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I'm a lover of the whispered word. Not that it's any real secret, considering how chatty that Shinra mutt's been.

Mireille to Cloud, about Damon

Mireille Dudley [miʁɛj] is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. She is Kyrie Canaan's maternal grandmother and an informed citizen of the Sector 5 Slums.



Mireille is an older woman who wears heavy clothing, including a yellow scarf and a down vest. She wears a hat under a pair of large goggles.


And how's that any of your business, young lady? Learn to wipe your own ass before you start rooting around in other people's shit.

Mireille scolds Kyrie

Mireille is strict and matronly. She wants to help the people who live in the slums and detests those who would oppress them, such as the Shinra Electric Power Company and Don Corneo.


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Early life[]

Growing up in Midgar's undercity, Mireille made ends meet as a thief. She had a daughter who would learn the trade from her, who grew up and married a fellow pickpocket. In 1992, in a secluded part of Sector 5 slums, Mireille's daughter and son-in-law gave birth to Kyrie.

One day, when Kyrie returned home at the urging of her friend Aerith Gainsborough, Kyrie saw her parents' bodies being carried in after they were killed for stealing a man's wallet, leaving Mireille to raise her. When Kyrie was 10, Mireille told her about the lifestream and the Cetra, helping Kyrie figure out that Aerith was an Ancient, but unwittingly causing the girls to fall out. Over the next seven years, Mireille taught Kyrie the tricks of the trade and Kyrie became a pickpocket like her parents before her.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

We are who we choose to be. But you have to decide who that is, and commit. Make the most of your time while you still have it.

Mireille to Avalanche

Mireille is met.

Mireille works with Cloud Strife and Aerith to solve problems in and around the slums of Sector 5. When a reporter named Damon appears intent on uncovering the identity of the enigmatic "Angel of the Slums" (a criminal who steals for the benefit of the impoverished slum dwellers) Mireille claims she knows where the Angel makes camp, but also knows there's a dangerous monster in that area. Damon doubts he could handle such a beast, and hires Cloud and Aerith to fell it. All the pair find after defeating the Chromogger is a calling card and a letter of warning addressed to Damon, informing him what might have happened had Cloud not been there to handle it. It is implied that the Angel is Mireille himself, who planned to scare Damon away. When Damon runs off, forgetting to pay Cloud as he had promised, Mireille provides it herself, having picked his pocket.

Later, Cloud encounters her in Wall Market, arguing with a stablehand who claims the Angel stole donations intended for the Leaf House school. While this doesn't match the Angel's MO and the "calling card" credits the "Garden Angle Three," the stablehand seems convinced it is her work. After accepting Mireille's quest, Cloud tracks down the Garden Angle Three, who are, in fact, Butch, Beck, and Burke, along with a hired Grungy Bandit. After bringing in the bungling bandits, the stablehand concedes that they're too stupid to be the legendary Angel of the Slums and apologizes to Mireille. She tells Cloud that she's more familiar with Wall Market than he had assumed. A frightened staffmember claims the actual Angel of the Slums has struck again, having robbed Don Corneo himself, and Cloud seems to realize Mireille's identity as the Angel.

Evan Townshend later names his burgeoning detective agency after her.

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Behind the scenes[]

Mireille originally appeared in the Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography Turks -The Kids Are Alright- novel that portrays the events following Meteorfall. The developers decided to include her in Final Fantasy VII Remake and came up with the idea of her being a Robin Hood-style thief for the slum dwellers.[2]


Mireille is a French given name, derived from the Occitan name Mirèio. It could be associated with the Occitan verb mirar, "to look, to admire", or with the Occitan surnames Miriam and Mary.

Dudley is a surname and given name that derives from the town of Dudley in England. If translated from Old English, it means "wood or clearing of Dudda."