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Mindy is an optional boss in Final Fantasy X fought at Remiem Temple alongside Cindy and Sandy.

If the player acquires the Magus Sisters as an aeon, Mindy will be fought as part of the game's final battles along with Cindy and Sandy.


Remiem Temple



Remiem Temple[]

Belgemine's Mindy possesses high level magic as well as the powerful Flare and Ultima spells. She will use tier-2 elemental spells and Flare when above 25% HP, and replace them with tier-3 elemental spells and Ultima when below that threshold. Her special attack, Passado, damages a target 15 times. Mindy's Overdrive gauge increases by 5% when damaged and 10% when using an ability. She can be revived from KO, which will conceal her gauge.


Inside Sin, Mindy will use Passado and Flare, and will bounce Flare off of Cindy when she has Reflect. Her Overdrive gauge increases by 40~60% when targeted by Power Wave from a Yu Pagoda, 5~25% when targeted by an attack, and 0~10% when using an ability.

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