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Stun enemies by smacking them with a blade's dull side.


Mineuchi, also known as Sslap, is a Samurai command ability in Final Fantasy V. It performs a normal physical attack but hits with the dull side of a blade, giving it a chance to inflict paralyze. In earlier versions of the game, due to a bug, the paralysis aspect of the ability does not work, making it the same as a normal physical attack except without dispelling confuse, sleep, or control; in the defunct mobile and Steam ports and Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster version, this is fixed.


Mineuchi is not innate to Samurai, and must be learned. It is learned at job level 1 as Samurai, for 10 AP, at which point it can be used by any job.


Mineuchi is effectively the same as a physical attack with slight benefits. In versions where paralysis does not work, the only reason to use it is when the plan was to confuse or sleep an enemy; in versions where it works, it has some use against enemies that are susceptible to paralysis, but this still does not usully work on bosses. As such, Mineuchi is often not worth the ability slot. The player could get a similar effect from using many whips without needing to take up an ability slot, or otherwise use the Blue Magic spells Death Claw or Mind Blast.



Mineuchi is a way of striking an opponent with the back of a one edged sword blade, such as a katana.