raided the basement level of the Shinra Building.
Operations are continuing as normal to avoid panic. The enemy must be kept from entering the upper floor.
Head there discreetly and eliminate them forthwith.

Base in the CavernsEdit

Mission 3-3-2
Genesis troops cannot be stopped.
They have setup a base in a cave near Midgar and are preparing for their next attack.
Infiltrate the caves and destroy their weapons to quash their plans.

Surprise Attack on MidgarEdit

Mission 3-3-3
A battalion of Genesis copies has commenced a surprise attack on Midgar.
The base we previously destroy appears to have been a decoy.
Hurry to the site and smash the Genesis copies.

One Base at a TimeEdit

Mission 3-3-4
New sightings of Genesis troops are filtering in.
We have no choice but to crush their base, one by one, to stop their invasion.
Head for the caves where they were last seen, and vanquish the enemy.

Rumble in MidgarEdit

Mission 3-3-5
The supposed plans by Genesis's main forces to attack Midgar were merely a diversion.
A special operation unit has already infiltrated Midgar.
Eliminate the enemy on sight.

Regain the Mako FacilityEdit

Mission 3-3-6
A mako excavation facility has been taken over by Genesis troops.
If they were to obtain mako energy, it would greatly boost their capabilities.
The facility must be taken back at all cost. Eliminate the enemy in the facility.

Genesis EvolutionEdit

Regain Shinra's MateriaEdit

Mission 3-4-1
Some of the weapons possessed by Genesis troops have apparently been powered up with materia stolen from Shinra.
Sneak into enemy's base, destroy their weapons, and get our materia back.

Powered-Up CopiesEdit

Mission 3-4-2
Powered-up copies of Genesis have been confirmed.
We had predicted that Genesis' forces would fortify themselves with these copies, and facing defeat at their hands is not an option.
Eliminate the battalion.

Reinforced CopiesEdit

Mission 3-4-3
Genesis troops are successfully powering up their copies, and we have found a battalion led by copies of extraordinary magnitude.
They may be formidable, but you must fight and eliminate them.

Return to MidgarEdit

Mission 3-4-4
We have discovered that one of Genesis' special units has quietly snuck into inner Midgar.
Conduct a raid on their hideout and vanquish Genesis' forces before they make a move.

Destroy the Copy FactoryEdit

Mission 3-4-5
We have discovered one of Genesis' bases where toughened copies are being produced.
We must prevent them from strengthening their forces.
Eliminate the enemy inside the base.

Strongest Copies YetEdit

Mission 3-4-6
Despite the destruction of one of their factories, Genesis troops have sent new types of Genesis copies to the frontlines.
Only SOLDIER can take them out. Destroy the new copies!

The Strongest CopiesEdit

Intercept the CopiesEdit

Mission 3-5-1
Mass production has begun on new Genesis copies.
A team of these new monstrosities is fast approaching Midgar even as we speak.
We can't allow them to get any closer, so go now and eliminate this army of copies!

Attack the Copies' BaseEdit

Mission 3-5-2
There seems to be no end to how far Genesis' forces will go to strengthen their copies.
We have new intel on a base inside the caves organizing yet another copy of army.
Hurry to the caves and vanquish them!

Genesis's Special Ops UnitEdit

Mission 3-5-3
A special operations unit with a new Genesis copy as its commander has entered Midgar.
They seem to be planning another attack on the Shinra Building, but the Turks have discovered their hideout.
Head out to the site immediately and eradicate the enemy!

Chase the CopiesEdit

Mission 3-5-4
With the continuous stream of copies successfully defeated, Genesis troops have been cleaned out of the Midgar area.
Let us take advantage of our momentum. Raid the newly found base and smash the remnants!

Defeat the CopiesEdit

Mission 3-5-5
Both SOLDIER and Shinra troops are destroying Genesis' bases one after another.
In retaliation, the remnants seem to be planning a focused attack against the Shinra troops.
Vanquish the remnants before they gather!

The Last of the Genesis TroopsEdit

Mission 3-5-6
Genesis troops, which have lost most of their momentum, have been hiding out in their last base, developing the strongest Genesis copies yet.
We have discovered the location of this base. Vanquish the copies and eradicate the enemy!

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