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A Mirage (ミラージュ, Mirāju?) is a powerful, living illusion that can be imprismed and commanded by an individual known as a Mirage Keeper. This creature type is crucial to the story and gameplay in World of Final Fantasy and World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo.


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Imprisming Mirages[]

Imprisming allows the player to capture Mirages in battle to add them to their own party. In order to imprism a Mirage, the player must attack it in a certain manner or following certain requirements. Satisfying the requirement places the Mirage in a state of "prismtunity", indicated by a shining aura beneath it. The player may need to repeat the requirement to make the primtunity aura stronger, indicated by the aura increasing in intensity and sound with each attempt, making imprisming more successful.

After the battle, the player can view information on the Mirages they imprsmed. If the player does not have a full party, they are automatically added, otherwise the player may choose to leave it in the Prism Case or swap out a Mirage already in the party and have it placed there instead.

Stacking Mirages[]

Mirage Boards[]

Mirage Boards allow Mirages to gain new abilities, increase their basic stats or transfigure into a new form. A board consists of the Mirage and spaces that interconnect via lines. Spaces must be connected to the Mirage itself or other already unlocked spaces to be able to unlock the next space. These spaces permanently grant a Mirage active and passive abilities, and stat boosts when unlocked. Some spaces also unlock important items, such as Prisms and Mirajewels. Blank spaces allow the use of Ability Seeds to grant a Mirage custom abilities. Unlocking spaces requires SP, which is granted when leveling up.

Transfiguring Mirages[]

Transfiguration allows Mirages to change into different forms, each form having differing statistics and abilities. This is accomplished by unlocking the transfigurations within their Mirage Board, either by reaching a certain level minimum or acquiring a corresponding memento that corresponds to that form. Forms available to the same types of Mirages are grouped as a "family", and are often listed in the order from smaller and weaker forms, to larger and stronger ones.

Mega Mirages[]

Mega Mirages are the largest Mirages, listed as the size "XL". They cannot be added to the normal battle stacks, instead acting more as Summoned monsters. When summoned, a Mega Mirage will temporarily take the place of the player's stacks as they fight for them. Normal attacks and abilities both use AP. AP is pooled from both of the twins and is not replenished when their turn comes up. If a Mega Mirage's HP or AP is depleted, they will disappear and the player's stacks will then return to the battle.

Mirage Lists[]


  • According to Tama in World of Final Fantasy, most of the Mirages in Grymoire technically do not belong in that world, and defeating them renders them unable to maintain their presence anymore, causing them to fizzle out and return back to their own worlds.


Mirages are naturally-occurring, optical phenomena in which light rays are bent to produce displaced images of distant objects. The word "mirage" is of French origin and derived from the Latin mirari, which means "to look at" or "to wonder at".