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Miscellany (すっぴん技, Suppin waza?, lit. Plain skills), is a skillset in Bravely Default. It is usable by the Freelancer, and incorporates a variety of supportive command abilities.

List of abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Job Level Cost Description
Examine 1 Display enemy information, including HP, elemental weakness and family. Once you have examined a certain enemy, move the Circle Pad left at any time to view the information again. You can also select the enemy to view its current stats. Current HP can be reviewed by moving the Circle Pad left.
Treat 2 Restore the HP of one ally by 20%. Note that this ability can even be used in the silence state.
Mislead 5 Lower your chances of being targeted by enemies to the lowest level possible.
Prayer 6 8 MP Make chance-based abilities 1.5 times more likely to succeed for ten turns.
Endure 8 Raise your physical defense and magic defense by 25% for four turns.
The upper limit for P.Def and M.Def is 150%.
Flee 11 Always succeed in escaping from battle. However, this will not work in certain battles or areas.
Mimic 14 Imitate the previous command without expending HP, MP, BP, pg or items.
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