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Mini Satana is a Soul of Rebirth enemy in Final Fantasy II that resembles the Imp-like variety born in Final Fantasy IV. They are very dangerous enemies to deal with for underleveled parties, as they can quickly wipe out the party with Death VI, as well as lock them down with Stun VI, Confuse VI, and Curse VI. It is only recommended to fight them with at least two characters with a Protect Ring and/or Ribbon to deal with their statuses and Death VI spell. They tend to either come in groups of 3, or in groups with other enemies, making them extremely frustrating to fight against. Strong physical attacks are the way to go with them, or Teleport of level 8 or higher. If they are in the back row, it is advised to use level 8 or higher non-elemental spells to deal with them.


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Etymology Edit

Satana comes from "Satan." Satan comes from a Hebrew ha-Satan which means "the accuser." It is the name of the Devil in Abrahamic religions. Satan is also one of the seven princes of Hell in Christian Demonology. He is attributed the deadly sin of Wrath.

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