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Minwu (pronounced as "mean woo") is a non-player character in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a young white mage from a border village in Wezette territory, first appearing in Chapter 4 of the main story.


With Muraga and the Crystal Sanctum in hot pursuit, Oelde, Mont, and their Caelum division are left with little choice but to break for Wezette, a longtime ally to Leonis. As they enter the borderlands, the troupe stops to rest in an unnamed village, later sacked by Fennes. They now find themselves in completely unfamiliar territory. Minwu approaches them with an offer of aid, though Mont is initially loathe to drag an innocent into their fight with Fennes. Minwu nonetheless insists on accompanying them as she knows of a way through the area and to Wezette Castle, to which Oelde agrees. Yet Mont remains suspicious of the young woman's true motives, as the party becomes embroiled in a series of small skirmishes with Fennes foot soldiers.

Oelde is later severely wounded by a mole within Caelum's ranks, who has also left a trail for the Fennes troops to follow through the winding forest. As the party debates how to manage a series of escalating issues including that they are penned in, Minwu reveals that she is in fact an exile from Wezette, cast out when an ancient spell she attempted to cast went awry, leveling the magic research insitute.

Minwu is ultimately revealed to be an agent of the lowborn princess Glaciela Wezette, working to dethrone the latter's tyrant father, Khury Wezette. She is brutally slain by Khury's elite guard when Glaciela's attempt at a siege of Wezette Castle is put down.


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