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The Minstrel's Ballad: Ultima's Bane is a Trial Trial in Final Fantasy XIV. It is an Extreme-only version of the final battle against The Ultima Weapon in the Praetorium.


Inspired by tales of your victory over the Ultima Weapon, the wandering minstrel come to Revenant's Toll has composed an epic ballad in your honor. However, as minstrels are wont to do, he has embellished certain details for dramatic effect. Although it can hardly be considered an accurate retelling, you cannot deny his skill with words, for as you listen to his melodious voice, you find yourself reliving the events of that fateful day in the Praetorium...

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Musical themes[]

"Ultima" plays during the battle with the Ultima Weapon. As the trial only covers the second stage of the original fight, "The Maker's Ruin" does not play.