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Minotaur is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII, found in the Tomb of the Unknown King. He fights with his brother, Sacred, and after the pair has been defeated, they join the player party as the Guardian Force Brothers.


  1. Only used when Sacred is alive


The pair is constantly healed by Earth Regeneration as long as their feet are on the ground. The duo's special hit, Mad Cow Special, is an Earth-elemental attack against all party members and used only when both of the pair are present.


The player can cast Float on Minotaur and Sacred to halt the healing from the Earth Regeneration. There is a draw point that contains Float within the tomb for this purpose. Mad Cow Special can also be avoided if the party casts Float on themselves. The player can absorb the Mad Cow Special by junctioning Quake into Elem-Def-J.

The player can also draw Life magic from the pair, which presents a good opportunity to use Limit Breaks; one can choose a character whose Limit Break they want to unleash, and let them get to HP Critical. If the character dies, they can be revived by draw-casting Life. It's advisable to concentrate the team's attacks in one of the pair, as they can no longer perform Mad Cow when one of them is defeated.

Minotaur is weak to Wind and Poison, however, Elem-Atk-J junctions only affect normal physical attacks, not Limit Break damage. The player can junction Tornado on Elem-Atk-J (the player can play Triple Triad for Abyss Worm cards and then modify them into Windmills and refine them into Tornado spells). The weaker wind spell, Aero, also works and is more readily available. The player can junction Bios in Elem-Atk-J. Bios can be refined from Antidotes, which are available in shops.

Triple Triad[]


Minotaur is an earth-elemental Level 8 GF card in Triple Triad used for playing the minigame and for turning into 10 Adamantines with Quezacotl's Card Mod. The card is obtained by defeating the bovine brothers at the Tomb of the Unknown King.