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The motherly proprietress of the Carline Canopy, Gridania's ever popular teashop. Even as her fellow citizens look upon outsiders with distrust, Miounne welcomes newly arrived adventurers with open arms, and helps them to find their way in the forest nation.

Official description

Mother Miounne is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is a Gridanian Elezen who works at the adventurer guild in Gridania.


Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

When the adventurer arrives in Gridania, Mother Miounne acts as a guide for his cleansing ritual suggesting that the adventurer visits several guilds and often communicates with him via a linkshell.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Miounne remains the proprietress of the Carline Canopy, assisting new adventurers of the Conjurer, Archer, and Lancer disciplines and guiding them around Gridania.



Miounne in the original release.

Miounne is a tall duskwight elezen with dark gray hair and hazel eyes. She wears a green tunic with a black vest, and wears a unique necklace with a red stone and sandals.


Miounne is a well known figure in Gridania, acting as a liaison for the city state. Especially warm and caring, adventurers and townsfolk alike trust in her guidance, resulting in her moniker.


Triple Triad[]

Miounne is a npc available for Triple Triad matches added in patch 2.51. She is located at New Gridania (11.7, 13.5). To challenge her the player needs to complete the A Wild Rose by Any Other Name A Wild Rose by Any Other Name quest.

The matches have the Match Rule Three Open. The possible rewards for defeating her are Mother Miounne Card Mother Miounne Card and Goobbue Card Goobbue Card.

Mother Miounne Card
FFXIV TT Mother Miounne.png
Card No. 30
Total stats 20
Type None
Description "Great or small, every contribution counts. I trust you will play your part."
Obtain Random drop from Gold Triad Card Gold Triad Card.
Won from Mother Miounne, New Gridania (11, 13).

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Miounne appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Wind-elemental Backup cards.

Triple Triad[]

Miounne appears on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.