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Mini Red Riding Hood is a story from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. The story is about a young girl and her grandmother and their misadventures with Ramuh.

The story is based on Little Red Riding Hood, a fairy tale first made famous by the Brothers Grimm, along with some references to Cinderella.

Volume 1: Lightning-Fast Labyrinth[]



Once upon a time, there was a sweet young girl named Mini Red Riding Hood.

One day, her grandmother was frightened by a sudden bolt of lightning and threw out her back.

Red, being the kind girl she was, decided to take some medicine to her sick grandmother.

But her mother warned her,

"Don't linger along the way, dear. It's getting dark, and the forecast is calling for thunderstorms!"

Red ignored her mother's warning and set off leisurely towards the forest in which her grandmother lived.

Suddenly, the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance. Red looked up to Ramuh, the god of thunder, and said,

"What loud noises you make!"

"All the better to warn people to run for safety, my child."

"What bright flashes you make!"

"All the better to light the path of escape, my child."

"Cut the benevolent act! 'Fess up to why you destroy so many trees and houses!"

Even the mighty Ramuh couldn't come up with a good answer to that question.

As Ramuh got more disgruntled, the thunderstorm became worse and worse.

Would Red be able to make it to her grandmother's house?

Epilogue 1: Only Natural[]

Startled by the sound of the thunder and blinded by the glare of lightning, Red still managed to make it to her grandmother's house.

Grandma's back problems were fixed in a jiffy as soon as she took a gulp of the medicine Red brought for her.

"Ramuh is one nasty fellow, causing so much trouble for you," complained Red.

But her grandmother smiled and softly replied,

"You can't blame Ramuh, my precious little dearie. All things in nature are big and scary. That's the way it is."


And just as she finished speaking, a great clap of thunder sounded out in resolute agreement.

Epilogue 2: Glass Slippers[]

Red was trying her best to make it through the dark forest, but the thunderstorm got worse by the minute.

"Oh, how will I ever make it to Grandma's house!?"

Suddenly, a witch appeared from that shadows of the trees and said to Red,

"Poor little girl, why don't you try on these glass slippers? Glass doesn't conduct electricity, so you'll be safe."


"These slippers are wonderful! Thank you, mysterious old lady!"

Red finally made it to her grandmother’s house, thanks to the glass slippers from the mysterious witch.

Epilogue 3: The Slip Up[]

Red was rushing along the way to her grandmother’s house wearing the glass slippers she received from the witch, when suddenly, the prince from the nearby castle appeared before her!

As the prince laid his eyes on the lovely and curvy Red, his heart skipped a beat.

"Young lady, I beseech you to cast aside that hood, so I might gaze upon your elegant beauty without hindrance."

But Red had been taught by her parents that men were nothing but wolves when it came to women, so she sped off quickly as soon as he finished his request.

She dashed off in such a hurry, though, that one of the glass slippers slipped off and was retrieved by the handsome prince.


The prince returned to the castle at once and opened its gates to all the people in all the land. Women flocked from across the countryside to have a chance at trying on the shoe and winning the prince's heart.

Unfortunately for the prince, the glass slipper ended up being a one-size-fits-all, and he never found his one true love after all.

The Game[]

The player uses the stylus to guide Chocobo through an electrified maze. If he touches the sides or any of the obstacles, he'll be sent back to the last checkpoint.

Battle Mode[]

In battle mode, it is a race to the finish line. The fastest player wins.

Trial Mode[]

In trial mode, the player strives for the fastest time possible.


Number Requirements Unlocks
1 Finish trial mode within 5 minutes. Unlocked Battle Mode
2 Conquer Battle mode level 3. Unlocked Epilogue 1
3 Conquer Battle mode level 4. Unlocked Epilogue 2
4 Conquer Battle mode level 5. Rescued Grinn
5 Finish trial mode within 1 minute 30 seconds. Obtained 079 Ramuh - Shock
6 Finish trial mode within 1 minute. Unlocked Epilogue 3
7 Finish trial mode within 45 seconds. Obtained 081 Ramuh - EM Field

Volume 2: Shocking Shuffle[]



Red made it through the forest and delivered the medicine to her grandmother, curing her back pains.

The two of them spent the rest of the day together eating delicious food and sharing exciting stories. Eventually exhausted by the day's activities, the two of them found themselves sound asleep inside Grandmother's warm bed.

But the next morning, something unbelievable happened: Ramuh appeared in a great clap of thunder, and whisked Red's grandmother away!

But why would Ramuh, so gentle and kind, do such a thing?

Confused by the turn of events, Red dashed after Ramuh's cloud as quickly as she could.

Would Red be able to rescue her grandmother and get home safely?

Epilogue 1: Home Remedy[]

Dodging fierce lightning bolts, Red chased after Ramuh and his getaway cloud.

When she finally caught up with Ramuh and her grandmother, they were inside the thunder god's shrine.


In the middle of the room was a bed, and on the bed was a beautiful young girl.

She seemed to be suffering from a terrible fever.

"Here, you should try this," said Red's grandmother, as she pulled a crimson leaf from inside her bag.

The medicine worked like a charm, and the young girl was up and about in no time.

"Thank you, Grandma! And thank you, too, Mini Red Riding Hood!"

From that day on, Ramuh, touched by the kindness of the human heart, made an effort to make lightning only strike high-up places like the tops of trees or mountains, where there wouldn't be many people around.

Epilogue 2: Heartfelt Gift[]

Dodging fierce lightning bolts, Red chased after Ramuh and his getaway cloud.

When she finally caught up with Ramuh and her grandmother, they were inside a beautiful garden.


Ramuh had prepared the assortment of flowers as an apology for frightening Red's grandmother and making her throw out her back.

"Why thank you, Ramuh. How thoughtful of you."

As all-powerful as he was, even Ramuh couldn't help from blushing a little bit at those kind words from Red's grandmother, letting slip a rumble of thunderclaps.

Epilogue 3: Familiar Places[]

Dodging fierce lightning bolts, Red chased after Ramuh and his getaway cloud.

When she finally caught up with Ramuh and her grandmother, they were by the seaside.


Red's grandmother looked around her, then began crying softly.

"Your grandfather and I had countless happy times here before he passed away.

"It's been so long, but some things never change.

"The color of the sea...

"The sound of the waves...

"The smell of the saltwater...

"Oh Ramuh! How can I ever thank you?"

Perhaps the rain that falls during thunderstorms is nothing more than the joyous tears of those brought back to familiar places.

The Game[]

A game of survival where players avoid getting hit by Ramuh's lightning three times.

Battle Mode[]

Outlast the other players by avoiding the lightning and knocking them into its path.


Number Requirements Unlocks
1 Conquer Battle mode level 1. Nothing
2 Conquer Battle mode level 2. Unlocked Epilogue 3
3 Conquer Battle mode level 3. Unlocked Epilogue 1
4 Conquer Battle mode level 4. Unlocked Epilogue 2
5 Conquer Battle mode level 5. Rescued Wakaba
6 Conquer Battle mode level 2 without being hit. Obtained 080 Ramuh - Thundercloud
7 Conquer Battle mode level 4 without being hit. Obtained 083 Ramuh - Judgment Bolt


  • The witch from the Glass Slippers epilogue resembles Matoya from Final Fantasy wearing a black chocobo hair decoration.
  • The fever the girl suffers from in the Home Remedy epilogue is akin to the one Rosa experienced in Final Fantasy IV.