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Misareaux Coast.

Misareaux Coast is a location in Final Fantasy XI.


Cape Riverne[]

Cape Riverne.

Cascade Edellaine[]

Cascade Edellaine.

Rafeloux River[]

Rafeloux River.

Sea of Zafmlug[]

The coast overlooking the Sea of Zafmlug.

Planar Rift[]

A planar rift in Misareaux Coast.

Position: (I-7), (J-8), (J-10)

These mysterious rifts are disturbances in the fabric of time and space. It is from here that extradimensional invaders of unknown origin, collectively known as "Voidwalkers", breach into Vana'diel. To stem the tide of invasion, adventurers may volunteer themselves in Voidwatch operations to dispatch these intruders at the source. The fiend Tsui-Goab can be found at the Planar Rifts here.

Connected Areas[]

Two tunnels to the east lead to the Tavnazian Safehold.
A path in the northeast leads to the Lufaise Meadows.
A Swirling Vortex transports adventurers to Qufim Island.
A Spacial Distortion leads to the newly formed Site #A01 in Riverne.
A Spacial Distortion leads to the newly formed Site #B01 in Riverne.
The Sacrarium can be found to the northwest of this area.



Notorious Monsters[]



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