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Mirror of Equity in Final Fantasy X-2.

Attack one enemy, dealing greater damage when HP is low.Description, Final Fantasy X-2

Mirror of Equity (明鏡, Meikyō?, lit. Clear Mirror) also called Tranquility is a recurring Bushido ability in Final Fantasy series. It either deals increased damage and/or increases its output.

Although a recurring ability, it gained notoriety and plot-relevance in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius where it is established as one of Lasswell's signature attacks, as it has appeared alongside him in other media.


Final Fantasy X-2

Mirror of Equity is the initial ability of the Bushido skillset. At the expense of 16 MP it deals damage to the enemy, increasing as the user's current HP decreases.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Deal physical damage to one target, and Sap the user, temporarily raising Attack.Description.

Mirror of Equity is a Samurai ability which deals damage to the target and increases user's Attack by afflicting him with Sap.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Damage one enemyDescription

Mirror of Equity, also translated as Tranquility in story dialogue, is a physical attack with a (1.2x) damage modifier. It is learned by a few samurai-like units, and is even available as Shiki's Trust Master Reward, however it is considered the signature technique of Lasswell taught to him by Raegen who also uses the technique, although oddly enough, Raegen does not learn it naturally. Lasswell and all his alternate versions can use this ability.

Several more advanced versions of Mirror of Equity are used by Lasswell's variants, Akstar and his variants, as well as some variants of Raegen. Plot-wise the Obliterating Mirror of Equity, Absolute Mirror of Equity and True Mirror of Equity were developed by Vlad as a means to cement his own superiority over Aldore's royal bloodline to whom Raegen belongs. Lasswell later developed the Final Mirror of Equity by combining all three into an all powerful attack. Later Akstar creates his own Guiding Mirror of Equity to help Lasswell find his own path.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances

Star Ocean Anamnesis

Mirror of Equity is used by Lasswell.

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