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Galbadia's long-range missile base. As the only country to own long range missiles with the exception of Esthar, they pose a major security threat to the world. It is believed that the missiles are armed with a target-lock mechanism. The details are unknown.
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The Galbadian Missile Base is a location in Final Fantasy VIII situated out on the deserts in the south-western region of Galbadia.

Feared for their destructive ability, the Galbadian Missile Base houses several intercontinental missiles and their respective launchers, which grants the Galbadians the capability to launch a strike against any location in the world with a high level of accuracy and no prior warning.


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Selphie attempts to sabotage the missile launch.

While the party are detained at the D-District Prison, Squall and his friends learn that Galbadia is planning to fire missiles at Balamb and Trabia Gardens in retaliation for SeeDs' failed assassination attempt on Sorceress Edea. Selphie, her home Garden being one of the targets, volunteers to sneak into the Missile Base to divert the missiles' course. Squall can choose two other party members for the mission.

The SeeDs are too late to stop the first launch targeted at Trabia Garden. The remote Garden takes a direct hit with no prior warning, suffering extensive damage and heavy casualties. Balamb Garden narrowly avoids the missiles launched at it as a result of the SeeD activating its ancient Centra shelter mobility functions, granting it the power of flight, as well as increasing the error ratio of the missiles at the Missile Base itself prior to the launch. The Galbadian soldiers charged with the Missile Base's supervision reactivate the missiles targeting Balamb Garden while Selphie and the others escape after Selphie activates the base's self-destruct mechanism. They survive the blast by taking cover inside the shell of a robotic tank and later end up unknowingly battling Squall and his party in the heavily damaged device at Fishermans Horizon.

If Selphie's team runs out of time escaping the Missile Base, or fails to set the missiles' error ratio to maximum, the missiles destroy the stationary Balamb Garden.

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Missile Base Loc

Location of the Missile Base, indicated by crosshair.

The missile base is located in the south of the Great Plains of Galbadia. After being destroyed, a Confuse draw point can be found on its site.

Missile Base Location FFVIII Missile Base Destroyed WM


Missile Base 2

Front Gate.

Front Gate

The front gate is similar in look and design to most modern day high security military institutions. Risible concrete barricades block the road entrance until visitor security is checked out by the security gate check, only then are people allowed within the base's fortified walls.

Missile Base 3

Surface Complex.

Surface Complex

Like modern day bases, the surface complex consists of numerous bunkers and hangars as well as a cleared launch area for the missiles.

Missile Base 4

Internal Complex.

Internal Complex

The internal complex goes down into the ground of the base and contains the main technical operation rooms and storage facilities that allow missile target and tracking as well as the launch major controls.


Getting a perfect SeeD rank upgradeEdit

Depending on how the player performs during the mission, 200 SeeD experience (2 levels) is the max one can win in this part of the game, but to get a perfect SeeD upgrade in the Missile Base mission, the player must make the right choices.

Although there are many moments where the game asks the player to make a choice, only three affect the SeeD rank: passing on the correct information to the soldiers, choosing to fight or not, and the amount of time the player sets for the self-destruct mechanism. The reward for the mission starts at 200 points but points are detracted by wrong choices.

  • The actions when approaching the first guard do not affect the score;
  • The player receives a penalty of 7 points if he/she relays the wrong message to the soldier in the missile hangar after talking to the two inspectors. The correct response is " go on ahead";
  • The responses when the party is in the control room have no effect in the score;
  • The player should avoid fighting and stay disguised until the mandatory fight in the control room, because the player will receive a total of 105 points penalty for fighting before getting there;
  • The responses given to the wounded soldier that gives the ID card have no influence (this event only happens if the player chose to fight earlier);
  • When asked to set a detonation time, the only option that doesn't result in a penalty on the SeeD rank is the 10 minutes one, while the options of 20, 30 and 40 minutes give a deduction of 15, 45 and 75 points, respectively; if the player chooses 10 minutes they can use the door in the control room for a faster escape as well;
  • The time left when the mission ends does affect the score.

If the player accumulates penalties, another small one will be applied at random, always between 3 and 8 points.


Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Missile Base FFVIII

Selphie's team infiltrates the Galbadia Missile Base in an attempt to stop the attack on Balamb Garden.

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Musical themesEdit

The theme of the Missile Base is "The Spy", a track on the third disc of the Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack. An orchestrated version of the theme performed by the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra is included on the The Best of Final Fantasy 1994 - 1999: A Musical Tribute album.



Missile base iron clad

BGH251F2 seen on the background.

  • In one the screens BGH251F2 can be seen on the background, covered up.
  • The base has a terminal with an option to view the various equipment involved in the missile strike. By holding down Triangle and Square and by pressing Up or Down, the player can witness hidden views of a Soldier and an Elite Soldier dancing on the monitor.
  • While the main story only involves Selphie entering the complex, Squall also has a chance to approach the gate earlier on before or after reaching Deling City on disc one.
  • Should Selphie's party approach the gate without a transport, a short scene occurs where Selphie ends up cursing and seemingly doing obscene hand gestures at the guard.
  • Each character in Selphie's party makes a different comment as they wait for the base's detonation.
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