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A penguin-like Mirage. Specializes in water magic and counterattacks. Miney is determined to become queen...but will she be the quachosen one? She and Mo would be neck to neck in the royal race...if they had necks.

Miney Mirage Manual entry

A penguin-like Mirage. Specializes in water magic and counterattacks. If you're wondering if there's an Eenie and a Meenie, too, well...that's a very good question. Mo's the more laid-back of the two potential future queens.

Mo Mirage Manual entry

Miney and Mo are minor characters in World of Final Fantasy.

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Notes: The Quacho Queen's attendants / "Qua-chaaa!"
Look Familiar?
If you think you've seen these guys before, you probably have! They're based on a chatty penguin named Pavlov from FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a King. Pavlov was quite a character, and his species has found new life in Grymoire as the noble quachos.
One day, the quachos may produce their own weird little talking bird named Pavlov—and won't that be something.
A Dapper Duo
Miney and Mo serve as the Quacho Queen's attendants, and you can always find them by her side. Although they may look the same, they are their own quachos. That one's Miney, this is Mo. Got it?
If you listen closely, you'll notice that Miney and Mo have their own, distinctive voices. If you can't tell them apart by sight (how rude!) then maybe sound will do the trick.
Anyway, when the time comes for a regime change, you can bet that a standout quacho like these two will take the queen's place.

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"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" is a children's counting rhyme used for selecting things, such as a person for a team.

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