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The Mirage Tower is a location from the original Final Fantasy. It is located in the middle of the Yahnikurm Desert and can only be accessed with the Chime.

The Mirage Tower's levels are built as a sort of spiral staircase. Most of the levels involve the player beginning at the southeastern edge of the floor, navigating through the circular middle section, and ascending the next staircase at the southwestern edge of the floor. In addition to monsters, machina left over from the Lufenian civilization inhabit the Tower. Some are broken and merely utter garbled syllables, while others provide key items and insights into the history of the Lufenians.

Unlike Mount Gulg and the Sunken Shrine, the enemies here follow no particular elemental affinity. Thus, a variety of strategies are needed to safely reach the apex of the Mirage Tower.

Story Edit

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FFI Desert

Mirage Tower concept art.

The Warriors of Light enter the Mirage Tower after obtaining the Chime from Lufenia, and at the top, the Warriors of Light must fight a Blue Dragon in order to reach a teleporter. If the heroes have the Warp Cube, they can warp to the Flying Fortress to confront Tiamat, so as to restore the Wind Crystal.

Items Edit

Item Location
800 gil First Floor
Healing Helm First Floor
3,400 gil First Floor
Vorpal Sword First Floor
18,010 gil First Floor
2,750 gil First Floor
Aegis Shield First Floor
Tent First Floor
Dragon Mail Second Floor
10,000 gil Second Floor
Sun Blade Second Floor
7,600 gil Second Floor
13,000 gil Second Floor
12,350 gil Second Floor
Cottage Second Floor
Thor's Hammer Second Floor
7,900 gil Second Floor
8,135 gil Second Floor

Enemies Edit

FFI Background Mirage Tower

Battle Background.

Musical themes Edit

The Background Music that plays inside the Mirage Tower is called "Dungeon".

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

Wonder - Mirage Tower

The Mirage Tower.

Mirage Tower was mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

This ancient tower links the Castle of Ronka to the earth below. Its magicked façade shields it against casual inspection. However, the enchantment's unstable nature allows it to be seen as a mirage-like image at times.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

They say there's a mirage tower in the desert, where you can find crystallized wind! The wind's good this year, maybe some's there? Bran, Streetear
—Mission Info

#118 Mirage Tower is a name of a dispatch mission, which appears after completing #20 Present Day. The dispatch time is two battles, while the rewards are 11,800 gil, a Wind Sigil, one random item and one random card.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

In the Confessions of the Creator Scenario, a Teleport Stone can be found at the ruins of the Mirage Tower, which are nothing more than a part of its base. The ruins are located in the edge of the Mirage Sandsea area. Near the ruins of the Mirage Tower is the Dreams of a Flying Castle gateway, a five-floor dungeon housing rare trade accessories and equipment.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Edit

TFF - Mirage Tower

The Mirage Tower.

The Mirage Tower and surrounding desert make a cameo appearance in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, appearing in the background during the Field Music Sequence for Main Theme.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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